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Remember when I could kinda draw?

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Yeah, me neither.

haha Corona virus has made me very bored, as I am now locked in my house via the law. I also finally got a new pen for my tablet. But now I have no idea how to draw.

It's nice to see a lot of my friends still kickin'. They are, of course, all doing a really good job with their art. So thats cool.

Also don't know what to do so i'll just leave this here and leave
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Aaaa this looks really great!!

It's been a while dude!!! How are you going? I hope everything's been good for ya (outside of the craziness happening atm aha) <33
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Hey man! I'm doing pretty well, hella busy with school and Scouting, but besides that life has been treating me pretty well! How about you?
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Aaayyyy that's great to hear you're doing well!!
Yeah, I've been pretty good myself! I graduated from school & started university about 4 weeks ago, and along with that I've jumped headfirst into two big art projects, so I'm going pretty good >w<
Are you planning on coming back & posting art to DA anytime soon, or are you kinda moving away from arts stuff? Just curious because of how absent you've been from DA ^^
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Bro!!! Thats fricken amazing dude!! Like, genuinely, really happy for you man, that's super neat.

Honestly don't know, I've actually done a ton of traditional art but I have a crappy phone, so I can't really upload it. But now i've got my tablet back, even though my digital art's a bit rusty, i'll have to go back to the start and learn again, ha
My dad wants me to do more art, and I'd love to upload it more and talk with friends more, so i'll see if I can get back in the grove of things ^^'
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Thank you <333

Yeah, it would be great to see some more from you again! <3 But I get that life gets busy, so no worries if you don't. Just know that I'll always be around if you wanna chat haha <3
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Bro, even tho its been a while you're still so kind ;;
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;A; ?!?! <333333333333
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