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Wonderful Dream
King Oliver Kirkland sits on his throne, waiting. He turns his head and stares at the empty seat beside him, and furrows sadly with pained eyes. He directs his gaze towards the two men entering the room and stand before him, kneeling down as soon as they so.
The two men are none other than the king's strongest knight, Chris Hemsworth, and the powerful mage, Tom Hiddleston.
"Gentlemen," King Oliver begins, his voice firm. "You may rise." When the two does as they are told, he continues, "Ever since my Queen died, my younger daughter, [Name], has fallen into sorrow, and is still now."
The King pauses, inhales deeply and exhales. "She meanders around every now and then, and I fear that the kingdom nearby would kidnap her or kill her one day." he stops, his voice shaky and agitated, his features stiffened. "My oldest son, Matthieu, will be king one day, and he would be busy but Allen would forget his little sister if he were to stay by her side. That's why I called you gentlemen. I trus
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 28 2
Haunted|2P!Canada X Child!Reader
Matthieu is watching television when he sees his little sister [Name] entering the room and asks him to play with her, but he respond to her that he is busy at the moment to which [Name] just nods and goes back upstairs. A minute later, [Name] enters the room and this time from the front door with her friend and schoolbags on their back.
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 35 19
Red Rose|Hiddleston X Reader
"Here is your coffee, sir." you say, handing the man in front of the counter his cup of coffee.
The man smiles. "Yes. Thank you," he takes his cup and then furrows slightly, looking at the red rose and a small card tied on the stem of the rose in his left hand then looks at you. "Um. Could you please take the rose for a moment, darling?" he asks.
Nod. You carefully take it from his hand.
"Thank you again, my love," he says, and you nod. "I'll be going now." he turns and walks away.
You furrow in concern and you try to stop him with a question. "Sir, your things?"
"Keep it." he responds, not turning back, and leaves the cafe.
You gaze down at the rose and card, concern not leaving your features. You decide to open the card and read it. It reads 'Call me' and a phone number below it. You smile and bring the rose under your nose to smell it. "Who is that guy?" you say to yourself.
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 17 1
Brother's Girl |2P!Canada X Child!Reader|
She is beautiful.
She has a long silky brown hair that softly touches her shoulder. Her blue eyes is gleaming brightly and beautifully, and her lips is red. She is dressed in a long blue dress that matches her eyes. She is smiling beautifully and your lovely big brother is standing beside her wearing a suit. He is smiling too.
They are happy.
But she isn't the right girl for Matthieu.
He is big and tall. He is dangerous but has a kind heart. He is lazy and less intelligent. He will probably end up divorcing and he has no idea that it will happen.
You, as his one and only sister, shall stop that from happening. And here you are, splashing a bucket of red paint down from upstairs.
Matthieu's eyes are widen in surprise, so is the girl. Her beautiful dress is now covered with red. Her hair is also covered with red, all the way to her pale face and neck.
She turns to the man beside her, blue eyes brimming with tears before running out from the front do
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 125 10
2P!America X Child!Reader|Drunk Home
Walking quietly, Allen looked around the dark living room, making sure that the Brit isn't at sight. He took cautious steps as he made his way to the stairs while carefully carrying his little sister on his back.
          He wished that he hadn't taken his eyes off of his sister for she hadoesn't drank a whole glass of beer while he was at the nearby restroom. She had passed out when he came back and if his old man ever found out about his,  he would be killed.
          Allen, who has successfully passed the living room, has now started making his way up the stairs. It was really dark and he didn't dare to bother opening the lights. Whoever was in the house, either it be Matthew or Oliver, was sleeping. François won't be home until three in the morning ànd it was midnight right now.
          The American gulped as he takes steps. The only thing in his mind was as Oliver. He remembered that he w
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 84 7
Tinatangi Countdown|Germany X Reader
Tinatangi Countdown
Sighing, you laid on your bed with your eyes closed and hands behind your head. You were nerves. Very nerves. It seems that your timer has told you that you were about to meet your soulmate soon. To be honest, you weren't ready to meet this soulmate of yours but there was no other choice.
You slowly opened your eyes and stared at the ceiling wall above you. You have exactly two days, six hours, twelve minutes, and four seconds remaining. On the other hand, you have to attend a collage interview on the same day at the same hour. Perhaps you might meet your soulmate here or perhaps you might run late and meet your soulmate somewhere around the streets while running. Either way, you WILL eventually meet him. Seriously. Why does the world have to be like this? According to your studies, no one on earth has lived without the a timer on their wrist exc
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 37 8
The Midnight Man|Sweden X Reader
"Berwald!" you called out after closing the cupboard, "Where is the matchbox?"
That's right. You've been searching for the matchbox since afternoon. You and Berwald had decided to play the 'Midnight Man'game in his house. You came in the morning to print out the rules and get some items. Pretty neat, huh?
