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Happy 2012!!

Yeah, I know I'm a bit late, but I didn't have ANY time during the holidays, so I didn't post anything about MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Best gift?  Best food item?  Best drunken episode (if you partied)?  Share!

I got some great stuff from my parents, including a new Canon Powershot camera and an absolutely GORGEOUS leather bound study bible with my name on the cover.  I'm putting off the process of highlighting and flagging my favorite verses because I don't want to ruin the perfection.  My family is not so much into sit-down dinners as we are into appetizers and desserts and wandering around with wine in one hand and munchies in the other.  The advantage of this is that you feel less guilty about eating a lot, because you only ever have one or two in front of you.  The disadvantage.....well, I think that goes without saying.  I was stuffed.  And my cousin kept refilling my wine glass, to the point of complete ridiculousness!!  I must've had five or six glasses by the time we finally left (no, I was NOT driving).  

Ironically, that was Christmas with my family.  New Years was with my friends, at a parent's house, and they do not condone underage drinking.  So my New Years was totally sober.  Unfortunately.  Eh, I'll just have to make up for it next year.

Today, I drove back to college, because I have work tomorrow.  Classes don't begin for two weeks, but work does :/ Ah well, I need the moo-lah, and I don't have anything else to do.  But the stupid housing department doesn't let us move back in early, so I'm crashing on a friend's couch.  I was so excited to see her, but I opened the door to a very cold, very dark apartment.  Sad!!  I thought she was coming back today, but apparently it's tomorrow.  

Anyway, so I have about a two-hour drive, which allows me plenty of time to think.  And think.  And think.  And depress myself.  And brainstorm new plot bunnies.  And cheer myself up.  And I realized that, by the time they were my age, EVERY one of the women in my family had met the man that they would eventually marry (and they are all still married), in fact many were engaged by my age (which is 20).  Well, needless to say this is mildly depressing, as I sit here in my glorious single-ness (sarcasm).  

And yeah, I know I'm starting to sound like a thirteen-year-old (will ANYONE love meeeeee???????), but seriously it's a little discouraging.  Besides, MY journal, MY thoughts.  We all have the right to be a little whiney occasionally.  

Ggrrrrrr.  Frustrating.  Especially because I am OBSESSED with weddings.  To the point of being unhealthy.  I seriously considered being a wedding planner instead of a nurse.

Anyway, that's my day.  I wish I could bake something to cheer me up, but all my supplies are locked in my dorm room..... *contemplates breaking in to my own dorm* Nah, I'll just watch Law & Order: SVU.  Their problems are way bigger than mine.

Oh, and for those of you that are waiting for the next installment of ABC's:  it's coming.  Slowly.  And it's D for Dursley.  And I am welcome to ideas, outside of E, F, H, M and W.  Those I have.  

Ta-ta for now!
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My running commentary on the CMA awards

I love country music so goddamn much.  

Blake Shelton is ridiculously hot.  Seriously, have you ever seen a pair of eyes like that?  I think not.  Yummy.  :iconhurrplz: Brad Paisley is smexy to.  And I'll try to keep the "he's hot" comments to a minimum.

Good God, what the HELL is Carrie Underwood wearing?????  It's like a badly folded napkin with scales. :iconwthplz:

AHAHA TIM AND FAITH BARBIES!!!!!!  That is GREAT.  Ah, country music stars always have such a great sense of humor.  Tim and Faith are cracking up at this.

Single of the year
My winner: "A Little Bit Stronger" by Sara Evans
Real winner: "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry

WARDROBE CHANGE (aka commercial)

Oh, Carrie, that dress is MUCH better.  

YAY KEITH!!! Performing in his standard T-shirt and jeans.  Exactly as he should be.  He is such a fantastic guitarist.  :iconilavplz:

And now, Sara Evans, with "A Little Bit Stronger."  And acrobats?  That's random.  I love this song.  Powerful, but not bitchy in the way that Taylor Swift's are.  


Aaaaand another weird dress from Carrie.

