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YEAH! So I got a table to Tracon artist alley for the whole weekend! I'm so excited! I'll try to make my new comic Black Lace Crow for this con! Still a lot of work to do but it is 8.-9.9.2012 so I still have over three month! I can do it! Oh yeah and I will be going there with :iconhaeym: !

And of course I'll be at Desucon too. And now I will be getting a ticket there too. So all is well. I'll be selling my stuff there on 10.6.2012 which is Sunday, but you will be able to buy The Rain Collector on Saturday from the comic table at artist alley where they will have comics from many different artists!

I've noticed that I haven't been making paintings and drawings like I used to. These days I only make clothes. I've been sowing like a crazy person and at one point I was making one piece of clothing everyday! I like to customize my old clothing too and paint and dye the fabrics and stuff like that. Getting new clothes that way is fun and cheap since I'm a poor little hobo so I can't buy all these fabulous new clothes. As you can see from my newest deviation, I like to make these print things but I can't use the printing studio at school so I'm stuck to painting by hand in my tiny bathroom..

Now my obsession is making jewelry. I've been making so many necklaces that I've lost count. I'll be putting up my lovely necklaces for sale on my etsy soon. So yes, I have an ETSY account now!…………

yeah it's all the same link. I only have one item up now but I'll be putting more up soon!

And still more! oh this is such a long journal entry I wonder if anybody will bother to even read this all..

I asked you guys to give me guestions before and as I said here is the video of me answering them!…

And I also have these videos up where I show my sketchbooks. So I thought you artsy people might find them interesting!……


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