The blond Swedish entered the kitchen and looked around. You stared at him until he walked to the dinning table and picked up a toast that was laying on a plate, "Is this a matchbox?"
You stared at him as if he was some sort of idiot, "No, it's a toast." you replied.
Berwald stared at it before shurgging and threw it behind him. He walked over to the counter and picked up a matchbox under the toaster.
"Why on earth did you put it there?"
"Peter." Berwald replied before heading to the living room; You following behind.
He placed the matchbox on the table then picked up a pen to write both of your names, "I should probably use a fake name for precaution." Berwald said as he wrote 'Mathi
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 48 4
Cheer Up Man!|America X Depressed!Reader
Depressed. That's what the students describe you whenever someone asked what they thought about you. You couldn't even remember why you were depressed to begin with. But you ere pretty sure that it all started when your big brother died at the hospital after he was injured in a car accident.
Sighing, you opened your notebook and started drawing something.
You're good at drawing. Your brother admired your talent. You always drew what was around you. No one knew this though. No one even bothered talking to you too.
"Yo, dudette!" an American accent busted out in front of you.
You paused for a moment before looking up to see who it was only to see one of your classmate wearing a wide smile on his face.
You hesitated for a moment, trying to figure out who was he exactly, "Who... are you again?" you asked, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.
"Eh? You don't know me?" he asked dumbfolded while pointing at himself.
You shook your head slowly, "Sorry."
What he did next startled you. He lau
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 37 8
He Saved Me|2P!France X Shy!Reader
Running. You were running for your life. You don't know why those men were chasing you. You don't even know where you're even going. All you did was run straight ahead.
The are you were currently at seems very unfamiliar to you. On top of that, it's night and all the restaurants and shops were closed. No one on the streets except you and those men. So basically, you are pretty much screwed. Much to your luck.
If only you would have taken Arthur's offer to take you home. But you said no. Then got chased by those three baboons.
To your fear, you ended running into a dead end. Turning around, you met the men again.
There isn't a need to explain how they look like because you're already doomed.
You gulped before standing in a fighting position, "D-Don't come closer! I know kung fu!" you shouted with confidence.
"You heard that guys? She said that she knows kung fu." the leader laughed as his friends laugh.
Right before you started attacking them, you heard a gun shot and one of the men fel
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 139 18
Eat, Sleep, Repeat|Inu!Canada X Chubby!Reader
Hearing you dog dag bark, you covered you head with your blanket, "Go away, Matthew!"
Barking again, Matthew jumped up on your bed and tried to pull away your blanket.
"Come on Matthew! Let me sleep!"
Your dog's weight vanished and a new weight was added. As if someone was sitting on your bed.
"Come on, (Name)!" a Canadian accent spoke, "You're gonna be late for school!"
You sat up, yawning, "What's for breakfast?"
"Scrambled egg and bacon with toast." the blond man replied, smiling.
"What about school's lunch?" you looked at the man as he neatly placed your uniform on your desk.
He deadpanned, "Why don't you tell your mother about that?"
"Hmm." you hummed before getting of the bed, "Go back to your dog form. Don't want mum see you like this. She'll think your just a random friend playing cosplay with me." you pointed at his dog ears.
"Okay okay."
That's right. Matthew was your pet. Your father got you a dog on your last birthday. Matthew was that dog. When he transformed into a human,
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 89 14
My Cute Pet|Neko!Latvia x Chubby!Reader
Walking out of your school, you took a bite of your chocolate bar while holding an umbrella with your other hand.
You were made fun of at class because of you being chubby but you don't really care. Everyone has their opinions. You have your own opinions and you don't really care. You like the way you are. Even your friends tried to help with some diets and exercises but you went and eat. They said that you wouldn't be able to find clothes if you won't stop eating. You shrugged and replied that you can make your own fashionable clothes all on your own. That's when they quit nagging you. Lucky you.
Anyways, as you are passing by the the streets, you noticed a caramel-coloured cat inside a box. You hurried to the cat's side and took the cat in your arms.
The poor thing was shivering so you kept it close to your warm body and when home immediately after that. Although you need to few things at the shop.
Opening the pizza box the that you just order, you took a slice of pizza before sittin
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 77 8
Trouble|2P!Italy X Teen!Reader
Normally, you'd go to the park with your brothers and play baseball. But today, you got tons of home works to do and you don't want to disappoint your father.
Sitting on the grass, you started answering your math home work. As you do so, you noticed someone sitting beside you. You don't really mind someone sitting with you, so you continued your home work with looking who it was.
"Ciao bella~!" the familiar Italian accent accent made you realised that it was the pasta-loving Italian who was sitting beside you. You just wanted to finish your home work so you can play and enjoy the summer breeze, but the Italian seems to be getting in your way. Talking to him means wasting time and won't be able to finish your home work, which also means that you can't do what you want. Instead of replying to the Italian, you continued your homework.
