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Newest Deviations

Gone like I love you
Before you moved out here
they kept telling me you wouldn't give up your wings
     Gossamer, feathered wings that can't
     forget how to fly.
But I told them I'd learn to fly with you-
dust off tattered wings of my own
and forget my fear of heights.
I can't pretend they knew what love was
 when they told me I could only love
                           my husband.
And that somehow your wingspan
would come between us.
I didn't expect them to understand
what you mean to me
cause now I'm not sure
I understand it myself.
You were a kaleidoscope filled with water,
leaving dew drops on my fingers
each time I changed the lens.
You were a candle flickering under the sea
and somehow I could see
you from land.
You were a gold plated box
shut, but not locked,
on the beach of memories I threw away
to make room for you.
You were a star, shining enough
to see only on the mountainside.
And now y
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 1 5
Don't Stay Sane
Blink and you'll never
see tomorrow. Stay awake,
though you won't stay sane.
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 1 0
The Dragon's Lament
Flames and broken bodies scattered the battlefield under the dragon's wings and teary eyes. The small object he had been charged with retrieving could not be worth such death and destruction, no matter how much magic it contained. The dragon loved the globe into the rocky ground and threw himself after its resulting explosion, no longer wanting to survive alone.
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 1 0
125 The Sounds of Joy
in the meadows, I won't falter
   through the light and glorious sound.
there I wander, ne'er failing
      here to know, I have my God.
Gazing up, behind the growth of sage and pine
       each mount, hill, pasture
       support and provide, firm.
     Mount Zion, now found and loved
                 abideth forever.
No rod of wickedness can resist the all
  loving power of the Almighty God,
             banishing those rods,
unclean, wicked, lacking virtue.
As the Lord presides, protects and provides
    through all walks of joy and pain.
Do good unto the good, as both
  will then fall as upright
  in their God loving hearts.
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
124 Waters which aid
If not the Lord, then who
       to witness at our side
his love, his life, given freely
       as men rise up, us
prey to their teeth; gone without a sound.
We are kindled in spirit, though darkness
We are lifted above rushing waters
we are helped out of wrath and anger
             threatening to swallow up
our livelihoods, when God
through Israel breathes to escape
                    to our souls.
As that yellow bird flies
in the name of the Lord,
        we learn to breathe
                 his love.
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
Here I sit, a fist as one hand, bleeding ribbon
in the other. Staring straight ahead,
all I can see is that blurred image through
the window. The one where the sky and ground
are the same, brilliant color of bluish white
and anything else just shows up as a grey shadow.
There's a pole dead center, in front of your place
in my heart.
This distance, God knows more of its details than
I. But he and I know fully the pain.
Backed out: I can't connect anymore. My seeing
lenses are cracked beyond repair, so I've learned
to operate on a different frequency
than the rest of the worlds.
Even those we call "friends" I see through
a fogged glass, the only colors grey, blue, white.
Whenever we have time together, you can't find
That red of yours too swarming, bright, brilliant
for you to notice the draining colors surrounding
my once yellow bellied frame.
We can try reconnecting,
          but down deep I know
you prefer living double minded, th
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 2 0
123-Falling Pride
simple maiden seeking
       out the needs of a lowly calf,
  greater than those holding
           the title 'Master, Mistress"
as she lifts her eyes towards
                  the Lord,
       putting Him at the front
                   of her cares.
seeking upward, servant or master
                sits on equal ground
  serving God.
Leaving behind contempt at
        the case of the proud
Redemption comes closer
     moment by moment
as our pride and contention
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
122-In the Heavens
soft falls upon my feet, passing
    through the gates
                of the Lord's house.
Inside hides a compact city
    a type of peace
found only in the hosts of Heaven.
   10 tribes on higher ground
                 give thanks (they see)
thrones, thrones, thrones
  upon which the right to love and prosper
            with thee
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
Defining Purpose
Defining Purpose: How One Man Threw the World Completely Off Center
Early in their childhood, Dagny Taggart and Francisco d'Anconia spend a great amount of time discussing each others' family legacy. During one of these conversations as they walk through the woods, Dagny asks, "Francisco, what's the most depraved type of human being?" Francisco immediately responds with, "the man without a purpose" (98). The immediacy of his response demonstrates just how much Francisco despises men without a goal to work towards, as no other man is mentioned. The values Francisco holds most dear are rooted in his upbringing and personal hero. He holds these ideals so closely that nothing comes at too great a cost to protect them. His willingness and choice to "become" a playboy demonstrates the importance of having a clearly defined moral standing to guide one's decisions instead of relying on the opinions of society.
Francisco's reasons for putting on this façade originated in what he gained fro
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
Mature content
Under The Oak :iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
Westminster and Wai
Apart from spending time in class, what most Westminster students share in common is frequent use of the library. Need to print off a report or paper for class, or find a book to help you with that term paper? How about finding a quiet place to study in the few hours you have between classes? Without the library, doing any of these activities would become much more difficult to accomplish.
This is the situation school students in Wai, a rural village in India, are facing currently. Schools in the area have no desks,let alone books or computers to help the students in their education. The only library any of the surrounding schools have access to is a small community library in Jadhav.  While visiting, Michael Bassis saw this as an opportunity to promote global literacy and cultural awareness in the communities, and so the Westminster Wai project was born.
The project hopes to raise funds over the course of three years to provide for
materials such as books, magazines, DVDs, c
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Room for a Latter Day Saint
Westminster has the potential for two types of LDS members: strong and unshakeable, or lost. The process in getting to either stage is incredibly individual, yet almost always substantially difficult. Though I have only been here for a year, I can attest to how faith building going to this campus can be, Having previously received personal insight, I discovered a few years ago that I would have many possibilities to see people without the gospel and the benefit of those who have either had the gospel for a long time or are just now discovering it.
Personally my difficulty of living on this campus is like that of most saints. Instead of wavering in my high standards, I sometimes find myself wondering why those of the world do not suffer as much as I find myself suffering. These people sin without trying to do good for others, and yet they are rolling in wealth, never seeming to struggle with financing school or even their very needs to live. When compared to my striving to live the gosp
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
How Close to the Shore
I imagine the Colonists on the Mayflower must have had a heyday when they finally saw the shore of the Americas. 'No more feasting on salted meat and fearing death before relief is found!' Seeing the end before it comes has a way of inducing a state of euphoria, especially in situations that are more trying than others. Because of this, weird as it might seem, getting out and kissing the ground is the perfect response to reaching a seeable end.
            Now, compared to the length of their journey, the amount of time they would have known about this relief would not have been very long. Yet still for that time they knew, life became easier. Would the situation have been entirely different if they couldn't see their destination until it scraped along the bottom of their hull? Dumbfounded, would they fall out of the boat in shock from the drastic change that had come upon them?
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
One Word
My identity is the most vital memory this
world has yet to withhold from me for a time.
It is my place in life to fight for that memory.
In times such as these, it will slip from my grasp as a handful of
marbled grapes, coated in beeswax. But it will never be farther away
than the bottom of my toes, glistening in the uncharismatic
heat I've so found my existence to shy away from.
Yet there's something more, they said. Something I can't
quite point out amidst all of the commotion
and slimy bodies, writhing in and out of motion.
I won't forget (a flash of a smile) why I first
fell in love with you. He smiled once more.
Oh? Inquisitive, with a hint of blush,
they continued. What's that?
Despite the many times you claimed to have
missing parts, or words not quite on par with what
you've got in your head, it's always there.
You've never lost a moment of that brightness,
despite all of the scum and sadness accumulating
around your quaking frame.
It's always there. He takes them by the hand,
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
121 Forgotten Moonlight
Only upon the very tops of the hills
shall I lift my eyes heavenward; homeward,
and between the stars I know
and the stars I see cometh help
cometh peace.
Resting my weary soul
amidst the bottom of the oak tree,
here I hear the whispers
of the hosts of heaven.
"Do not fear. In our arms
you will not suffer, not slumber
in vain. For we are the very same
that Keepeth Israel in states of peace."
And when the stars begin to fad,
back to shades of blue,
I hear another as He phrased,
"I am thy keeper. I love you."
Here there be no shaded hand
intent to smite the sun,
      when moon of night and light
of heart will know they can
     (and will) be one
We'll shy away from grief,
pain, and times of life
when soul; evil; dark
are one and the same.
Through mists and fog,
shades of death and clouds
of gloom, I know I'll say
with firm regard.
"I'm coming. This time
with stronger hear, longer
faith, laughter and love."
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0
True Creation
breeze past forgotten terraces: they cannot
      hold the splendor: glory: love
            my heart now entrances.
We cannot forget the days
            filled with empty promises, splinters
shoved into our bruised demeanor by those
           who won't acknowledge our shine.
Without them, what definition could unfold?
                        Synchronisity: together a way
to find love, glory, power and beauty
:iconyelshua:Yelshua 0 0


