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I win! - Season 5 Ep. 3

Pinkie pie (lick cream) plz twilight sparkle (sleep) plz 

The new Episode was hilarious! GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 

Twilight Sparkle (sleep with pancakes) plz I'm pancake!, I mean awake.

Looks like there's gonna be a new song every single episode, hehe...
I wouldn't mind <3
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I was wondering where do you find this episode I haven't really seen it yet.
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I usually watch it on dailymotion :3 there's a livestream as well one the episode is streamed!
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The pancake scene might go down in season five as the funniest scene,unless some thing else knocks it aside.
yellowrobin's avatar
Hehe yeah you're probably right.

I see loooots of potential for the whole season,
let's see what Comes next :D
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I live in fear of the 'Tanks for the memories" episode where Dash tries to keep Winter from coming so Tank doesn't hibernate.
yellowrobin's avatar
She does what? Hahahaha, not bad for someone who didn't actually want a pet in the first place :3
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:icongrinchplz:-That Pegasus needs to stand back and relax when it comes to trying to stop a holiday.
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Now eat the spoon, fluttershy!
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Oh don't be shy, Fluttershy! XD
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Beware of Pinkie Pancakes. XD
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AND Pinkie Poker Pie! :D
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Woah! This is downright phenomenal! 
Those colours pop like crazy! Must be some quality markers and skill you've got!
I absolutely love it!
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Thank you EqG Pinkie Pie Plz  I'm glad you do!
& I'm using Copic markers. :3
LolliponyArt's avatar
Ohh wow that is some expensive stuff.
I'd love to get my hands on some if I had the money.
But I'm confident it takes more than just markers to create something like that.
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This might not be all, but some quality materials make a biiiig difference.
When I take a look at pictures I've drawn like 5 months ago, bofore I got my first markers ...
eh, nevermind. Let's just burn them.

As if it's just worth now to exploit one's full potential ... weird. New Dino 
LolliponyArt's avatar
Wow that must be a big factor then!
But your skills must also have developed over the course of 5 months, right?
Besides, it's good keeping old drawings to remind you how far you've come.
RedHoofsketch's avatar
Aww, Fluttershy looks really cute when she's curious.
I only saw part of that episode, but it was still awesome.
As for the picture, well done, my friend! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up 
yellowrobin's avatar
You have to see the whole thing!
The first four episodes were awesome, can't wait for more <3

& Thank you! Pinkie Jump 
RedHoofsketch's avatar
Nor I, and you're gladly welcome, my friend. Brohoof 
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"Umm. There is something in my pancakes... Am I supposed to use this now to eat?"

Wonderful work. We'll see more pancakes eating pony now. Damn that Twilight was adorable while sleeping.
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Fluttershy EqG (thanks) plz Thank You 1 Speech Bubble - Beemote Thank You 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote 

twilight sparkle (sleep) plz Twilight Sparkle (hug pancakes) plz  


EQG Twilight Blush Plz 
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