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In the last couple of weeks, I've gotten completely re-absorbed in the world of Animorphs.  I believe that the creators of those books are nearly as brilliant as J.K. Rowling.  The depth of the characters is astounding.  The story deals with seriously tough questions about war, and what it can turn good people into. For kids, they're way dense.  Even now, I'm 20 and trying to make sense of "The Ellimist Chronicles" gives me a headache.  

So far, I've done a character study from the point of view of Elfangor about the six Animorphs, a little brotherly love piece about Elfangor and Aximili, and a piece about Rachel's funeral.  That one was interesting, because.....dang.  If I say any more I'll spoil it.  Which do you want to see first?  I have some editing to do on all of them, but I could concentrate on one and get it done fastest.  Any opinions?

In other news, LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL DEATHLY HALLOWS, GUYS!!!!  Holy crap.  It's really going to be over.  Fourteen years, and it's really going to be over.  It's hard to imagine life without Harry, isn't it?  Who's going to a midnight showing?  Who's going in costume?  Who's going in a Twilight t-shirt (don't you DARE)?
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July 5, 2011