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Okay so, I finally got a new tablet. Same as my old one so I know how to use it but now I suck at art cause its been SUPER long. My animation program is depressing so I couldn't put in a glow because it made the file to big, thats also why the background is white, i've never been able to fix :/ so I'll have to give you some points back. I'm so so sorry for the long wait!
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Aye its fine! I love it either  way <3 
Thank you! :0 <3 <3 
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Beautiful <3
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Yusssss I’m so glad to see you back man!! I missed you when I took time off.

This is so beautiful- you’re getting so much better at giving it that 3D perspective! Keep it up with the angles and the shading!
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<333333 Yee! Thank you so much!!!
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eyyy dude this looks super cool! <333 great work!!

if you're having troubles with your program and it doesn't let you export with a transparent background, I can always share the way that I make my animations? I go through a website called - you have to export each frame of the animation and then reimport it into a part of the website, but it lets you set the animation frame speed and keeps the background transparent, so it's not too bad ;w;
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<33 Ty

omg actually thank you so much i'll definitely look into that!! <3
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no worries!!! when you get to the landing page of the website, click the first option at the top of the third row - frame animation, then you can just upload your frames into the little boxes there, press the buttons at the bottom of all the boxes and the right click + save when you see it come together at the top of the page (you might have to scroll up to see it after you press the button to compile them). Even though it looks blurry in the preview image, if you save from there it won't be <3 (or you can check it beforehand by opening the image in a new tab!)
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Awesome!! Thank you again man!
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