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Annika should have known better than to let me go in with her account!
> : D

...I think she is gonna kill me soon... :( too bad. Don't let her find out about this!

I'm sorry for all the mizery this has cossed everyone, and will cost me soon when she finds out.... D:
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*kopioin sua irina, kun siäki updatetit journalin. XD*

I have my test week at the moment. Well, it's going to stop soon anyway.. You might think that I'd have no time to do anyhing now because I'd be reading for exams. But the thing is that I don't read for exams so I have lots of spare time! :-D So I have been finishing some of my drawings that have been waiting on my table to be done for ages. Now there's only like 1 drawing left! :D yay. *reliefed* But now I seriously have 10 new pics I havta upload here. *nevah gonna happen* >.<

I got a job! I have to start working next week.. UGH! Evrything I do for a doll.. I think I'm gonna hate my job soon, but at least I have a few friends who work there too!

I know what kind of a doll i'll get! Here:…
I just need to find a pink wig for him first. And I need to save money for hair extensions, since I'm tired of my super short hair.

yay, it's december! ^^ It's gonna be christmas soon (althought I wont get any presents..) And I'll be 16 soon! D8 OMFG!!

Btw, I finally got my precious 1k pageviews. yippee. XD

(fourth time adiidng something here.. XD)
I hate the new gallery system here, since I can't look at them because I don't have Safari 3!! >.< I can't look at other peoples deviations accept for the once seen at the profile page! It's a real pain in the ass! I can't even look at my own gallery! Or scraps! I need to go to the library if I want to do something involwing gallerys. >.<

and clubs of course:

:iconfi: :icondeathnotefan: :icond-gray-man-club: :icongrimmjow-fc: :iconkhrclub: :iconsai-fc: :icontenipuri: :iconbullets-and-carnage:
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I can't write. :)

My friend Jenni has a über kewl doll. D: It's name is Ariel and I love him!!
(Olen huono.)

I want a BJD so badly now! I have a picture of ariel on my phone and every time I look at my phone I am Like "I MUST HAVE A BJD TOO!!!"… Ariels desing. Althougth Ariel has longer hair and looks much different. I want Ariels hair. (:

8D I've already started saving for one. I have plans on how to save money for one but most likely I'll never get one.. But let's be positive! :) So maybe after I've saved two years...

Nothing else. So long!

Ninni, en mä sun journal entryy matkinu.. ':D


There was a school shooting in Finland. Who would have guessed? I bet you people abroad have heard about it too? It's all over the place here.
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? ? ?

Yayhs! 8D We have no school FOR A WEEK!! (Finally I can get some sleep)
But maybe I'll miss my friends a little? :'(

And I'm going to Helsinki (<-the capital of Finland fyi.)  soon! >: D With :iconmobicca: and the walking purse aka mom. I'll buy so much shit from Blippo I can't carry it home (and then our family wont be able to eat  for a week.)

Our perioud ended at school and we got our certificates (idk any better word!) :D Mine was pretty good, I got 10 from art which I was really happy about! 8D It's harder to get 10 in high school you know.

I got 9 from colage (another art course) which everybody was socked about! XD I didn't do anything in class (just bother other people) and my colage sucked! I didn't do anything with it!

I have a million but I just want to paint with watercolors. >.> I'm a seriously lazy person.


:iconfi: :icondeathnotefan: :icond-gray-man-club: :icongrimmjow-fc: :iconkhrclub: :iconsai-fc: :icontenipuri:


Random shit that if you read three days past the time I wrote them wont matter anymore:

I hope Jussi gets dropped from BB (yes, I'm an obsessive Big Brother fan) he's just so plain! O.O

I want to read new scanlations of DOGS (aka Dogs: Bullets & carnage) !!! It's a manga by Miwa Shirou and the art is fabulous! That's something that my goal is to someday draw like.
Pour example:………


? ? ?

(why wont the hearts show?)
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OK! I guess it's time for my once every three months journal entry!

School started two weeks ago. So of course I wasn't happy but I've gotten used to it already.
I have to go 36 km every day there on the bus and after school I have to wait atleast 1h for the bus to come.  So we are going to move there pretty soon since it's so troublesome to go there by bus everyday..

But I like my school. ^^ 50% of my classes are art, since it's an art highschool so I can't really complain. :D

Math is from hell here at highschool. But I'm gonna stick with the long math... me and my friends get nothing of it and just laugh ttruth the classes. :D (Tiedätte itsenne)

I have like a million works in progress and I think i'm never gonna finish them.. X.X

Good night! (oh,wait, not yet!)


:iconfi: :icondeathnotefan: :icond-gray-man-club: :icongrimmjow-fc: :iconkhrclub: :iconsai-fc: :icontenipuri:

^I still need more.
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Today is the thrid day of our summer vacation! rawr! >:D No more comprehensive school or what ever it is! We finished the ninth grade 8D And now I'll just have to wait to know if I got to Lapinlahtis art high school.. D: When will the letters come? I don't know..