And "Baggage Claim" from Miranda Lambert.  Which, for some reason, I've never enjoyed much.  A creative idea, but I'm just not drawn to it.  Her shirt is so glittery that she could probably be seen from space.  And what's with the fringes?  My God, every singly one of these people seems to think that it's Back To The Sixties/Seventies Night.  Daw, Blake looks so proud of her :)

Song of The Year (award to songwriters)
My winner: "If I Die Young" written by Kimberly Perry
Real winner: "If I Die Young" written by Kimberly Perry

Zac Brown Band!!!  Kay, this song confuses me.  What's with the whole 20s (I think it's 20s) theme???  Not a fan.  Jazzy maybe?  Blues?  Either way, it's not at all Zac Brown Band's style.

WARDROBE CHANGE (and a commercial for breaking Dawn. ugh.)

Rascal Flatts :) Performing "Easy."  And a friend.  Who is wearing a dress that looks like a year's worth of dryer lint.

Vocal Duo Of the Year
My winner: Thompson Square, mostly because their song "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" Inspired my Teddy/Victoire oneshot, "Finally, A ProperGoodbye."
Real winner: Sugarland

Brad, what's with the camo suit jacket?  I respect your redneckness, but EMBRACE IT.  Don't try to pretend you are otherwise.  :iconjefffoxworthyplz:

YEEESSSSSS ERIC CHURCH PERFORMING "PUT A DRINK IN MY HAND." :iconilavplz:  Sunglasses?  Ooookaaaayyy......

"Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"!!!!!  Hey, I wore a tutu like that for Halloween.  Actually, mine was shorter.  But my point stands.  Daw *smooch*

Chris Young performing "Voices."  A very good song.  

WARDROBE CHANGE *getting out of breath*  man, keeping up is hard.

Taylor Swift.  MUTING.  God, that woman is annoying.  And the set they have for her is weird.  It's a couch, with things like a lamp and a rug.  Supposed to look like a living room?  Ugh.  Kay.  I'm gonna keep my Taylorhate to a minimum.  :iconlll-plz:

You know, Carrie used to have such a good fashion sense.  What happened?

Luke Bryan!! Yay!! Haha, performing "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)."  best song EVER to roll the windows down while driving and BELT OUT.  Don't ever let other drivers judge you.  I could do without the sluttily dancing girls, but I guess a performance of this song would be incomplete without them.  At least they're not bad dancers. :iconilavplz:



MISS PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She wants to sing "Remind Me" with Brad haha.  :iconlol-spartaplz:

Aww, Carrie's dress doesn't look like something aliens would make.  

Haha, Brad said the word "bacon" to Miss Piggy.  That was dumb.

Lady Antebellum  performing "We Owned The Night."  That girl has a thing for 20s-inspired fashion.  That's cool, she looks nice in them.

Album of the Year
My winner: Well, I don't really pay attention to albums since I buy singles off of iTunes....
Real winner:  "My Kinda Party" by Jason Aldean

Kenny Chesney performing "You and Tequila" with Grace Potter!  I love that song, I love him, lovelovelove.  He's won entertainer of the year FOUR TIMES.  That's insane, guys.  That is the highest award in country music.  He may actually be the next George Strait.  Actually, there are a few candidates for that spot, but her is certainly one.


Sigh, oh Carrie, I give up.  The dress isn't bad, but that vest is....well, i suppose you've done worse.

The Justin Beiber Joke wasn't very funny.  Sorry.

Not sure what/who this is.  Or why that blonde lady has a hairdo that should have been left in the 70s.

Dairus Rucker!! He does not get enough attention.  Still don't know what they're singing, but that's okay.

I feel like I should know Sir Mustachio.  Now he's singing with Rascal Flatts.  I should KNOW this song!  And his name!

Gary LeVox (lead vocalist for Rascal Flatts) needs to send his jacket back to the late 19th century militaries.  


If I Die Young!!!  Wait, that's not The Band Perry…ah, they are advertising for musical education in schools.  Cool.  Sigh, Brad's camo sports jacket is back.

NOW the Band Perry.  Playing "All Your Life."  OOOOOOHHH THAT RED DRESS IS PRETTY.  A lot of sparkles for my taste, but at least it's a normal shape and stuff.  And it really stands out against their tan/brown set.  Like BAM I'M THE LEAD VOCALIST.

