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Tagged by Hopeful-Jerico Thank you so much!~ (and sorry for being so late ; v ; )

1. Real name - Ana
2. Nickname - I don't rly have a nickname tbh but my sister calls me Nana sometimes while my classmates usually call me by my surname Ferraz
3. Favorite color - Black, yellow, red, pastel and neon colors
4. Male or female - Female
5. Elementary/Primary school - Primary school
6. Middle/Secondary school - Secondary school
7. High school/college-sixth form - High school
8. College/ university: University soon and I'm not excited at all tbh.....
9. Hair color - Dark Brown
10. Tall or short - I think I'm kinda short tbh..... I'm 166cm
11. Sweats or jeans - I love sweatpants but I rarely wear them in public ; v ;
12. Phone or camera - Camera
13. Health freak - Nope, I should care more tbh xd
14. Orange or apple - Apple
16. Guy friends or girl friends - I like to hang out with my guy friends when I just want to have a more fun/relaxed time (otherwise I always hate them.... jk lmaoo) but I mostly hang out with my girl friends
17. Piercings - Nope.... But I would actually love to have them
18. Pepsi or coke - Coke
19. Have you been in an airplane - Quite a few times
20. Have you been in a relationship - Nope never and it's one of the very few good decisions I've ever made lmao
21. Have you been in a car accident - Fortunately no
22. Have you been in a fist fight - All time xd cuz I practice martial arts and kickboxing but real "street fights" probably just twice but never rly a big deal I guess.....
23. First piercing - Never T T
24. Best Friend - I don't rly have best friends
25. First award - Probably when I was btw 3 to 6 years in figure skating
26. First crush: Never had one unless Jungkook counts xd
27. First word - How would I remember tho xd
28. Any talent - Drawing??
29. Last person you talked to - My sister
30. Last person you texted - My friend Cheila
31.  Last person you watched a movie with - Myself lmaoo
32. Last thing you ate - I drank a latte?? Does that count?
33. Last movie/ TV show you watched - Hercules (the Disney one cuz nostalgia)
34. Last song you listened to - Red Velvet- Rookie
35. Last thing you bought - I preordered ynwa (now I'm broke....... T T)
36. Last person you hugged - I can't remember I'm not a hugger lmao

• Favorite:
37. Food - Italian food and basically everything with cheese, portuguese ham (presunto) and bread
38. Drink - Coca Cola, and I rly like coffee too (basically anything with caffeine tbh....)
39. Bottoms - Skinny jeans and sweatpants
40. Flower - Rose
41. Animal - Tigers and grizzly bears
42. Music - R&B, soul, jazz, electronic, indie rock/pop...
43. Movie - I don't rly have a favorite one tbh there's so many cool movies......
44. Subject - P.E. and art (tho I don't have art anymore)

•Have you ever?

45. [] fallen in love with someone 
46. [x] celebrated Halloween
47. [] Had your heart broken
48. [] went over the minutes/ texts on your phone
49. [x] had someone like you
50. [x] hated the way someone changed
51. [] got pg 
52. [] had an abortion
53. [x] did something you regret
54. [] broken a promise
55. [x] hid a secret
56. [x] pretend to be happy
57. [] met someone who has changed to your life <3
58. [x] pretended to be sick 
59. [x] left the country
60. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it 
61. [] cried over the silliest thing
62. [x] ran a mile 
63. [] gone to the beach with your best friend
64. [x] gotten into an argument with your friends
65. [x] disliked someone
66. [x] stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever

• Currently:
67. Eating - Nothing
68. Drinking - Nothing
69. Listening to - The silence lmao
70. Sitting or laying - Laying

71. Plans for today - Going to sleep after this
72. Waiting for - Tomorrow lmao
73. Want Kids - Nope
74. Want to get married? - Nope
75. Want to travel - Definitely! the whole world if I could....

• What do you look for in a partner? 
76. Lips or eyes - Idk tbh but maybe eyes?
77. Shorter or taller - Taller (I can go for smaller too but I prefer taller tho)
78. Younger or older - Older but it's wtv tbh
79. Romantic or spontaneous - Spontaneous
81. Hook up or relationship - Relationship
82. Looks or personality - Personality but we all know that looks always come first since it's the first thing we notice on someone

• Have you ever:
83. Lost glasses - No
84. Snuck out of the house - Nope
85. Held a gun/ knife in self defense - Not in self defense fortunately
86. Killed somebody - Wth ofc not xd
87. Broke someone's heart - I don't think so
88. Been in love - No
89. Cried when someone dies - No

• Do you believe in:
90. Yourself - Not rly
91. Miracles - No
92. Love at first sight - No
93. Heaven - No
94. Santa Claus - No T T
95. Aliens - Not rly but for such a big universe is kinda hard that we're the only civilization living in it so.... idk
96. Ghosts/ angels - No

• Truthfully?
97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now - Probably
98. Do you know who your real friends are - I may think I know but.... who knows
99. Do you believe in God - I don't

Sooo..... I won't rly tag anyone (since I did this so late too T T) but who ever wants to, feel free! Tag me so I can see your answers ^^
Hopeful-Jerico Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for doing this!~ I enjoyed reading it!~ :heart:
YellowHaruka Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You don't have to thank me~ I'm the one thankful to you for tagging me!~ salmon heart bullet 
Awww thank you~ I enjoyed reading yours too~~ ^^
Hopeful-Jerico Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Aw you're welcome!~Bear Emoji-04 (Shy) [V1]  I'm glad you enjoyed it~ :heart:
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