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Don't Tell Me...

By Yeakuaf
I know I'm pretty late, but I've been wanting to make this for a while. I was kind of wondered why no one else has. Or has someone and I just don't know?

Anyway, because we all love Mr. Clean-... John Locke.

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... Thank you.
I REALLY have to catch up on Lost, I'm only in the beginning of Season 4. My brother finished it, and my Mom and Dad are behind.

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Heh heh, thank you and you're welcome. :)

Hopefully, when you get to the end, you'll understand to not be disappointed in it like a lot of people were.
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Haha your welcome and no problem.

Hmm... alright, I'll try not to be C: .
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Locke is epic! 8D
And this stamp is epic too. :heart:

Miss LOST so much! D:
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Yes he is. :D
Thank you. :)

I know! Well, at least the DVDs, when they come out, will have bonus footage. Or did they already come out? Uh....
Ag3nt-Sparx's avatar
Locke has been my favourite character since season 1 (even Flocke/MiB too, hehe).
You're very welcome! =D

Hmm, not sure yet if it is or not. I wouldn't mind getting the whole box set from seasons 1-6.. 8D
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Heh. Mine too.

Ooh, yes. I thought I heard somewhere that if you pre-order them, you save money. That may have been something that already passed though. Man, I need to keep up with these things. Heh.
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...i dont watch Lost XDDD
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