LeAnn Rimes, why do you have a flouncy attached to your butt? :iconwthplz:

Vocal Group of the Year
My winner: Zac Brown Band
Real winner: Lady Antebellum

Sugarland and Matt Nathenson performing "Run."  Not their biggest fan by a long shot, but I don't mind most of their songs.  I really like this one a lot.  Actually, I love their Matt Nathenson songs.  Like "Come On Get Higher"?  Yeah, I ADORE that song.

…..what? "You and Tequila" won video of the year and we didn't get to see it presented?  Sad.  Ah well, that was my pick anyway.


Brad and Carrie performing "Remind Me"!  I really enjoy this song.  And her dress is very pretty!!  Except for the slit up the side.  Rather pointless in such a loose, flowy skirt.  Man, they are GOOD on stage.  What I wouldn't give to see one of them in concert……

New Artist of the Year
My winner: OMG I HAVE TO PICK BETWEEN The Band Perry, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Thompson Square, and Chris Young????? Can't do it.
Real winner: The Band Perry (my God, they are winning EVERYTHING)

Who the hell are you?  You look like you're 14.  Scotty McCreery!!   Man, I do not pay enough attention to things.


Jason Aldean, performing "Tattoos on This Town."  A good concept for a song, but never one that has really made me excited for it to come on.  Not one that I'd call to request, or take the long way home to hear the whole thing.  Don't hate it, just don't care either way.

Daw, Reese Witherspoon is presenting Male Vocalist of the Year
I LOVE her dress.  But she needs to talk to her colorist.  Those roots are kinda obvious.
My winner: Again, I have to pick between ALL my favorite boys?  Seriously???? :iconhurrdurrplz:
Real winner: Blake Shelton

You know it just occurred to me, why is Reba nominated for NOTHING?????  She's like….Reba.  There's no adjective.  So I'm making her name into an adjective.

Martina McBride!!  "I'm Gonna Love You Through It."  She is so fantastic.  She has some of the saddest songs ever.  Seriously.  This one is so sweet.  And she has a GREAT fashion sense.  


Aw, a tribute to Glen Campbell from Vince Gill, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban.  He won entertainer of the year in 1968 (I had to look that up).  Not sure what the song is called, but I like it.  Apparently, this week he announced that he has been diagnosed with Alzhimer's.


Hmm, I'm torn on Carrie's dress.  

Faith!  The Queen of Country.  And she's not wearing that white nightgown—I mean dress—that she had earlier.  I like this song.  "Come Home."  Why haven't I heard it before?  I don't think it has played on my radio station up here.

Female Vocalist of the Year
My winner: fjsdslfjljf eff I can't pick but not Taylor pleeeeaaaase……
Real Winner: Miranda Lambert

HAHAHA in her thank you speech, she said "Thanks to my hubby to, it's gonna be a good night tonight baby!"  And Blake's rubbing his hands together, looking mischievous.  God, I am so jealous of her right now.  Hey, that means that she and Blake won both Female and Male Vocalist of the Year!  Group "aw," ready…. "Awwww….."


Oh Carrie….. *shakes head* It's like a greecian dress gone wrong. :iconareyoukiddingplz:

Reba's dress, on the other hand, is STUNNING.  She does love her green dresses lol.  

Entertainer of the Year
My winner: Jason Aldean (I feel like he did the most in this year specifically to deserve this)
Real Winner: Taylor Swift (go fuck yourself you whiney bitch who sings pop, not country) :iconraegplz:

Sorry for all the Taylor hate, but she ANNOYS me.  For the record, she would NOT annoy me if she admitted that she was pop and stopped stealing country awards from artists who actually sang country, and got off my country radio stations.  Then I just wouldn't care.  But seriously, "Mean"?  "Why you gotta be so mean"?  Could you sound more 12 if you REALLY tried?  I doubt it.  

I hope that you were at least somewhat amused by my outfit judging and comments and opinions of who should win!  Goodnight!
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So I am typing this with one hand because my left currently needs to stay up.  I was trimming the tulle skirt that is par of my costume (a ladybug) when i missed and got my palm pretty good.  Whoops.  Apparently Halloween can be dangerous even before booze is involved.  

