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Witch's Heart: Roses Wrapped in Thorns, Part 5
Yen reached over and pat the Lavender’s hair. “I’m so sorry! I know it probably hurt a lot!”
Sirius grimaced with a sharp hiss, “Stop apologizing Yena, it’s not as if this is your fault!” He gently batted her hand away and sat up. His tail bristled with irritation and his ears were partially flattened.
Both Claire and Yen grinned, “Sirius, you look cute!” They both stated in unison.
Claire and Yen shared an innocent glance as the two locked eyes before bursting into giggles.
Wilardo offered a hand to Sirius and the two stood up. He cupped his own chin in thought at he examined Sirius quietly.
Sirius was mostly fussing over the dirt on his clothes plus two girls were giggling over something having to do with him.
Yen seemed cheerful for the moment up until her thoughts began to race.
Though Wilardo picked up on a certain shift in her behavior. Specifically, her change in heart rate. He tried to brush aside the knawing in his gut to p
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Witch's Heart: Tamer, The forming of the Contract
Sirius was mulling over several open books on his table while Claire skittered around the room helping set up for the ritual he was getting ready to perform. It was about time for the lavender witch to try his hand at summoning stronger familiars, specifically ones with intellect and proper cognitive thought. Mindless and primal familiars were fine and all though they occasionally had trouble distinguishing when it was and wasn’t a good time to act on something.
Two hours ago, he had finished banishing demons from the halls of his mansion whilst then releasing his past familiars from his service. They had struck a nerve with him and he had experienced enough of their nonsense, thus, terminating his contract with them.
With a long sigh he pinched his brow, turning from the table and eyeing his assistant with a firm gaze. “Are we almost ready?”
Claire set down the last of the candles and nodded, responding in a chipper tone. “Yes, Sir! We’re good to go Siriu
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Witch's Heart: Gifts for a Lavender
Sirius was sitting in his room as per usual with a book in his hand, his cheek rested against his fist while he absorbed himself into its contents. It was quite early this morning, but his internal clock had decided to wake him up exceedingly early. So somewhere around four in the morning.
The door to his room opened and he quirked a brow only to see Noel. Now this was a face he didn’t mind so much considering Noel was the one he could confide in about anything opposed to all the others staying in Lady Dorothy’s mansion.
The Lavender snapped the book shut, setting it down on his table before standing to greet him. “Good evening, Noel. Or I guess we could say early morning.” As he approached Noel, his hands interlaced behind his back in more of a formal stance. He stopped in front of the star gazer and looked up at him. “So, what brings you to me at this hour?”
The blonde simply smiled at the Lavender before opening his arms for the smaller male.
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Witch's Heart: Roses Wrapped in Thorns, Part 4
Yen winced as she propped herself up on her elbows, her hazel eyes meeting Wilardo’s glowing red ones. He looked pained and she couldn’t exactly blame the guy, it had probably been a while since he had a decent fill.
“Wil…” She rasped up at him, blood was still on her lips and her nosebleed still seemed to flow. “It’s ok, come closer.” The dizziness continued to plague her, but she still wished to help him.
Wilardo’s fangs throbbed painfully and his chest heaved slightly, the blood flow from her definitely wasn’t helping. He hadn’t caught a delectable scent like this in such a long while, or maybe even ever. She was intoxicating, so much so that he felt he was going to lose himself.
Yen blinked and felt herself drop back down on the bed off her elbows, her wrists were held in a vice as the immortal was positioned above her. “You’re…so…wreckless…” He rasped weakly between heaving breath
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Witch's Heart: Roses Wrapped in Thorns, Part 3
Ashe reached out to Yen only to notice her flinch and curl up. The young woman in front of him had sit up and moved so her back was against the wall while sitting on the bed. He blinked, analyzing her thoroughly. “Was it a nightmare?”
Yen hugged her knees and subtly shook her head. “More…of a mix really.” She struggled to keep her voice even as she spoke to him.
Ashe’s amber eyes glimmered with a sense of curiosity, “Is that so? You could share it with me if you like.” He sat down next to her seeing her wince from his closeness. My, how fragile. Blinking twice, he focused on her expressions and subtle symptoms. There’s hinting of post traumatic stress, severe anxiety, and…a few more things I can’t quite place right now.
When she shut her eyes, she felt a hand from the male next to her pat her head. Peeking at him while he wasn’t looking, she noticed his mask had fell for now, revealing his neutral unr
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Witch's Heart: Roses Wrapped in Thorns, Part 2
Yen woke with blurred vision, wincing as she moved to sit up. It’s lucky that I can’t die here. When her vision focused it was fuzzy and she panicked, oh no no no no, you’ve gotta be kidding me, did my contacts apperate?! I need to find a surface and something to write with!
She stood up and squinted hard trying to scan her surroundings to the best of her ability. Wandering aimlessly, she bumped into something and looked down. “Was this desk here before…?” Yen ran her long delicate fingers over the smooth grain and felt around inside the drawers until she found what she was looking for.
With her quickest and neatest scribe, she wrote the word, glasses. The paper shifted into the item and she quickly put them on. The lovely metallic frames resting against her temples and bridge of her nose were a sigh relief to the nearly blind woman.
Blinking a few times Yen looked around curiously. “Did Lime take me to hell or…?” She
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Witch's Heart: Roses Wrapped in Thorns, Part 1
Yen grimaced as she squinted hard at the word document in front of her. Frustration building quickly as it always did any time she struggled with some sort of creativity wall.
Slamming her hands on her desk she stood up and spun around before threading her fingers in her long dark brown hair. “Damn it! Not only are they expecting more updates, but I even know where I want this plot to go. Why won’t these words flow!”
