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Something for myself again...The original background is quite bigger, but I cropped it.

Closeups [link]

Photoshop CS3+Wacom intuos+many hours

Characters (Zakka and the white wolf) (c) me. Do not use.
Art (c) me


He lay down on the rocks, exposing his white back to the sunlight. She had told him that was a safe place, but even so they spent the morning checking the area for any possible threat, human or not. Now it was time for a break. All of a sudden she jumped up on her back legs, scenting the air. But he knew there was no reason to worry: he had also smelled it. No danger, just a roe deer. He still had to get used to his newly acquired amazing sense of smell…and to running on all fours, and to his sharp, three-inch-long canines…But he already liked it. He knew he had made the right decision. He also knew that this tranquility was just temporary, though. Sooner or later, they’ll bump into more hunters.
And tonight…tonight they will meet the pack. When the moon came out, they, who during the day had been pretending to be just normal doctors, teachers or lawyers, would come to the forest and show their real nature. If they were accepted to join the pack, they’d be granted help and protection. If they weren’t (and he knew that could perfectly happen)…then they’d have to make out another plan. Maybe escape to some remote area, wait for everything to calm down, and then come back to the city. But there would be time to think about all that…for the moment they could just enjoy the last sunny days…for winter was soon to come, he could feel it.
She jumped down and trotted in the direction the deer’s scent came from. He followed. It was meal time.
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This is super cool !
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ObsidianAPearlyWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing. The details are so... well, detailed! The Werewolves look so incredibly realistic I could swear you copied it from a photo, the story is well-written and fits the story, and oh my GOD I LOVE THIS!!!!!

((Young me would have a spasm over this honestly lol))
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xxfrostinaxxStudent Artist
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Alex13alejandroStudent Digital Artist
I imagine that if wolves evolved
running on two legs would be first step.
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Amazing drawing. I like it. 
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Hey, love your drawing! I was wondering if you could make a black wolf with Blue eyes, and a dark woods as the background.

Please:happybounce: :happybounce: !!
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blackwerewolfeclipseHobbyist Traditional Artist

THAT IS AMAZING IT LOOKS SO REAL!!!! how on earth did you do it you must have had really good paint :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hlla77Hobbyist General Artist
I really love the way you do there fur. It actually looks like it would be soft if you touched it.
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I've always found werewolves more powerful and better than dragons, and guess what? I WAS RIGHT ACCORDING TO THIS PICTURE!
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So beautiful! Not just your art style but your descriptions really give them more depth. I love werewolves and these ones are awesome! :D
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I love you're style of drawing them, not like the normal version of werewolves. This is honestly how I picture werewolves to be. Great job, it's so detailed and realistic!
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SilentWolFoxHobbyist General Artist
Hey this is the way a werewolf should look like. It's nothing human on it, I like it a lot. Cool Pic ^v^
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Juzoka-Vargulf-EqqusStudent General Artist
how many hours it took you to complete this work?
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cool love your design of werewolf
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thewisecactusStudent General Artist
this is beautiful! Finally a picture that depicts how i imagine werewolves instead of big bulky thing with blood splattered everywhere :) love it!!!!
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WolfOfTheMoonsHobbyist General Artist
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Wow, so realisitc..
Love it
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DemonicAngel011Student General Artist
Wow thats really good!
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M1DNAAStudent General Artist
"There was a time when we ceased to be Human and became beasts. And then in becoming Arrancar, we regained our capacity for reason. One who possesses reason should require a reason to fight." Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck to Nnoitra Gilg

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DemonicAngel011Student General Artist
My favorite quote from Bleach
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PinkoPrintStudent General Artist
amazing. I love the one standing up.
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I love this! So much detail, and it's so realistic!
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oOChimeraTearsOoHobbyist General Artist
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