It was really sad to leave our class behind but I haven't really tought about it since..
By the way it seems like a long time since I last updated the journal... Three moths... That's nothing!

I still have to wait till next week to see Pirates of the Caribbean.. :( Why did she have to go to Bulgaria? D:<

I have to go swimming soon, for the first time this summer... It's really hot here. :o well, I can't complain.. OMG! Greenhouse effect! D:

clubs: (I should get some more..)

The internet is just an idiot and it wont upload my new avvie.. fkgmrgio

OMG! I love Ginga nagareboshi Gin! ^^ Damn youtube! >:O Who wont it load?!!? I need my hopeanuoli... T.T
I'm addicted to old time classic anime.. O.O Now I regret giving those videos away..

Just thought I haven't written here in a long time..

I didn't draw anything last week and now is one weeks vacation from school so I hope I get sumtin done..
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I haven't  made new journal entries in a while so i tought i'd make one. :>
err.. we had taksvärkki päivä at school.. so we basicly surfed round in the internet all day when we should havebeen doing some work.. and then the teacher made us go clean up the art classroom cause we are so artistic.. pft... I hated it..

YAYS! ^^ Naruto Shippuuden starts in 7 Days!! 8D I can't wait! :D
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Today was the first day of school since the holidays.. I didn't sleep at all and I was really tired at scool.. well, that's what you get when you usually go to sleep at 5 am and wake up at 15.. -.- so waking up at 6:30 was pretty hard.. O.O

well let's tell about my xmas:
My sister and her russian boyfriend and some guy that was living with my sisters boyfriend cause he had no home and some of my sisters anoying friends who just seem to laugh 24/7.. I don't remember a lot about christmas only that I got basicly nothing and I was just in my room drawing manga.. O.O I've already done 11 pages.. XD yay.. O.o' It takes like 6 hours for one page with me.. Soon I can send it to finnmanga.. ^^ if it even gets published but i'm pretty confident (and i'm always too confident and when I fail i'm so stunned) ..
Well, basicly my sister and her friends were anoying and I had a horrible crhistmas and I was always trying to get out from the house but it was really cold.. T.T

New year:
I ate chocolate. what else can I remember?... I went watching fireworks with my sister. Basicly we walked around Siilinjärvi for two hours trying to catch some good bangs there and there. My shoes were totally wet because the snow had melted and I had my tennish shoes on.. :F So I got a gold thanks to my sister (it's always her fault)

can't write anymore.ebg'fdk,iyl
^^ yaya! :D
Today's my friends Lottas birthday.. :D and mine too and my sisters.. XD so we're going to have all of our birthdays today. :D
I'm so happy.. :D I haven't "partied" for a long time.. XD altougth it's just a small birthday cause nobody could come.. XP
i'l write tomorrow more about it cause I don't know what's gonna happen.. XD.. lol.

So tomorrow I'm officially 15!! woot! ;D <3 I think that's like so old when I think about it.. o.o Noo! I don't want to get wrinkles yet<! T.t k.. well, not yet.. :D but 15 is half of 30 and 30 is half of 60 so i'm almost a fosile.. -.-' Well, 15 does have it good sides too.. ^^ what were they now..?... '

I bought (or marika did XP) a jrock magazine.. :D we were so amased about the pictures that we didn't notice it was in german.. XD well, good I learn erman at school.. and I had a test today.. I hope I had read the magazine before the exam.. T.t
I'm not doing so well at school as I used to... t.t I got 8 in two exams today.. .t.t I usually get 9-10 .. I really need to read for the exams. XD
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Yayyayayayay! <3 <3 ^^
we went to Kuopio(a big city around here where evrybody goes to shop cause there's nothing here in Siilinjärvi.. T.t) shopping! Evrybody was buying cristmas presents but we were just byuing critmas presents for ourselves(we get to pick what we want and we get it and we don't have to wait for cristmas.. XD we don't really celebrate it with presents.. and we usually don't even have any decorations at cristmas.. -.-')
So I got copic markers!! <3<3 the manga set.. :D My mom bought it altought she was like "pretty expensive hobby you found yourself.. 61 euros for 20 markers..' " :D I love them! <3 <3 copiiic! :D i say they were worth it!
And then I found Naruto notebooks at Suomalainen Kirjakauppa.. :D We bougt four of them..XD The notebooks were on sale 1 e each! <3 I was so happy we found them! They were cleverly fidden under something but I can see Naruto from a mile away.. XD I was pretty suprised they had them.. :o
And we got PotC too! <3 we watched it for five hours with my sister.. :D all the extras.. ^^D

well, here's for now.. -.- don't want to write more..
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^^ yay! Weekend! :D

