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IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. I will be taking a few and I will not be accepting every trade. I simply don't have enough time to do everyone's!

Mainly looking to get art of these characters!

READ: -I will wait for you to finish on your half before starting on mine

-Please only comment if you can complete your part in two weeks or less

-I will do trades of equal quality/type! (i.e., pixel art for pixel art, fullbody for fullbody, chibi for chibi, etc) -Options of types of art can be seen on my commission website 

Comment below with: examples of your art: what type of art you want from me: which character of yours you want me to draw: who of mine you want to draw: (if you can't decide or have no preference I will choose for you!) Thanks!

~Yellow K9

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If you're still open for these, then I wouldn't mind doing an art trade!


(some are a little old, sorry!)

art type: I could do any kind of pixel or maybe just a headshot?

my character:

(if you dont want to draw him then you can choose anyone from that folder!)

your character: any is fine!

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Would you be up for a fullbody? If not a headshot is good!

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Hey! It’s been a month and you still haven’t done your piece! You said that you wanted others to complete their art w/in two weeks, so I’d imagine you’d try to do the same? Could I get an update on how your part of the trade is going? Ty!

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Hey, so sorry about the delay! It's definitely on my To Do List, I've been really busy working on this animated short project. I'll get it to ya as soon as I can!

Btw did you prefer anthro or feral for your character?

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You can do whatever is easiest for you! Btw, the fluff in his ears are suppose to be white, I noticed I didn’t color them lol. Thanks for the update!
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So sorry for the wait, the piece is complete!

Danger Days
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Yeah! I actually was going to edit my comment and put fullbody instead of headshot, but just never got around to it.

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Of course! Do you have any specific poses/expressions in mind? Also, are we doing shading or no?
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Anything that fits her personality! And sure, shaded is fine!

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Okie dokie! I’ll get started soon!
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I would love to do a trade with you!

Art examples::

Quinn Pride Commission
SS2019- Rudolph the Hyena

I really like your pixel art, but I'm not great at it myself so I would not be able to do a even swap like that, but I'm willing to do fullbody art w/ bg elements

Character I'd like to draw:

Character I'd like you to draw: either or

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As my rules had stated I preferred your part be completed within 2 weeks. I would like to cancel this unless you can provide your part within the next day or two!

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That’s fine, I thought I’d be able to handle taking on a trade in that timeframe but things have been more hectic than planned on my end.

Hopefully once I’m situated we can try for a trade again, if you’re still open I’ll comment on this journal later on. Thank you and I apologize for the late response on my end

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I'd love to! We can do a fullbody trade with a simple BG (something like a pattern) You can go ahead and draw Barq!

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examples of your art:

Run Orange, Run!
Huggle Wuggle
Sweet Sisters!
Edgy Duchie
Smiley Face
Prince What-Your-Face
A Shiny Squad Christmas! ( Advent Calendar 2020)
Wanna be Just Like Mom!
Doc Pride
Fab Bug

what type of art you want from me: Fullbody!

which character of yours you want me to draw: Bubble Gum plz!

who of mine you want to draw: Coral!

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hey! Im zphoenix. Been a fan for a small while. Found you competing for the updog meme for wingedwolf. Yeah I love your art!

  1. I would love to see feral (fullbody) of Phoenix

Phoenix update

2. Examples of my art (trades with others)

Art tradeSSSSSS
Infexey art

3. I can finish the trade withing 1-3 days depending on what you want to do. I have no preference of which character to draw for you, i love them all!

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examples of your art:

Commission Info - OPEN

what type of art you want from me: Full body - FERAL

which character of yours you want me to draw:

who of mine you want to draw:

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Sure, let's do a trade! You can go ahead and draw Rocco!

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hey sorry i've taken awhile but i'm dealing with some lovely pains at the moment so i'm unsure how long it'll take! Don't start your half yet i'll let you know when i'm able to do this if that's okayy? ;o;

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Okay no worries!
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Killing Harmony

Turns out i'm feeling a bit better today , hopefully it chills out but ,,I finished my half lol

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