"I was expecting a 'hello' but it's okay." Luciano said, slightly irritated.
"Go away sir Luciano. you replied without taking your eyes off of your back.
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 124 23
Say That Again|2P!France X Chubby!Reader
Walking behind Francois, you silently entered the abandoned warehouse. Francois was supposed to collect his money a week ago and now he's mad to the fact that the man was trying to escape. One of Francois' members captured him and is now in the warehouse.
You started working for Francois Bonnefoy, who is a mafia boss, because you had recently quit your last job after how the staff called you 'fat', made funny of you and also pushing you around. One of your friends, Allen, told you to take the job as an assistant for a mafia boss which you refused. After failing to search for a job you agreed to become an assistant. The job wasn't hard as you expected it would. You only helped Francois with things and get a high amount of money each month. Sounds like a good deal. None of the members screwed with you and if they do, it's the end of their life.
Back to reality, Francois stopped in front of a man tied up on the chair. The man just smirk as Francois puts his cigar on his lips and lights it
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 329 44
This. Is. Sparta!|2P!Italy X Child!Reader
"Poppet?" Oliver called out from the kitchen.
"Yes daddy?" you said as you walked in.
"Next time you go outside, bring Francois with you."
"There was a terrorist attack yesterday and today. They exploded a building on the outskirts of the town today morning." Oliver replied.
When he said 'explode', you thought of a huge hole and immediately remembered the 'This.Is.Sparta!' scene. You tried kicking your brothers in multiple holes but it's too small. Since your brothers aren't home right now, there is only one person who you could kick.
"I'll go get uncle Francois~! Bye daddy~!" you beamed and walked out of the kitchen.
You entered the living room, picked up the telephone and dialed the pasta-loving Italian's number.
"Mr.Luciano! There's something important I must tell you!"
"What is it?"
"Meet me at the outskirts of the town now. Near the hole that was created by the terrorist."
"But isn't that-"
"Bub-bye!" you interjected and closed the phone.
You th
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 264 49
One Week Of Fun|2P!Hetalia X Child!Reader
'5th of May XXXX
Dear Diary,
                Today, big brother Matt bought me a bicycle while big brother Allen bought me roller blades. But when we went to the park, they both argued on which I'd play first. I got tired of waiting, so I went to a nearby store for candies and chocolate with my pocket money then went to buy [favourite flavour] ice cream. When I returned back to the park, Matt and Al weren't there. I sat sat and waited on a bench until daddy came to bring me home. He said that he'd make cupcakes for Matt and Al but right now, all I heard is them screaming.
6th of May XXXX
Dear Diary,
                Today, I went to visit Mr.Luciano. He made me lasagna and told me about his weird dream that had yesterday. He said that he was dancing with a giant dancing pasta in 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Mr.Lutz came and said that that dream might be the reason why M
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 194 25
Love At First Sight|England X Reader
Walking on the hallways, Arthur kept his mind busy, thinking about what he should do for his science project. Honestly, there were a lot that he wanted to do but he had to choose one. Not only that, Arthur was having a slight problem with the girls. Ever since that incident, Girls from different classes started talking and following him. Obviously the Brit was confused of his sudden popularity. One time, one of the girls confessed her love to him and his face was as red as a tomato. He responded awkwardly after half an hour of silence while trying not to look stupid.
Arthur's confusion turned into anger when his friend, Alfred Jones, explained his sudden popularity. Aside from his anger, he wanted to die of shame. Alfred had gotten Arthur drunk on the day of the school's talent contest. Arthur wore a union jack t-shirt, a dark blue skinny jeans, and black pairs of boots that reached below his knees; Alfred got those for him. The American told him how it was a pain in the ass to get him
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 92 23

Random Favourites

Hetalia Chibis Wallpaper by SacredLugia Hetalia Chibis Wallpaper :iconsacredlugia:SacredLugia 169 51 Romano Eat Your Tomatooo~ by Cioccolatodorima Romano Eat Your Tomatooo~ :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,294 90 Hussar by Cioccolatodorima Hussar :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,168 182 King by Cioccolatodorima King :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,971 287 CFT - Pocky Game by ComradeBraginaitis CFT - Pocky Game :iconcomradebraginaitis:ComradeBraginaitis 175 119 At One Point, He Was Forgiven by ComradeBraginaitis At One Point, He Was Forgiven :iconcomradebraginaitis:ComradeBraginaitis 248 111 Cadbury eyebrows by mysteriousshamrock Cadbury eyebrows :iconmysteriousshamrock:mysteriousshamrock 218 166 FLASH Stars... by mysteriousshamrock FLASH Stars... :iconmysteriousshamrock:mysteriousshamrock 95 51 [MMD] Happy Valentine's Day! by PikaBlaze [MMD] Happy Valentine's Day! :iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 93 17
Disneyland Trip (Hetaliax Reader) 2
After tons of snack breaks and stops, the bus had finally pulled up into Anaheim around 7:30. Mostly all the occupants on the bus had fallen asleep including Germany, who had switched places with Prussia halfway there.