So now, I still have a good amount of my costume to finish before tomorrow night, i am incapacitated, and i look silly with an ace bandage around my hand for nothing more than a cut.  

What are YOU doing for Halloween? Costume?  Alcoholic beverage of choice (lol i'm terrible)?

This is a short post because it's hard to type like this.  Night!!
I would like to discuss, for a few moments, things that drive me CRAZY in art or fanfiction.  Warning: I am opinionated, blunt, and slightly rude.  Read at your own risk.  Debates are allowed, but not nasty remarks.

People calling Hermione "Mione."  No one EVER called that in the books.  She wouldn't put up with it.  Whoever came up with nickname started a horrible fad.  I instantly stop reading ANYTHING that has this in it, no matter how good otherwise.

Artists who draw only in anime style.  Completely anatomically NOT EVEN CLOSE.  Personally, I don't enjoy anime shows, and I don't really care about fanart for them.  But when you start cluttering my Harry Potter and Disney Groups with your anime s**t, I get mad.  

OOC.  Out Of Character.  'Nuff said.

Not understanding how the society works.  Very close to OOC.  It's like OOC for the setting.  I saw a fanfic recently about Harry having a digital camera at Ron & Hermione's wedding.   It was true that Hermione's parent couldn't have moving pictures in their office, but Harry wouldn't have had a computer!  And, digital cameras weren't super common until the very early 2000s, and the Wizarding community is always quite a bit behind when it comes to things like that.  

The 99% of cosplay that completely sucks.  Now, my best friend loves anime, comiccons, and cosplaying.  Doesn't mean that I get any less annoyed when 22 of the 24 deviantwatch messages from one of my Harry Potter groups are THE SAME COSPLAYERS.  Post ONE DAMN picture, stop cluttering my messages!  Even if you're good cosplayers, I don't need to see 3323895 pictures of you.  No reason.  AND the art part of cosplay is the costume, so why you post pictures where the costume is impossible to see baffles me.  

Bad OCs.  I have a couple of my own OCs, I'm not going to lie.  But I can't STAND a bad OC.  Especially as a main character or in a relationship with a main character.  

Weird pairings.  Which are basically anything that Madam Rowling did not come up with.  Slash parings outside of Dumbledore and Grindewald, where did those COME from?!  What indication did Harry and Draco EVER give us that they were suppressed gays, madly lusting after one another?  And Hermione and Draco?  Really?  That just makes no sense.  There was NEVER anything remotely resembling attraction there.   And Remus and Sirius were BEST FRIENDS.  We can't even be best friends anymore without anyone thinking we're gay?  Grr, what IDIOTS came up with this crap?  One exception to this rule:  Rose & Scorpius, which I condone, even enjoy, because it doesn't conflict with the canon.  And because I love thinking about Ron and Draco being forced to get along while Hermione and Astoria become best friends over wedding planning.  

When you draw HUMAN characters as cats or ponies.  Really? Are we six year old girls?  Why are we slapping cat hears on Ron?  Hermione, well she did it to herself.  But if you're drawing the characters as cats NOT in reference to that event, then don't post it.  Don't clutter my inbox with it, please.

I think that ends Rant of the Day.

Agree?  Disagree?  Disagreement is welcome, but nastiness is not.
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For Labor Day weekend, there was a TV marathon of all 6 Star Wars movies, overandoverandover.  And I watched it.  For almost the entire 3 days STRAIGHT.  And I also spent an excessive amount of time on Wookiepedia, looking up the finer points of, well, everything.

My favorite discoveries were those about the history of lightsabers, lightsaber dueling and related topics.   For example, Qui Gon favored Form IV of the seven forms of lightsaber dueling, which was a mostly offensive technique marked by sweeping, graceful movements and a fluidity that made one move seem part of the next.  Yoda also favored this form.  Interestingly, part of the reason Qui Gon died was because he was fighting Darth Maul on catwalks, and did not have the room to maneuver that he required.  

Another interesting detail is that Obi Wan favored Form III, while Anakin favored Form V.  These two were essentially each other's opposites (for lack of a better word), which made their battle on Mustafar completely brilliant.  

