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Juu olen kumpanaki päivänä sit siel myymässä! Eli onnistuin saamaan sit sinne kuiteki pöydän jeaaah
Printtejä, Raincollectorii ja kaulakoruja siellä myyn (joita olen tässä nyt maalaillut). Jos jotain tiettyä printtiä haluais niin voi ehdotella! Vähä on printit nyt loppunu katsoo mitä kerkiin tehhä.

Have been having a great Christmas vacation so far, just playing Zelda and Mario. Can't get any better than this ahaa

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I'm coming with my friend to France propably from 17. 11.2011 to 27.11.2011 SO YOU IF YOU ARE FRENCH it would be cool to see you and if you could show us around France or something. We are gonna go to Paris and some place else maybe too, give us suggenstions! It would be better to hear from people that actually live there where I should go, or if there are some cool things happening in France during that time tell us! Like comic conventions or gigs hee! Oh yeah and and a place to stay would be pretty awesome too. We are nice and quiet (most of the time) and there are only two of us.
So yeah this is quite in short notice, but I had this surprise vacation now so I thought why not! I've stayed in Finland too long. And yeah I speak some french but a native speaker is always helpful!
Yritin saada pöytää Desucon Frostbiten taidekujalle mut ne meni sit iha varmaan alle viides minuutis ja en just kerinny. Oon ehkä sinne coniin tulossa, mutta harmittaa kun en piäse taidekujalle. No mutta jos jonkun pöytään mahtuu niin olisin niin kiitollinne jos sinne pääsisin mukaan. boohoo hooo...
Niin siis joo kerkesikö kukaan saamaan niit paikkoi sinne taidekujalle?

Örhm yeah sorry for that finnish part. So yeah I've been really busy at school I stay at school everyday until 8 pm when the guards come and I have to leave. Just soving and making patterns. hehehe. I'm going nuts slowly. But I've actually started to like making patterns and I just look at clothes and wonder how I'd constuct them. hehh. And I haven't been drawing much anything else accept for fashion illustrations. I did take part in the 24 hour comic challenge but I only got 17 pages done.. I'll propably finnish it later!
Hey, you can now buy my comic The Rain Collector online.
I'll give something nice extra to the five first who order!

Send me a note or send me an email to and tell me how you'd be wishing to pay for it and how many you want.
If you have something to ask about ordering or about the comic, please do so!

price: 7 e / 9,5 USD + shipping
pages: 56
language: english
color: covers in color, inside pages in black and white
size: A5
shipping: WORLDWIDE
               to Finland 1,20 e
               to EU 2,05 e
               to USA 2,90 e / 3,95 USD
               to pretty much anywhere else in the world 2,90 e
payment: PayPal
               bank transfer (only in Finland)
               or you can meet me in person if you ever come to Helsinki or happen to live there

some images of it ( I'll put more up soon too..)……………………

I'll also be selling this comic next weekend at Helsinki Comic Festival. Oh and if you don't have money and wish to do a trade with me for the comic, I'm open for suggestions!
I'll be at the Helsinki Comic Festival next week end 17.-18.9 . I'll be selling my comic The Rain Collector at the Pienlehtitaivas! It's at Lasipalatsinaukio in it's own little tent so it should be easy to find or at least I hope so. So come chat with me or what ever. Rape is fine too.
I will be sharing my table with gothfuu , heikala and kitchen-bitch and they are quite scary..

Ja miksiköhän mää kirjotin ton englanniks. No jaa.

I'll be soon making it available to order my comic online too. I just have to figure out PayPal.
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OOWH, I have been neglecting dA lately. My excuses are I've been drawing my comic so maniacly (and wasting time on tumblr. Tell me yours so I can follow you! I'm )

But I need to thank you all for the watches and faves and comments and what not! I really do appreciate them all and I wish I could thank you all personally and give you a big hug cause you guys are really the driving force for me! Gotta keep on drawing even when my hand hurts!

Well my comic is soon finished and then I'm gonna get it printed and I'm so excited because I've never like published my own thing. or it's like a omakustanne. Yeah don't know how to say it in english.. But anyways I hope it turns out pretty! I've had some bad experiences with printers.. And telling weird stories is really my passion so hopefully somebody gets it!

Niin ja ollaan :iconhaeym: n kanssa tulossa Traconiin myymään taidekujalle! Jieeeh! Toivottavasti voin nähdä monta teistä pikku palleroista siellä <3

Oh and I'm starting my new school in just a week now. Time flies oh my. Hope I don't end up being the class freak again. Well I'm more nervous that I'd actually have to follow a schedule since I've been doing what I want and when I want for the last few months. Can't wake up at 6:15!! Impossible...
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Pääsin Taikkiin opiskeleen vaatetussuunnittelua ja pukutaidetta! Eli muutto Helsinkiin edessä. Vuosi Lahdessa oli kyllä todella hieno kokemus ja onhan hieman haikeaa jättää kaikki kaverit tänne, mutta samalla odotan uusia haasteita mitä uudessa koulussa varmaan saan.

