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Cute and Ready

Just a cute posterior shot of a cute futa gurrl.
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Beautiful feet, cock and balls!

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Thanks! I really love drawing hands and feet. They can really help make something a completely cute image and are often overlooked. I appreciate it!

***A (Rod Sterling, narrator, sort of….) voice comments on the scene before us.***

Met Jane Doe. An ordinary sort of young woman….until about a year ago when she came down with the

Futanari virus. With her is her best friend Audrey who has faithfully stood by Jane as she recovered from

the virus. Jane and Audry….more than friends…..lovers actually….Both a little ill at ease with the road before them, but both hoping to start up their old lives (including intimacy) from where they left off a year ago.

Jane, an energetic and eager Futa girl, plays hid & seek with a now seemingly reluctant girlfriend (Audrey) she had invited over for the weekend.

Audrey couldn’t really be hiding, could she?.....After all, the sex they had shared in the last hour (by Jane’s estimation anyway) had been mind-blowing….and although Jane had only had 10 orgasms, she had given her best friend 40….. that should be good…shouldn’t it? Jane had been so enthused and excited about their first couplings that she had failed to notice the somewhat blank look on her partner’s face as Jane rushed off to the kitchen refrigerator for a snack. Jane was only gone a minute and now she could only guess her friend was playing coy games with her. Jane liked games, but she was so enthused and ready to go again. There was so much she had yet to learn and so much she wanted to share with Audrey…..and…damit….her cock had become so hard and swollen and ready to go again just thinking about Audrey and the intensity of all that they had just shared in the last hour. Jane’s voice cracked as she plaintively called Audrey’s name a number of times….commenting on how this wasn’t funny anymore. She suddenly felt nervous, alone, abandoned, out of control and afraid. These emotions seemed to pile on all at once….almost paralyzing her body and her breathing. Jane’s overwrought mind was racing a mile a minute when she slowly began to notice a calm and strength reasserting itself over her frazzled body and psyche. It was also then she noticed that for the last 30 seconds or so she must have been vigorously stroking her throbbing cock. Even now as she gazed down in dumbfounded astonishment her left hand was autonomously and furiously wanking away at the massive tool. It made her feel good and it made her feel powerful…..and without further analyzing the situation, she knew (that for the moment) it was what she needed. The end result was a monster orgasm that brought her to her knees, her body quaking and breath panting….almost as in a fugue state. As she gradually came to her senses Jane dully noticed trails and pools of sticky cum spreading out on the floor in front of her for a distance of at least 10 feet. It took a while, but as she slowly cleaned up the debris field and her mind cleared, she began to realize what had occurred with her previous girlfriend?, best friend?, love-of-her-life? Audrey and how sad and sorry it made her feel…..and that if she was ever to have sex again (which now seemed something impossible to rationally deny or control…and inevitable)….it would either have to be alone….or with another Futa like herself.