Yen was an angry crier, she always was, self-loathing gripped her chest as tears beaded at the corners of her eyes.
With a gust, a familiar deity graced her presence. He rested a hand on her shoulder, eyeing her carefully through the shine of his glasses. “Am I to assume you require help in rediscovering your muse? You’ve been avoiding our sessions for quite some time, Yena.”
The girl tensed seeing as the tall sandy brunette deity dwarfed her just as her other two father figures did. While his tone was gentle, she did not look forward to
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Mature content
Witch's Heart: My Heart for You as I Fade to Ashes :iconyenatic-osiria:Yenatic-Osiria 0 0
Mature content
Witch's Heart, Scattered Petals :iconyenatic-osiria:Yenatic-Osiria 0 0
Witch's Heart, Clear Skies and Flower Buds
The upcoming weeks after the events of the mansion had held considerable weight in Claire’s mind. Her usually bubbly behavior had been shifted to one of melancholy. Wilardo and Sirius seemed to notice immediately and would converse with each other as Claire worked on building branching rooms off her small cabin.
Sirius held the tip of his chin and his other hand crossed over his midsection while he mused to the dark-haired immortal across from him. “If something doesn’t give soon then I’m not entirely sure how long it will be until she breaks again.”
He clicked his tongue, “Doesn’t she understand that she isn’t the only person to have lost someone? I often catch the sounds of her sobs late in the evening. But that woman still has the audacity to force a smile at the both of us if we attempt to console her!”
A blush was dusting Sirius’s cheeks, he was clearly frustrated, but it seemed to be more than that. Wilardo had been sitt
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Mature content
Witch's Heart, Guns and Roses: Sensuality :iconyenatic-osiria:Yenatic-Osiria 1 5
Witch's Heart, The Final Route
Ashe stifled a crazed giggle as he locked eyes with both Claire and Sirius at the other end of the room. The long table in Sirius’s room stood between them and the teal braided male.
“Miss Claire, Miss Claire! You haven’t spent much time with me lately. What happened to our shortcake project, Miss Claire?” The reflection of something metallic was in Ashe’s hand and he just continued to giggle to himself.
“Don’t you still want my help looking for the Witch’s Heart?~” His grin was a twisted one as his eyes narrowed on her shivering form behind Sirius.
Moments ago, Claire had burst into Sirius’s room a hysterical mess explaining that both Wilardo and Ashe had seemed to lose their sense of rational thought. Each of them were, out to kill her for their own reasons to get their hands on the Witch’s Heart for their respective wishes.
This entire situation rubbed Sirius the wrong way, seeing the cuts littered across Claire
:iconyenatic-osiria:Yenatic-Osiria 3 6
Tea Time
Clutching her forehead and gently stirring from her place on the soft plush grassy field beneath her the brunette hissed through her teeth with an attempt to sit up. “Jeez I’m sore all over.”
Shakily sitting up her figure froze as she glanced down at her lap noticing the striped stockings and frilled Lolita esque dress. Specifically, this one was lavender but it’s shape and tailoring reminded her much of, “Alice…” She muttered softly.
Slowly rising to her feet and brushing the dirt from her outfit, she made an attempt to get a better look at herself, but this wasn’t something she could do so well without a mirror. A sigh of defeat escaped her lips and simply she shook her head. Her hand clutched into a fist against her chest around a pocket watch looking locket around her neck, one of which held a gemstone encrusted dragon behind a smokey quartz window.
“Yena…what have you gotten yourself into now.” She was thinking out
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Chapter 6- Presence of a Bellflower (MephistoxOC)
The farewell between Karori and Shura was short-lived as the fiery redhead was ushered onto her first of many important missions early in the morning. This left Kaori sipping some tea and her eyes drifting to focus out the large window. She left hours ago and it’s only seven in the morning. She sighed, I guess I should make my way to the Tokara Islands. It was better to get there early in the day then to show up at the ferry dock while it’s obscenely crowded.
Chugging the rest of her smooth mug she set it down and briskly made her way out her flat, the door swinging and locking behind her. She wouldn’t be back until much later, perhaps even days depending on what exactly Mephisto even had in mind for her. In all honesty, the reasoning for this mission escaped her but she didn’t allow herself to delve too much into questioning it. No, he’s my supervisor. Whatever he asks his exorcists to do, they must follow orders. While this assignment i
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Perhaps Isolation is Wise
“Fuck…no…not yet…not like this!” Melody started mumbling to herself and digging her claws into her arms as she hugged herself.
Her sister Yena happened to pass by her room. A look of concern immediately covered her face.
“Melody!” she rushed to her side and tried to hold her, only to be gently pushed away from her sister.
She watched her sister with intensity and growing concern, “Melody, come on. Don’t shut me out. Let me help. I know it’s strong. You can fight it! You’ve done it before. Melody please!”
A voice entered Mel’s thoughts, You are all alone Melody, no one will ever love you. Take it from me my dear. You don’t need anyone. You are better off alone. Besides.
Her shadow shifted into a figure that looked like her but much more dark and with an aura of brimming evil.
It leaned close to her ear while placing its hands on her shoulders, “You belong to me, Melody. And I won
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Blood Moon
Take me under the light of the Blood moon.
Make me yours and claim me.
Enchant me and steal my heart.
Kiss me and take my breath away.
All I want is to be here with you and nothing else.
Come with me my love and stay with me forever.
There is only so much that I want in this world.
What I want you.
Bite me, mark me as yours and taste my blood.
Share a bond with me that no one else will.
Stay with me my love until the stars blink their last.
Be my light and guide when I'm lost in the depths of my own insanity.
Just know that I will always love you and hopefully, you will feel the same.
If I die tonight, then I'll die in your arms.
As long as I know that you are mine.
Then I will be at peace.
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