Food for thought, a quote from Vergere: "A lightsaber is an interesting weapon. A blade unique in the history of warfare. A paradox, not unlike the Jedi who wield it: those peaceful warriors, who kill in the service of life. Have you ever noticed? The blade is round. It has no edge. But it is a lightsaber—which means it is nothing but edge. There is no part of this blade that does not cut. Curious, yes? Symbolic, one might say."  Ah, philosophy.  I hate you, but sometimes I am drawn to you.  

I love the whole story overall, certainly.  The whole thing is brilliantly told, but I admit that I love the story of Anakin's downfall more than the story of his retribution.  I love a bad guy that the reader/viewer cannot manage to hate, and that's exactly what the prequel creates.  Darth Vader, when you only know him as Darth Vader, is easy to hate.  But when you know the young man who only wanted to save his wife, you understand him.

My God, I could go on for days about the finer plot points and the richness of the characters.  But I won't bore you.

The ONLY bad thing about Star Wars is that George Lucas filled in every POSSIBLE blank space in the stories, even thousands of years into the past.  There's ZERO room for fanfiction.  Ah, well.  We can't fault him for going above and beyond.  He created one of the greatest epics of our generation, easily.  

Anyone want to engage in a Star Wars discussion?  Cause all my roommates despise the series (odd, I know, but I love them anyway).
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I swear, they're BREEDING.  And bouncing around in my head.  And distracting me.  It makes it impossible to get ANYTHING done.





SHUT UUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!  I have homework!!!!!
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I haven't given up on "Soundtrack of Lily and James."  It will be downsized, and done out of order.  My original plan was 10 songs, I've got 3 posted and 1 more almost done.  I don't know how many I'll do total.

On THAT note, I have another idea.

I want to write a series of one-shots about our favorite Harry Potter couples.  Not going to lie, I sort of got the idea from a fantastic author on  Her's is about the couples from Tamora Pierce's universe of Tortall, and about the ladies telling their men that they're pregnant.  My idea is proposals.

Warning--it will be very fluffy.

But that's okay.

I will ONLY do cannon couples.  Sorry.  And I was toying with the idea of doing a one-sided Severus/Lily fantasy, but then I remembered that guys don't fantasize about the proposal, that's us women.  And we do, guys.  Just saying.  

So, if you have something you'd like to see first, let me know, otherwise I'll draw them randomly.

Harry and Ginny
Ron and Hermione
Bill and Fleur
George and Angelina
Percy and Audrey
James and Lily
Arthur and Molly
Tom and Merope
Remus and Tonks
Rolf and Luna
Neville and Hannah
Draco and Astoria
Lucius and Narcissa
Rodolphus and Bellatrix
Ted and Andromeda
Walburga and Orion (Black)

If I'm forgetting anyone, let me know.  I'm not sure I'll end up getting through everyone anyway.

Am I forgetting anyone?

On another note, I'm getting roommates this weekend!!! I'm excited to meet the people I'll be living with until next June.
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So, I haven't posted in a month. And tonight is as good a night as any to remedy that.

I moved from my summer dorm to my fall dorm last weekend.  Tonight will be my fourth night in my new room.  And guess what?  Since I moved in, I have woken up every morning with new fresh, itchy bug bites on my feet and ankles.  Yep.  My bed has fleas.  Or bedbugs.  But my internet research leads me to fleas.


Ugh.  I am not going to be able to sleep tonight.  Went to Home Depot and got spray, tore by bed apart but couldn't find them, doused the mattress in spray, and my mom bought me a mattress case that she'll give me when I go home this weekend.  And I'll wash all my laundry in hothothot water.  HOPEFULLY that will get rid of them.  

But the best part of this whole drama?


Seriously.  I pay an arm and a leg to live on campus, and they told me I have to have a doctor examine the bites and say that they are from fleas.  Every website I have found says that the ONLY way you can be 100% sure is if you catch a bug.  But the lack of evidence (no shed skins, no waste, etc) does not necessarily mean they're not there.  Just mean they've hidden really well.

Moral of this story: I really hate the housing department.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury, the work order that I put into maintenance on FRIDAY to get my window fixed (it won't open) still hasn't been taken care of.  So, I had to douse my room in bug spray with no ventilation.  Awesome.