Journal History


United States
Mainly my art deals with words. However, I am not going to limit myself to only that, as I am going to try to teach myself other ways of making beauty.
But about me as a person

I have a problem if I cannot be original (or at least different that the main mass of people that inhabit this planet)

I am constantly finding ways that I am a furry, and always wanting to learn more about it.

I have recently rediscovered by studio ghibli obsession/fetish. I absolutely adore the movies i have seen of theirs (which I have seen at least five times each). If you hear of another one let me know XD

I overload myself with stress and worry and have a melt down at least once a month.

I am an english nerd, I love reading writing and marking books. At the moment I am over my head with AP English, but i love it anyways.

And most importantly I am absolutely in love with my boyfriend (who again, if he wants to name himself he can, but i'll leave that up to him).

Current Residence: not so much the middle of nowhere, but close enough
Favourite genre of music: eighties
Favourite style of art: abstract
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Ipod (but not mine)
  • Listening to: MoTab
  • Reading: Marvel Comics
  • Watching: Sailor Moon
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Granola Bars
  • Drinking: Water
I haven't been on here for a very long time. Don't get me wrong, I've been writing a whole lot. I've just found other places that have been a lot more conducive to what I want to do and where I want to go. 

If you still want to keep up with me, you can find me in a number of places.



I'm also working on a podcast on writing, which you can find here and on iTunes starting tomorrow.

I might come back here, I might not. Who knows. There's just a whole lot of stuff going on and I don't know that I have time for what I already need to do, let alone try to keep this up as well. 

Much Love!



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