"Hey! All of you unawesome people! Wake up! We're here", Gilbert says as he continues keeping his eyes on the road.
"Everyone is sound asleep, Gilbert. I don't think they'll be waking up anytime soon", Kiku says from the back of the bus as he looks out the window with a camera in his hand.
"Fine. Gilbird, go wake them up", Prussia tells to his little yellow companion. Gilbird chirps in response and goes around the bus pecking everyone's heads until they woke up.
"Ow! What was that for? Are we at another stop", Alfred asks as he sits straight in his seat and rubs his head.
"Ouch! Bloody hell. Prussia, I swear I'm going to kill that bird one day", England says irritated as he also sits up while a small cry of "M-maple" is heard next to him.
"Kolkolkolkol. I would gladly di
:iconyumedisney:YumeDisney 135 105
Disneyland Trip (Hetalia x Reader) 6
"Um...", looks in between Russia and China as both look to her with hopeful expressions in their eyes, "I choose... Russia."
Yao's expression becomes glum as the smile Russia had became genuine."Spasibo, little sunflower."
"Then will you join me after Russia, aru", Yao asks as a bit of hope enters his eyes again. nods her head as Yao goes to hug her, "Xičxič. I'll see you soon then!"
laughs as Ivan goes and puts a protective arm around her. Yao steps back as Ivan's aura appears, "You will then leave sunflower and I to ourselves then, da?"  
China sends a small glare to Russia then a quick smile to as he leaves. turns to Ivan afterwards with a smile on her face. "So what did you wanna go on, Ivan?"
Ivan looks up in thought as his aura dies down again, "Uh...." He looks around the surrounding area as the sound of screams is heard above their heads. He looks up and his smile becomes bigger, "The roller coaster."
looks up at the roller coaster as a cart full of people come quickly
:iconyumedisney:YumeDisney 98 34
Latest: Mawaru Chikyuu Rondos + Character Songs
Latest: Mawaru Chikyuu Rondos
All Mawaru Chikyuu Rondos
Latest: Character Songs
C.B.C. (Cowboyz Boot Camp)
I'm your HERO☆
Fall in Love, Mademoiselle
Ah, Worldwide à la mode
All Character Songs + Instrumentals
Italy - Let's Look Behind the Rainbow
Romano - Nah, It Will Settle Itself Somehow
:iconfortheloveofhetalia:ForTheLoveOfHetalia 65 34
Beyond the Looking Glass Intro ~ Hetalia x Reader
-this is a series that will involve many different situations involving many different countries who will eventually end up with you, the beloved reader. 
Please forgive the long description of your belongings, they all are important for the continuation of this story.  Thank you!
Read happily and read on my young padawon -//Star Wars reference = shot//-
It was a long day from work/school. You were both mentally and physically exhausted. The only thing that kept your body moving was the motivation that your bed was eagerly waiting for you with its soft covers and fluffy pillows. Oh! And don’t forget that poster with all your Hetalia characters on it! Yes, you were a megafan of Hetalia, almost to the point of obsession; but there was one character you greatly admired. Who am I kidding? You were absolutely IN LOVE with Mr. Sexy (fav Hetalia character)!!!
As you walked to the front door of your house, and took out your keys. But sadly as you took them out of your pa
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 1,693 1,262
SSE: USUK for KaruKaruKira by koookeees SSE: USUK for KaruKaruKira :iconkoookeees:koookeees 2,882 244 Hetalia Potato Freak Stamp by NekoBattousai Hetalia Potato Freak Stamp :iconnekobattousai:NekoBattousai 857 39 HMC Howl hair Stamp by TwilightProwler HMC Howl hair Stamp :icontwilightprowler:TwilightProwler 611 53



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A sleep deprived college student who violated the rules of being a functional human being since 2013. I like to write fictions and draw in my free time. My hobbies consist of playing video games, learning about murderers, downloading pictures, and looking at memes. My favourite Youtubers are John Wolfe and PewDiePie, just to name a few. I can write anything ranging from a ridiculous story to a good one, a happy-go lucky to a depressing one. I would be happy to work with anyone who'd ask of me.
Hello everyone. I'm back and I would like to make an announcement. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to write all your request. I was fairly busy and I have a writers block. But, I'm currently working on a project called 'Wonderful Dream' and I'm sure it'll satisfy you all as it is a big project. It will be submitted this week. I will also post one fan fiction once a week if possible; College is tough and tiring.

Thank you for being patient and watching me.
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