Well, it's not almost 2.  Time to go to bed and give the bugs their meal.
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I went to see a midnight showing last night, and I can't even describe the EPICNESS.  

My friend and I used 3D paint to make tee shirts, which I braved the unseasonably cold weather to show off.  I did my nails (as I already showed you in a picture) and made Deathly Hallows cookies, which I'll upload a pic of for you to admire my totally awesome cookie-decorating skills (they were recognizable and tasted good, what more can you ask?).  

Me and a friend drove for two hours back to my hometown to see it with my two best friends from high school, one of whom happened to turn 21 yesterday.  And epic levels of junk food consumption commenced.  Got into the theater at like 8:30 so we had a lot of time to kill.  Thank goodness someone though to bring cards.  

Anyway, the actual movie.  DUDE.  They did NOT cut corners.  They knew they could NOT fuck up on the last Harry Potter movie.  Parts of it I missed a little bit, like Teddy was only mentioned in passing.  And the fight between Molly and Bellatrix was on a smaller scale than I had expected.  And the King's Cross conversation with Dumbledore was shorter than I hoped for--that's where EVERYTHING EVER was explained.  And I still don't understand the "Let's finish this the way we started it--together!" *falls off a cliff*  Huh????  Whatever.  And the slash fanfiction writers are going to go BONKERS with some scenes LOLOLOL.  

The fiendfyre was SO COOL.  And McGonagall has always been a favorite of mine, but even MORE now.  And the Ron/Hermione kiss!!!!!!  OMG!!!! Perfect!!!!!  Missed the "there's still a war going on" line, but it would've broken the flow of things.  And lastly, most importantly, Alan Rickman needs an Oscar for that performance.  Not just this movie, but for 7 movies he never broke character, and then THAT.  And all the Harry/Ginny awkwardness.  LOL.

Oh, and British boys need to keep their shirts on. HAHAHAHAHA.  I think I was temporarily blinded by the whiteness.  OH--RON GOT FAT!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

I think that is all for now.  Mostly because I have to go to work and play with kiddies.
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In the last couple of weeks, I've gotten completely re-absorbed in the world of Animorphs.  I believe that the creators of those books are nearly as brilliant as J.K. Rowling.  The depth of the characters is astounding.  The story deals with seriously tough questions about war, and what it can turn good people into. For kids, they're way dense.  Even now, I'm 20 and trying to make sense of "The Ellimist Chronicles" gives me a headache.  

So far, I've done a character study from the point of view of Elfangor about the six Animorphs, a little brotherly love piece about Elfangor and Aximili, and a piece about Rachel's funeral.  That one was interesting, because.....dang.  If I say any more I'll spoil it.  Which do you want to see first?  I have some editing to do on all of them, but I could concentrate on one and get it done fastest.  Any opinions?

In other news, LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL DEATHLY HALLOWS, GUYS!!!!  Holy crap.  It's really going to be over.  Fourteen years, and it's really going to be over.  It's hard to imagine life without Harry, isn't it?  Who's going to a midnight showing?  Who's going in costume?  Who's going in a Twilight t-shirt (don't you DARE)?
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My best friend came up for a surprise visit on Wednesday, the day after my birthday.  Her boyfriend, who is like a brother to me, drove her.  We made a cake, watched a movie, and teased each other.  And then he dropped a bomb.

His little sister is fourteen.  And she's in the middle of the famous "I know best" stage.  We all know it.  I was lucky, the worst of mine involved watching TV when I was told to do homework and get a facebook account when I had been told not to.  My friends all went through that stage, with varying severity.  My friend's sister (I'm going to call her Belle) is in it pretty deep.

She goes to a pretty bad school, and was homeschool until two years ago.  The shock seems to have contributed to a lot of the drama.  Anyway, she got a jerk upper-classman boyfriend, unbenownst to her family, and slept with him.  They found out (not about the having-sex-part) and allowed them to date, with curfews and whatnot.  He started being over-controlling, checking her texts and demanding to know where she was going all the time.

One night, apparently they had a little too much to drink.  Date rape resulted.  I still can't believe it.  

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this.  Maybe so you girls will think careflly about boyfriends.  Maybe so you guys can help your close girl friends (not girlfriends, female friends.  You know what I mean).  Maybe so you parents can keep your kids out of there.

