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Maple Story 02 Refined version

Through all the comments, i've decided to fix the mistakes i've made... a slightly more "muscle" hands, and a proper bg.
Thx peeps for the comments! ~
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Bravo...Boon tapi saya lebih suka yang sebelumnya simple is beautifull
Mahluk-mahluk yang aneh :confused: i think ive seen them somewhere??:confused:
yeeboon's avatar
itu makluk makluk datang dari Maple Story, MMORPG yang saya agak addicted with nowadays XD
saya pun lebih suka yang sebelum itu :p... hanya try out how to make a more complicated bg.... but guess i failed XD
loofami's avatar
LOL i never played that before, pantas rasanya pernah lihat, mungkin dari game magz :roll:

:petting: tak apa-apa it really complicated right now :lol:
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Wohoo nice background this time, really nice.
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mmmph still like it like the first one, only the pic looks a bit more crowded. (well duh...) you can't see the bg as well (I liked the bg o_o)

you made the hands more muscular?? see no diff XD