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'Windy Day'- Walkthru



As a few of you said you'd like to see how I made "Windy Day" [link] :)

As I mentioned, the picture was done in Photoshop CS3 with a wacom tablet. And no, I have no idea about how long did it take me. I never know how much time it takes me to finish a picture.

It's quite confusing, I know, but I'm not one for explaining things....I'm submitting this into the "Tutorials" category, but this is NOT supposed to be a tutorial. I just thought it wouldn't fit into the "digital art" category :/. This just shows the way I made this picture, step by step. I release most of my pictures this way, and the steps are more or less the same. So this will give you an idea of how I work, just in case someone was curious....This doesn't show all the little tricks I use though ;).

But for these that may try to use this as a tutorial: feel free to try this technique, but don't try to make your pictures look just like'll find your own style, which will be unique and original, and probably better than mine :). Experiment and try new things! I tried many techniques before I found one I was comfortable with.

eDIT: whoops, spelling mistake....It says ' "a" different tonalities'...just ignore that 'a' .

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loreal, because you're worth it. great tutorial! (i still dont know how i got here XD)