I got into Aalto University to study fashion design. I posted some of the stuff I did at the entrance exams here and seems like I actully got in! I'm so happy. So I'll be moving away from Lahti to Helsinki. I'm really excited.
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Yeah So Desucon was last weekend and it was amazing! Had so much fun and it was so cool to see all my friends again. I was dressed up as Dipp from Katamari the second day and we sure had many pictures taken of us and we even got into the cover of a news paper!

Aah and Now I'm gonna be at Tracon too! Me and :iconhaeym: will be at the artist alley this time too! Can't wait!

I haven't been that active here since I'm addicted to tumblr. So there I post more frequently (and photowhore like a mayor slut. I take too much pictures of myself) so follow me : OOOO
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Reading journals from last january.. Yeah I'm really up to date! Actually I just deleted like 500+ journals and still 3000+ deviations to go trough. Not counting all the other messages. I wish I could go trought them all. I just watch so many people it's hard to keep up. But hey I have other things to whine about too!

We had this fashion show---> and it was well... Interesting.. I had never been backstage at a fashion show and let me say it's pretty hectic there! And our stylist decided to change all the models just 5 minutes before the show. Great! The show was about 50 minutes late. But we got trought it non the less even if it was a really horrible hassle and everybody was really pissed off. So I had one outfit there only so I didn't really mind that it didn't go that well. But it was sure an experience I will never forget.

And Desucon is coming soon! I'm so excited and scared at the same time haha. My summer break just started too and life couldn't be better. Now I can slack off full time! win!

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Me and my lovely friends Haeym and Yolko will be at the artists alley at Desucon in Lahti this summer! YAY!
So just wondering if any of you guys have some pieces from my gallery that you think I should make as prints of.. so I'll prolly make some of them then.
And I'm working on a comic that I'll try to finish before to con. So can't wait right?! Me either!

Just realized the people who understand english wouldn't really care about this info since they prolly can't come to Finland. I could have written all of that in finnish.. oh what a loss..
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just wondering if you watchers got my latest deviation "Can't walk the streets in thos" since it's not showing in my gallery??
Maybe I should try resubmiting it <.<
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But tell me if you have it too. I have to expand my stalkinglist.

I'm getting the hang of that place slowly now. Looks pretty simple so good for me heheh.

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I have 537 watchers but I know only a few of you. : C

Tell me
How was your day
What's your favourite color
Just draw me a picture of a cute kitten. I want a little kitty.
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Well guess my last journal sounded like I was leaving. Well I'm not. I can't leave this place since it would be like leaving all my friends behind. Although this place doesn't feel the same to me anymore but I want to still stay. At least to stalk you guys heheee. I propably wont upload as much as before. And I will be propably uploading the more experimental pieces just up on my blog.
I actually have another account here but I'm not sure if I should tell you guys it..

I wanted to try a little experiment. I put… up here just to see how you would like it. Honestly I wasn't even originally planning on uploading it here since I don't really consider it as much of a piece of art. But your reaction to it did surprise me a bit on how much you actually like it.

When I was drawing that piece there wasn't much going through my mind. It wasn't much of a creative effort to make that. Just mindless scribbling. Actually I got so bored drawing it that I didn't even want to finnish it since there was no challenge in it. But what made me want to finnish it was to see your reactions. And I'm glad I did since that certainly made me realize something.

Sure that piece might be visually pleasing, technically okay. It isn't that great since I made it really fast and lost intrest in it. I can say that I could have done a better job if I had taken the time and effort to do it but why didn't I do it then? Since anybody can make a drawing like that if they just take the effort and time to do it. It requires no creativity. Technical mastery is a totally different thing than creativity. Sure technical mastery is required to showcase your ideas in the best possible way but it doesn't mean that if you are good at drawing that you have any interesting ideas in your works.

I'm thinking some of you were shocked to see that I could make a realistic pencil drawing if I wanted since most of my works are just two shaky lines colored with my left hand. But making these crappy drawings is a consious choice for me. I could do realistic and descriptive drawings if I wanted to But frankly I don't want to since there isn't anything interesting in it to me. There are millions of other artists doing the same thing all over the world so why bother to do the same thing they do? I have done many realistic drawings but they are just practice and I don't think of them as art. A good solid understanding to art is build on a traditional drawing style that is realistic. After you master that you can start trying new things and developing that realistic style into something new. But making a realistic drawing of something that already excists in this world is the same as taking a photograph of the same subject and it would be more descriptive in that matter. That's why modern art in most cases isn't realisticly drawn, because after we had the camera there was no need for realistic portraits and such so the artists had to make something new. Art has always been about creating something new. In the middle ages perspective was a new thing and the ones that could master it could be considered as very creative inviduals but today that isn't enough since times have changed.

