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Hurricanes and Butterflies
In essence we are particles
Agents reacting, contracting, expanding
- A C R O S S T H E U N I V E R S E ! -
Until we reach to|uch cross the borders
That I imagined were made of glass and concrete.
And still I cling to the notion of imperfection
(for that makes me who I am)
This butterfly makes hurricanes
This ocean makes peace
Of riddles, of clues,
Of unravelling these truths
Of hiding behind defiant eyes
This butterfly makes hurricanes
This ocean makes peace.
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The Red Teardrop
i cannot expect others to be moved by me
likewise, You cannot expect me to be moved by You.
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I Watched An Angel
I watched an angel fall today
As he came crashing back down to Earth.
And I thought,
It is a sad day to cry
For an angel just lost his wings.
Surely enough, in his muted silence
A cloud gathered above and around him;
It was a little grey.
It picked him up gently
And carried him afar.
As I sat atop the hill
And watched him float away
And he dissappeared.
I stared into the distance
I saw him blend into the sky.
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The curtain pulls away.
Standing there was a lone figure staring deeply into the crowd.
Searching for...
If I could throw my rotten tomatoes and apples and vegetables,
I would
Like the rest of the crowd that is made up of me,
Holler over and over until the figure
Steps back down
Into self-reliance
To become humble.
(Like all beginnings)
You are not yet.
Modesty that you try to show
Hinders you deeply,
Do you know?
Stop smiling- your wicked pointed
ears and the sly crooked
grin that makes you look so
Innocent because you
really are not at all.
Stop shying- from all the specifics
because the vagueness just
blends in together on the
tip of your sharp
tongue that makes you look
so well rehearsed that
even I am fooled.
But I can't be ignored
and neither can my answers because
one way or another it
will all be known and it
will just bite you back
at the heel
And make you regret all those years.
They are supposed to be precise
That never got memorized
And the light that you cast is yellow.
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Untitled XXII
We shy away from
The things that make us
Who we are
Defining ourselves
Of the very elements
We are denied
When the misty clouds are cleared
We are stripped naked
Left to fend for ourselves
Of our own judgement
Would you make offers
To the hungry wolves?
So rosy, like the blossoms
Petals floating earthward; bound
We face opposing directions
Pretending to head our own ways
When we knew it was bound to happen.
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The Weaker
To be able to feel the sunset
                     During the mid-day noon
                        But to hear your footsteps approach
                                and not be able to do anything
     it is what makes me surrender to the night
         being made of FrAgIle
rising to the occasion
        of occasional mishaps
or maybe misshapen dreams
:iconyellowdude:yellowdude 0 0
Sound Asleep
Before I fall asleep, I must say.
It isn't too hard to hold onto
The simpler things in this life.
To nestle in between strong arms
and Knowing that I am safe from the walls
that often crumble before my feet.
To feel the warmth of the noon hour sun
That is hovering above our heads; watching
Enjoying the radiance and new found glory
Bathing myself in a tranquil sea of love.
I can't bottle up these emotions for another day
They escape from my grasp
Fleeting and dissipating in the air
But there is no need to hold onto time
Eternity has just begun.
And so, at each eterinity I am lost inside a world
But knowing you smile down and holding me close
To pull me out when I start to fall
It's enough to let me face the day.
Time says that it's getting late
But all I ever wanted to do was speak
Through unspoken words.
A wave is crashing and it's holding me captive
But I'll let this overtake me now.
Beauty is only soul deep.
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TULIP '06 by yellowdude TULIP '06 :iconyellowdude:yellowdude 0 3
We sat together in the quiet room
Building bridges together.
Making sure the calculations would prove
That all was stable.
Going around the circle, we each lay
down our pieces that were the foundation
of all that was to be.
As I gingerly applied the base
Somebody sneezed.
I was taken aback.
And for the rest of my days
I would be scared
To look them in the eye.
Because they were so much better than me.
And I caused the bridge to collapse.
"There's nothing left here to try
It's easy as pie"
Said the man with the big red sack
As he pulled out his gifts
For the good little children.
So I patiently waited for my turn
But he never came to me.
I'm still waiting.
And the bridges are gone and have crumbled away
Though I no longer feel sad for its demise
I've often imagined the bridge without me.
And how proud it would be standing today.
Iron is never forgiving.
But neither is my heart
It's the strain that has caught me by surprise.
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I picked up all the little pieces of broken glass off the floor, and gently (very carefully) placed them into the plastic bag.  It seems futile, since the sharp edges would probably cut, and cause all the contents to slip out.  No... they wouldn't slip.  They'd cascade.  I find it amusing how this place was left untouched since you left.  I naturally assumed somebody would have taken their time and attempted to clean up.
I have a habit of making lists in my head sometimes.  I counted the number of broken pieces, and the number of cuts I received whenever I accidently dug my fingers too far into the bag.  And then I proceeded to recall why the mirror was broken.  I vaguely remember hurling it on the floor.  I guess it's another seven more years of bad luck.  A feeling of disgust started to bubble its way back into memory; obviously, there would be no other emotion that would cause me to d
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I'll slip back inside

