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I think it's been almost a year since I last logged into DeviantArt, so please excuse my unresponsiveness to anyone who has tried contacting me! The last few months focusing more on developing my traditional art skills and picking up some freelance projects every now and then, so unfortunately I don't have much to really show.  Soon I'll finish posting the work I've done for Guild Wars 2, but for the time being I'm focusing most of my 3d efforts in making items for DOTA2. I'll try to post/respond more regularly from now on!!
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Sorry for not writing or posting anything on DA for so long!  I actually went on vacation at the end of September to Korea and Japan for two weeks with some friends. I had an absolutely great experience in Korea where I got to visit some of my friends over at the NCSoft headquarters.  NCSoft is huge!  It would definitely be cool to work in an environment like that some day.  It's definitely the most impressive work environment I've seen yet :)  My friends gave me some really neat Aion time cards that, while unusable outside of Korea, are definitely nice to look at.  After spending a few days in Seoul, we headed over to Daegu, my friend's hom
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Post Pax '09!

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PAX went pretty well last weekend.  I would've posted about it earlier if my internet had not gone out at my apartment.  Not having internet access at home for several days is really annoying!  At least it gave me time to scrounge up a few more Warhammer shots to post. Anyway, the artbook giveaway went really well (the book will be on sale sometime soon for those who couldn't make it).  I signed a lot of books, met some really nice, enthusiastic Guild Wars fans, and...managed to appear in a local Vietnamese Newspaper! A Vietnamese reporter was wandering around the exhibition floor and after seeing my name, requested to take some pictures of
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Hi, my name is Gianluigi and i'm a Publisher, 3D Animator and Storyteller. My newborn publishing company, GL Interaction, is now working at the first issue of a new 3D digital/ Full interactive Magazine planned for

for the next weeks (possibility, foe example, to insert video gallery, photo gallery, links to website, 3D models in Augmented Reality, script html5 and so on). This magazine will be avaiable for apple and android devices. Within the next issues it would be great to insert some of  your amazing works and, if possible,  a link to a making of (but this is not necessary). That's it! if you're interested we need some full hd images of your works (with also images of production's stage: AO, Wireframe etc...), the label of copyright that we need to insert over the  pictures, and  some technical  information about the opera: name, software  used, information about special technics used, link to website and portfolio. Also, there's a possibility to use some materials for an animated cover.

Hoping in your reply, I offer you my most cordial greetings.

Dr. Gianluigi Lasco

Would you be able to make a rigged model of my Guild Wars 2 character? Or at least make a model that I could rig myself?
Thanks for being largely responsible for my favorite MMORPG. Your work is incredibly detailed!

Got any tips for anyone looking to attempt modeling/texturing? Everytime I attempt to open up 3DS Max, the program is incredibly daunting. It's too much to handle!
I love Guild Wars 2! Thanks for all your hard work in creating the models!
Glad you're enjoying GW2! It was a good project to work on XD One of these days I'll get around to posting more of the work I've done for the game!
wow! ur working for Arena net?
I used to! Left last year though.