I went to my friend house after school.. ^^it was fun seeing her for a long time.. :D then we got a ride home from her mom.. XD yay.. And then my friend came over..
We made a "mangatower" by puting all our manga in a pile.. :D it was longer than me.. XD it was fun braking it but our mom tought we had broken something..-.-'
"What did you do now?!"
"we made a pile from all our manga and broke it. :D"
"..oh"<-doesn't care about what happengs to the manga XDD
we took a picture of it as well.. ^^
we have about 100 manga.. :o XD and there's more to come! <3
yea, really boring I guess.. -.-'
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I can't belive this.. O.o This doesn't happen to me that often but I didn't sleep at all last night.. And suprisingly I haven't been tired at all today... O.o'
I noticed I had to finish my drawing for arts class when the day had already changed and I did it until 2:00 or so.. T.t My sister couldn't sleep because she wasin the same room.. XD
And the the teacher tells that it was supposed to be made for next week.. -.-' noo! O.o  All that work.. t.t and I hate the thing we had to make.. "me as a tree" -.-' I just did sumthing simple and it wnt really messy.. t.t

I had a "new hairdo" at school today.. :D Everybody noticed it altought i hadn't cut it or colored it.. :D my hair was just a little flatter.. -.-'
And I hate my hairdo. I had it for so long (gosh! O.o almost 3years.. .t.t) I want to cut it! >.< I'm gonna cut half of my head short and the rest'll be just the same. :D And I want it two colored.. ^^ (and where the heck do I get the money to get it done..? O.o Guess i'll just do it myself.. XD) I'm so suprised my mom said I could cut my hair that way! yaysors! ^^

We had an english exam today which ofcourse I hadn't studied at all for.. -.-' Here it starts  T.t The exams.. Today's religion exam and then there's geography, german, swedish, "history", fysik.. -.-'
i'm gonna die.. I'll just have to study for the next two weeks.. -.-' I can't even draw.. t.t

I was thinking of going to gollege (or high school.. what evr.. Lukio, daa..) to lapinlahti (it's about 50 kilometers from here.. i guess..)  cause they have a arts school there.. And I'll propably get to move there.. ^^
My twin and a friend of mine is also going there.. ^^ So I wont have to go all alone.. :D Besides I want to get away from Siilinjärvi..! >.< I don't want to go to the same gollage as the people here.. nine years were enought for me! :P
And I have always wanted to go to a arts gollege ..^^
I'm definetly not going to Lyseo... -.-'


I almost forgot to tell about yesterday! :o
So, yesterday was the independence day of Finland. ^^ so we didn't have any school..:D
But instead we had to go to our uncles 60th birthday to the middle of nowhere with my horrible parents and horror sister Pauliina (who thank god doesn't live at home anymore..) who drove us there.. :P We had to ride the car in the dark and bumpy roads of the countryside(I feel sorry for people who live there)for over two hours.. -.-'  
Then We had to listen to the horrible aunt of mine complaining about our sneaky realitives who steal money from our soon to be dead granny.. -.-' I was dieing of boredome... And in top of the all we had to aet the horrible craetions of our aunt... I'm clad I wasn't brave enought to eat the sandwiches she had made... And she even made us take some of her terrifying cake that makes you sick and someof her burned ginderbread with.. >.< yak.
When the three hour torture was over we could go home.
At home I just watched the Linnan juhlat from tv and judged all the dresses of the women with the rest of the woman of the house. :D Like the finish independense day tradition goes.. XD

Well, my brothers getting a little bit too irritated with me writing so loudly ( it's not my fault when the keybourd makes so much noise! -.- I can't write better..).. And one more thing: You're nuts if you read until here.
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^^. K. My first journal entry! XD yay! party! ok...
I have planned to write here for like a week already so I'm going to have to  spill is all here now.. XD

We had these healt checks or somethings at school.. XD Well, I'm not going to say how much I weight and all here but thee school nurse tought I was an athelic cause I was i such good shape.. O.o I was like ok.. I'm definetly not. XD
Then she showed me some pictures I had drawn when I was 3-6 years.. :D They weren't that artistic but they really touched me.. To think I had drawed somthing like that when I was little.. :) We don't have any pictures I had drawn when I was little at home (cause my mom has burned them all.. ') so it was nice seeing them. And then she gave me one of them! I'm really going to treasure that picture.. ^^ It's a family portait I think but what bothered me was there were seven people and our family only has six...

Damn scanner.. -.-' Why wont you work! >:O oh... ate too much cheese..
And why wont it load blech?!!+ T.t *kyynel*

There's this thing called "Finnmanga" where you can sendyour own manga and it'll hopefully bee publihed! ^^
I saw the finnmanga 3 in the store today and got really  inspired. I want to send my manga too! O.o I think I can actually get published cause the quality of finnish manga isn't that high.. :o
Well... I have already tougth about what to draw and I'm going to start drawing it when I get the skeches ready.. ^^ yay.. :D
the deadline is like  in summer so I have no rush but knowing me who always leaves everything to the last second it'll only be good to start early.. XD

A friend of mine that I haven't seen in a long time is coming over tomorrow! :D yay! ^^ I made her come to return the manga she dorowed from us like five months ago.. XD

well,well.. uu ROCKS! XD