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Sunrise II
Freefall, let me slip
into safety's net; the hands
that let me know everything is alright.
I wait, so patiently on the side
just to see; the sun rise
again and embrace his warmth.
You say, that foolish beginnings
often end foolishly; so I
regarded that as my limitation.
I would never imagine the sun being so warm
I would never think the sky as infinite
Nor understand the workings of the winds
that seem to blow in hurried directions
But I do Now.
Only to prove that mysterious forces
Stretch to make beauty something
altogether unique.
Like the silent words spoken through muted mouths
Whispering to me the world I could never see
:iconyellowdude:yellowdude 2 2
Dragon Kill
Hiding in my cave
breathing hot air
A whiff of smoke escapes my lips
-- tantalizing --
fearlessly I crawl out
Stomping mighty (seemingly) soldiers
Thump Thump Thump
And the men go
Bump bump bump
in the middle of the night
While men sleep
Gather your children
The fire is approaching
With red glowing eyes
I blow a puff
And all disintegrates
Ashes return to the ground
And I retreat back into my den.
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Desktop 101005 by yellowdude Desktop 101005 :iconyellowdude:yellowdude 0 1 Tour by yellowdude Tour :iconyellowdude:yellowdude 0 0 High Beam by yellowdude High Beam :iconyellowdude:yellowdude 1 0


The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH :icondahlig:dahlig 52,481 3,705 Manowar by ludd1te Manowar :iconludd1te:ludd1te 3 4 Phoenix Flame by ludd1te Phoenix Flame :iconludd1te:ludd1te 2 7 waiting... by drgutman waiting... :icondrgutman:drgutman 1,715 596 louis kisses louis by prismes louis kisses louis :iconprismes:prismes 6,830 1,094 Selfillumination by Kutsche Selfillumination :iconkutsche:Kutsche 17,190 1,273 Alien Scan by ludd1te Alien Scan :iconludd1te:ludd1te 2 5
..and time goes like this..
When the ancients rose from towering stones
to carve their initials into walls and fire,
the colors ran, forming words.
Someday we will find them, petrified
on the streets of Pompeii among the ashes,
and we will know what the nightingale sang
of when the world was born.
:icon67shadesofgrey:67shadesofgrey 3 22
A is for Alphabet by JenMussari A is for Alphabet :iconjenmussari:JenMussari 1,086 310
Isobel's coffee was cold again, her right hand's little finger tracing intricate patterns in it's tepid and soupy surface as her left hand loosely held the red phone to the side of her face, making a light red mark where the edges rested on her cheek. She had been sitting in her living room with her pale legs flopped on the cheap sofa for twenty-one minutes by then. For eleven minutes she had been listening to the dull roar of silence coming from the other end of the phone six of them filled with terror and disbelief, the other five filled with numb acceptance. Before that came four spent discussing a strappy red dress that two dear friends had seen at an expensive boutique in central Manhattan the day before, three consumed by a hurried description of a malady and the process by which it was diagnosed, two taken by grim comprehension and desperate pleas of repeal and one spent listening to dulled clicks and a final, firm farewell.
Another thirteen minutes passed before Isobel finally
:iconmidgetron:midgetron 2 5
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My Happiness
beautiful is a word i often hear
but unless it's coming from him
it doesn't mean as much
and unless it's his hand
a touch won't be as soft
a whisper won't seem as sweet
unless his playful smile is hidden behind it
i can feel it now
in my lonely state
he's here with me
playing with my hair
and lulling me into a sleep
all the time smiling
at the power he has over me
that with one finger
i'm in a trance
but as long as he's here
by my side and smiling
for whatever reason there could be
just knowing that he's close
and keeping a watchful eye
so that if i trip
he'll catch me before i fall
is enough to keep me happy.
:iconryostag:ryostag 4 10


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It's been looong since March 26th, 2008 which happens to be my last Journal entry.  I've actually been stalking back and forth periodically... just not journal entry-ing.

I suppose Facebook does that to you.  Anyway, since my absence I've written a lot more, and taken more photos. Maybe in my downtime sometime I'll sort through the good apples from the bad and post them here.

Find me on Flickr for the newest dump of photos. (yellowheadbird)…


Meat Patty <-- haha!
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