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For Labor Day weekend, there was a TV marathon of all 6 Star Wars movies, overandoverandover.  And I watched it.  For almost the entire 3 days STRAIGHT.  And I also spent an excessive amount of time on Wookiepedia, looking up the finer points of, well, everything.

My favorite discoveries were those about the history of lightsabers, lightsaber dueling and related topics.   For example, Qui Gon favored Form IV of the seven forms of lightsaber dueling, which was a mostly offensive technique marked by sweeping, graceful movements and a fluidity that made one move seem part of the next.  Yoda also favored this form.  Interestingly, part of the reason Qui Gon died was because he was fighting Darth Maul on catwalks, and did not have the room to maneuver that he required.  

Another interesting detail is that Obi Wan favored Form III, while Anakin favored Form V.  These two were essentially each other's opposites (for lack of a better word), which made their battle on Mustafar completely brilliant.  

Food for thought, a quote from Vergere: "A lightsaber is an interesting weapon. A blade unique in the history of warfare. A paradox, not unlike the Jedi who wield it: those peaceful warriors, who kill in the service of life. Have you ever noticed? The blade is round. It has no edge. But it is a lightsaber—which means it is nothing but edge. There is no part of this blade that does not cut. Curious, yes? Symbolic, one might say."  Ah, philosophy.  I hate you, but sometimes I am drawn to you.  

I love the whole story overall, certainly.  The whole thing is brilliantly told, but I admit that I love the story of Anakin's downfall more than the story of his retribution.  I love a bad guy that the reader/viewer cannot manage to hate, and that's exactly what the prequel creates.  Darth Vader, when you only know him as Darth Vader, is easy to hate.  But when you know the young man who only wanted to save his wife, you understand him.

My God, I could go on for days about the finer plot points and the richness of the characters.  But I won't bore you.

The ONLY bad thing about Star Wars is that George Lucas filled in every POSSIBLE blank space in the stories, even thousands of years into the past.  There's ZERO room for fanfiction.  Ah, well.  We can't fault him for going above and beyond.  He created one of the greatest epics of our generation, easily.  

Anyone want to engage in a Star Wars discussion?  Cause all my roommates despise the series (odd, I know, but I love them anyway).
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