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fan fricking tastic, this is the kinda stuff that makes me play as clerics.
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Gonna use this as the main image for depicting my Pathfinder Oracle.

Its seriously awesome dude. Mad skills.
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haha this bad...thanks though!!
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he blew his CDs
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Hey I was wondering if I could possible use some of your art pieces for custom magic cards.
 I would reference you as original artist and link back to the original work on dA. The only gain I get from them is the enjoyment I get from design the cards. I won't proceed if you choose to not to give me permission to use them.
You have some stellar design.
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hey lets discuss this over notes
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Someone or something is about to be the recipient of one heck of a smite.
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brilliant  work 
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This looks like something inspired by Demon's / Dark Souls. Where'd the inspiration come from?
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oh it was a magic card assignment and the prompts was a cleric warrior guy
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OHHH AN ACTIONY POSE. how exciting :D did that one dood with a ton of armor get pierced by such a dinky looking arrow? XD
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magic arrow :'(

not very actiony tho eh

you finish it
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very cool digital painting. looks like a picture from '"return of the Kings"
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thanks haha, yea maybe one day it'll be up there....
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Whole lot of stabbed dudes. Did he do that himself?

Excellent as always.
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thanks :D, wish i had more time and will to make it decent lazy... :'(
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This is like 500 times better than most everyone on DA, though.
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lol well 14 years olds still have time to improve :D
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True enough... xD
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