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I am surfing the most AMAZING Harry Potter brainwaves right now (heehee geddit?  surfing? brainwaves? shuttup its almost 3:30).  For the last couple of weeks actually.  Too bad my beta is on a different schedule than me and can't edit anything right now.  Sorry guys :(

And just so ya'll know, my schoolwork is suffering for this.  And my sleep.  You may or may not have noticed, but its almost THREE FREAKIN THIRTY AM.  Sweet Jesus, why am I conscious??????  I haven't even finished my homework, and I blew off like three fun things today (or yesterday) to do it.  And ended up writing.  And writing.  And rewriting.

Anyway, regardless of my exceedingly slow beta (who is slow because she's responsible and gets good grades...sigh. damn.) know that you WILL see them someday.  No promises about when.  But to help me move it along, I'd like to know which one you want me to finish fastest.  The next installment to "The Soundtrack of Lily and James" isn't here cause it's almost done anyway.  I don't have a premium membership, so I can't do a poll.  Just comment to answer.  

Werewolf Trials (needs a better title)
A series of scenes encompassing the most major events of Remus' lycanthropy.  When the other marauders figured it out, when they told him about their Animagi success, when Sirius accidentally told Severus how to get past the Willow.

Not A Black
Sirius' quest through the years to piss off his mother as much as possible, ending with the night he was disowned and showed up on James' doorstep.

A Mother's Rage/Protecting Them/(brilliant title that I have yet to think of)
Everyone's favorite Molly Weasley line: "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!"  A peek inside Molly Weasley's mind in the moments leading up to, during, and just after what could easily be the most badass line in the whole series.

Hope to hear from you wonderful people soon!!  Toodles!

P.S. If you guys are super lovely, I just might give a 100-150 word preview of the story you pick.
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April 6, 2011


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