What most people consider as art are these realistic portraits and just frown at modern abstract pieces. I find it very sad since these people have no idea what art really is. Some go as far as saying that these modern pieces aren't even art and that only the old paintings and sculptures in the museums can be considered as art. This just brakes my heart. I find art to be something innovative, fresh and new. Of course today it's an almost impossible task to be completely original since there has been such a variety of different styles of art in the past 200 years that people have tried almost everything in the efforts to make something new. But I find that enriching and hope that people continue to try different things with art and push the bounderies of what is considered as art and that is why I love art.

But my biggest realization is that deviantart is no place for art. Everybody just makes the same shit and copies each other at least unintentionally. I admit I did the same in the past. Coping is a way of learning. Coping other peoples works may help you understand art but saying that these copies are art is just ridicculous. And I realize now that I took pieces from other peoples styles because I wanted to be popular and you seemed to like it. So I did more of it since attention is always flattering. I'm not original myself. I have tried new things but I bet somebody else in the world has tried that same thing too so I can't be completely original. But my goal in life would be to create something as original as possible if that even is possible. But when I've putten up these more stylized works where I'm trying to find somehting new nobody seems to like them and when I put the most unoriginal stuff up people seem to like them.

People sure do anything for popularity. But I don't think this is the best place for me to develop my art style. And that is a given since who would expect any real understanding of art from a bunch of twelwe year olds. But that's okay since I didn't understand much about art when I was that age either. But here I see people in their twenties and they have no clue what art is ,it just makes me sad.

I bet we all have different views about what is "art" but I feel like I've grown out of what is the consensus of understanding of art here.

Don't get me wrong I appreacciate everybody who comments me, favourites my works or watches me since attention is always flattering. But this is just to say to all of you that even if you aren't popular it doesn't mean that your art isn't creative or imaginitive but it also doesn't mean that you are creative if you are popular. But coping others just to be popular is just stupid. I bet many don't do that intentionally but they still do it. Just make a style for yourself and don't care about what others think since once you've really mastered that style hopefully people will start appreacciating it too.

To Whom ever managed to read until here, I hope you realized something if you already haven't.

And I'm making this all too serious in the wrong place but this is a serious matter to me and has been bothering me so long just had to get it out there.

You know you are behind in deviations when the deviations in your inbox are from halloween. Can't get the halloween spirit up anymore!

Oh yeah I've been quite dead recently. I'm really busy with school. excuses excuses. but it's true! I can upload some work from school but they are mostly just realistic drawings and I don't see it as art really. But other than school stuff I've been making only sketches recently. derp

Oh yeah I've been thinking about selling some of my originals. I have no money for rent and I think it would be a last resort but I have no other choice. Anybody who would be interested in buying some of my originals?
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So people.. It pains me to say this but I promised to do art trades with people and I can't possibly do them. I'm so sorry. I have so much stuff to do for school and I really don't have any spare energy to do them. Plus I promised to do one with over 13 people and it's really been stressing me out. I have made some sketches but I outgrew the style I drew them in so I don't feel like finishing them at all. Besides I don't think anybody else has done anything for me yet. But if somebody I promised to make a trade with has actually made something I will of course finish my part of the trade too. I can show the skethces to the ones who I've made them for if they wish to see them.
I thought it would be better to just tell you guys it's not happening and not leave it just hanging and you just thinking I'm a douche. : (
But other vice ALL ART TRADES CLOSED UNTIL I SAY SO. I really don't need anything else stressing me out right now. I really can't be trying to please everybody. Hope you understand.

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so I'm thinking of getting a tablet. The problem is I have no idea what kind I should buy. So I would really like to know what kind of tablets you guys have and do you like them. What would be a good tablet for a beginner? Cheap but still good. I know many guys have Wacoms but they are a little bit on the expensive side so you guys know are cheaper tablets that are still good?
I really need some help here! D:

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So now that it's possible to draw on journal comments I CHALLENGE YOU TO DRAW WHAT YOU WORE TODAY! I'll make a comment where I draw what I wore too.
Even if it isn't anything too weird and just a basic t-shirt or something still draw it! I wanna see how you guys draw clothes and what you guys wear on a average day yeah

(I was gonna ask what is your favourite object but I couldn't even decide myself what it is so..)

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I've been drawing like a maniac and I have over 20 drawings I should submit here. But just thinking about you watchers and wondering if you would prefer me to submit all of the drawings invidually or in a bulk as I've been doing a lot recently. Since my drawings aren't as detailed and time consuming as before I have some consernes if they are good enough. But then again many people have wished to see more sketches from me. But to those who wish to see skecthes by me say to go to my blog. I only post a small portion of the stuff I do here.

Oh and some people might notice my style has changes a lot. I'm trying to develop and I'm not happy with my old style. I got bored with it. I was just standing in one place artisticly so I want to move forward. But I'd like to know if you think it's the right way to go or if you have some suggesstions what mediums you would like to see me try my hand at.

Ooh and thank you for all those watches and favs! I appreacciate them so much but and I'm sad that I have no time to tell everybody that invidually.
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