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Chrono Kinds

By yearofbacon
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A.K.A. 2kinds SNES version xD

This image represent the battle featuring our heros vs. the magi brothers that appear in the chapter 7 [link] I downloaded the chrono trigger sprites from here [link] Can you relate the characters? Anyway i hope you like it :)

chrono trigger is propiety of Square Enix

2kinds is creation of Tom Fischbach [link]

- - -

AKA 2kinds versión SNES

En la imagen se puede ver la batalla en la que aparecen nuestros heroes contra los hermanos magi del capitulo 7 [link] me descargue los sprites de chrono trigger de acá [link] puedes adivinar que personaje va con quien? De todas formas espero que les guste :)

Chrono Trigger es propiedad de Square Enix

2kinds es propiedad de Tom Fischbach [link]
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Finally found this one! Took me awhile, but it was well worth the search; especially since I'm a Twokinds fan, as well as getting into Chrono Trigger due to Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of it on YouTube!

If I'm correct here, all the characters are the following:

Trace Legacy=Frog
Keith Keiser=Chrono
The Magi Brothers=Magus (ha, fitting.)

Nice work on this!
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You got 'em totally right! Thanks for your insight :D
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OK the Magi bros were Magus sprites.. 
Tiger lady is Ayla [sorry i forget her name at the moment I'm typing this.
and not sure for the boys...
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Flora's the name! and you guessed right! The other ones are chrono and frog
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I would pay top dollar for a homebrew Tk snes game
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So you used Chrono Trigger as bases sprites ? I've also seen the second "chrono kinds" deviation and you shure have spriting skills as it fit the scenes and the custom sprites are great. As Snes style I understand the lack of colors details, but a rewamp version would look awesome ^^
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owowooohh dude...
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wow! hahah awesome!
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Completely cool....
Do they count as a boss fight?
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Que recuerdos chrono trigger :')
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si, es dificil olvidar una historia tan bella :')
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is this a real fan made game????
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no, its just an image. but that would be too much awesomeness :D thanks for the fav!
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anytime man. I'm a huge twokinds fan. =^_^=
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Cool! *brofist*
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Very nice, makes me think on minecraft. :)
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i haven't play it yet! anyways I recomend you to play chrono trigger
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Sooooo fvcking awesome O.o
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