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Creation (character)

By Yelpingfox
Here we have Fae's brother! I had a lot of trouble with that pose and tbh I'm still not entirely sure of it, but I'm still so proud of this piece (mostly because Creation has been in my mind even longer than his bro and I would die for this delightful paint pupper)

Creation is a Silver Platinum Fox with a magical tail made of paint. The paint on his brush dictates the color/pattern of his tail. When there is no paint on his brush, his tail is pink as a default (though Creation still has paint on his brush at all times for comfort)

The paint on his tail is temporary and will disappear either over time or when he changes the paint on his brush. It has an acrylic paint like texture and glows in the dark. When his tail is painted black it will glow in blacklight.

Creation cannot change the color of is eyes as he can his tail, but he has a collection of different colored contacts so he can match. He doesn't always use them when changing tail-colors, usually only during events or if he wants to wear a color for a long time.

Fae and Creation are brothers and have very different personalities. Creation is energetic and bombastic. Fae is analytical and reserved. Despite their differences, the two love each other immensely. Creation enjoys asking his brother about his travels just as Fae enjoys telling him about them.

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