My aunt was addicted to practically every drug in the book by the end of her high school years.  Every day I think about Belle and worry that she's going to end up in the same mess that it took my aunt 20 years to dig herself out of.  She has a good life now, but she wasted so much of it before getting there.  I worry that my own kids will end up there.  

Belle broke up with him, and now he's threatening suicide. I don't think she'll go back to him, thinking she can help him, but I worry about the possibility all the time.  

I don't pretend to know what to do or say to prevent this from happening in your friend's life.  I just know that it happened in Belle's, and she could really use your prayers right now.
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I'm much happier now, and that journal was depressing me.

I just made my 1st social psych exam my BITCH.  

Not looking forward to work today, but you can't have everything in life.
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I haven't really been advertising it, but lately I've been trying to lose weight.  I was never fat, but I was (am) a little chunkier than I'd like to be.  I wanted to lose about 20 lbs.  

So I joined this awesome website called "My Fitness Pal," which is basically a free calorie counter, exercise log, and community of people that are all striving to live healthier and ultimately lose weight.  You can also use it to gain healthily, or even just keep track of what your eating, but most use it to lose.  

Three months later, I'm down 9 lbs.  And I can see a difference in the mirror.  The love handles have gotten significantly smaller, the tummy pouch is smaller, and my pants don't fit right anymore.  

But I'm finding it harder and harder to convince myself to keep with it.  The last three days, it was so hard to convince myself to go out for a bike ride.  Today I didn't, and my excuse was that it was raining.  I've biked in the rain before.  

I don't even know why I'm posting this here.  

I'm seriously considering changing the settings to "maintain weight" for a while.  I'd still log all my food in the little food diary, but it would give me an extra 500 or so per day.  I miss just craving a cookie and eating one.  Or healthy food.  Like fruit.  Nope, can't have anything because losing weight is almost entirely "calories in, calories out."


A lot of people say "indulge for one day, it won't kill you."  I do.  The way I look at it, if you don't let yourself cheat a little now and again, you'd go crazy, binge like no other, and your diet would eventually fail.  So I do allow myself cheat days.  But Last week was finals, and one of my apartment mates graduated, so amidst all the stress and end-of-the-year celebrations, I think i had more cheat days than good days.  And that's not good.  So I was planning to be super good this week, work out plenty, and lose at least another pound, hopefully more.  But I'm just TIRED.  Like I said, I want to crave an apple (an APPLE for Christ's sake) and eat the damn apple.
  • Eating: NOTHING.
  • Drinking: tea. no calories in tea.

I thought my polysci final started at noon, so I was an hour late.  That was a little depressing.  And I don't think I did very well.  But regardless, it's OVER WITH.  It's such a good feeling.  Five days of sleeping, writing as much as I want, and best of all, NO DAMN ROOMMATE!!!!!

*happy dance*
Hellweek this week, finals next week.  Up all night last night trying to make my computer stop deleting my report, eventually used my apartment mate's computer instead.  The report is tottaly shit and I'm going to FAAAIIIILL.  Whatever.  I'm sick of looking at it.  And last night a friend and I went out to dinner and I ate SO MUCH so today I have to make up for it.  And I'm off to microbiology in about 5 minutes, which always puts me in a bad mood cause my professor is so DUMB.  And tomorrow I'm leading a class my myself for the first time at work and I'm really nervous.

So moral of the story, I am stressed for finals next week, stressed about work tomorrow, tired, angry that I'm going to get a C in microbiology for the semester, hungry, and cranky that I have to go to class and see her stupid face.  And how is YOUR day going?
I'm bored.  And avoiding the nutrition assignment due tomorrow.....well, today......heehee.  

You know, sometimes writing this feels like I'm talking to myself.  Ah, who cares, I do that anyway.

My microbiology teacher is extremely unintelligent.  I always think "she really can't get any dumber" but she continues to prove me wrong.

My roommate is a whiny, immature, disgusting excuse for a human being.  Yeah, yeah, I sound like a bitch.  Guess what?  I don't care.  

