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Hellweek this week, finals next week.  Up all night last night trying to make my computer stop deleting my report, eventually used my apartment mate's computer instead.  The report is tottaly shit and I'm going to FAAAIIIILL.  Whatever.  I'm sick of looking at it.  And last night a friend and I went out to dinner and I ate SO MUCH so today I have to make up for it.  And I'm off to microbiology in about 5 minutes, which always puts me in a bad mood cause my professor is so DUMB.  And tomorrow I'm leading a class my myself for the first time at work and I'm really nervous.

So moral of the story, I am stressed for finals next week, stressed about work tomorrow, tired, angry that I'm going to get a C in microbiology for the semester, hungry, and cranky that I have to go to class and see her stupid face.  And how is YOUR day going?
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May 19, 2011


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