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Windows 8 Lock Screen V2

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- New version of my Windows 8 Lock Screen

- Now you can use "Ctrl + L" shortcut to lock your screen.

- You can change the background image with the button on the top right corner.

- To close application use the exit button on system tray menu.

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TravTheDogDemonHobbyist General Artist
Best one yet! You have smooth animation, Unlike winlockpro & it actually looks and moves like windows 8!!!!
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this is a damn good program, better than winlock pro
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Excellent program.
You can make the program dim other screens?
I have 3.
Bad english XD
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YEKMYK, great job!

Can you add 24 hours support and not only .png files for background (.JPEG for example) ?

Sorry for my English.
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Cool. Would be much better with password protection. :)
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longlong240Student Digital Artist
Also, may I have your wall
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longlong240Student Digital Artist
May I have a Force English Option for my Non English OS?
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Is there any chance by programing this to start before logon (explorer load)???? I've looked for a solution, but no sucess. What do you think?
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Also, it'd be cool if it auto appeared after a certain amount of time of inactivity, would this be possible?
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good idea. i'm working on version 3. i definitely add this feature. thanks
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Here's my version! :la: ([link])
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nice wallpaper
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Can I change the font?
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no you cant. just segoe ui
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Is it possible to change the shortcut key to Ctrl + A or Ctrl + Alt + Z?
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ctrl + a is for select all command and i cant get it work with 3 keys. sorry
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Oh I forgot about that, uh, how about Alt + A?
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here is the alt + a version [link]
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Thanks. :la:
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nice application dude !
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Great application ! Can you make it to work on multiple monitors?
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I just tried to make it work on multiple monitors but i didnt work. Sorry :(
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edit: it didn't work.
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