If I wake up tomorrow and find that this discovery was not a hallucination, I will be extremely happy.  I may be able to graduate with a bachelor's degree in 3 1/2 years.  Total. as in, 3 semesters from now.  As in, fall 2012.  

The plot bunnies are BREEDING.  I don't know what to write first!!

I've been craving something for the last few days but I have no idea what.......

Spider solitaire is distracting.  And addicting.

I have the attention span of a squirrel.

Male country singers have the sexiest voices ever.

I miss my dogs.
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My brain is overflowing with Harry Potter fanfic shorts.  This is a problem due to the fact that it is the end of the semester, and professors are piling EVERYTHING ON US AT ONCE.

The other irritating thing about this is that I have SO DAMN MANY that I have no idea what to do first.  I write one, and halfway through I get interrupted by another.  So, as a result, my homework is backing up ad I don't even have anything to show for it.

On a related note, has anyone else found the family tree that J.K. Rowling gave us about the next generation?  cause i was looking at it, and i was like "Wait...None of the Weasley children had more than three kids themselves.  And the only two that HAD that many were Ginny and Bill.  NOT ACCEPTABLE. So I added a few more to the family tree.  Which I will draw up and post as soon as I'm done, just so my "Next Generation" fics are understandable.

Madam Rowling's version can be found here:… yes, that is straight from Madam Rowling.

I read an adorable fanfic once, one of my favorites ever actually, where Percy married Penny (it was written before even OotP was out, so basically everyone's alive) and they had like 9 kids and no apparent intent of stopping anytime soon.  It was flippin adoarable I can't even tell you.  The whole thing is absolutely hilarious and you should all read it here:…

So anyway, I may be on a similar track with George and Angelina in my version.  Oh, and I also made Audrey (Percy's wife) a Muggle.  Just for kicks.
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Tequila is absolutely disgusting.
Wine, a mike's hard lemonade and tequila in that order is a very unwise decision.
Texting takes an astonishing amount of concentration when drunk.
I don't get bad hangovers.

I'm sure there should be a lot more, but the whole night is a haze of semi-remembered drunkenness.

Goal of sophomore year achieved!  Time to go to to class hahahaha.
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I am surfing the most AMAZING Harry Potter brainwaves right now (heehee geddit?  surfing? brainwaves? shuttup its almost 3:30).  For the last couple of weeks actually.  Too bad my beta is on a different schedule than me and can't edit anything right now.  Sorry guys :(

And just so ya'll know, my schoolwork is suffering for this.  And my sleep.  You may or may not have noticed, but its almost THREE FREAKIN THIRTY AM.  Sweet Jesus, why am I conscious??????  I haven't even finished my homework, and I blew off like three fun things today (or yesterday) to do it.  And ended up writing.  And writing.  And rewriting.

Anyway, regardless of my exceedingly slow beta (who is slow because she's responsible and gets good grades...sigh. damn.) know that you WILL see them someday.  No promises about when.  But to help me move it along, I'd like to know which one you want me to finish fastest.  The next installment to "The Soundtrack of Lily and James" isn't here cause it's almost done anyway.  I don't have a premium membership, so I can't do a poll.  Just comment to answer.  

Werewolf Trials (needs a better title)
A series of scenes encompassing the most major events of Remus' lycanthropy.  When the other marauders figured it out, when they told him about their Animagi success, when Sirius accidentally told Severus how to get past the Willow.

Not A Black
Sirius' quest through the years to piss off his mother as much as possible, ending with the night he was disowned and showed up on James' doorstep.

A Mother's Rage/Protecting Them/(brilliant title that I have yet to think of)
Everyone's favorite Molly Weasley line: "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!"  A peek inside Molly Weasley's mind in the moments leading up to, during, and just after what could easily be the most badass line in the whole series.

Hope to hear from you wonderful people soon!!  Toodles!

P.S. If you guys are super lovely, I just might give a 100-150 word preview of the story you pick.
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I got a job!! Yay! Now I can afford to feed myself again haha...

I'm an assistant coach for a child development soccer program.  Basically, I show four-year-olds how to kick a ball.  WEEE!!!!

And in the meantime, I'm on the most insane Lily/James/Marauders kick lately.  I keep punching out story after story....I can't remember the last time I've written this much this fast.
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