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MLP:FiM Flash Game 3



By far my lamest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game to date. Sort of a WIP. Still super glitchy, random, and pointless. I know. :heart:

As there were so many problems with the last few, this one is extremely simple. Find the pony at the end of the “maze” to progress to the next level. You can do it without cupcakes, but if you collect all the cupcakes in the level you get the “good ending” to that level. (The game doesn't have an end yet, it just stops at Wavedancer.) Each level has one more cupcake than the last. Click the pony you found on the level-end screen to go to the next level. Yes, there is a lick button (space) for kicks, but no, it doesn’t do anything. Sorry. :P

This just has the 6 mane ponies and ~BabyYoshiMan623200’s OC, Wavedancer, because she asked. I may go back and add more/harder/longer/better levels for more ponies later, but for now I seriously have to get back to Zelda.

Enjoy. :heart:

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or music.
My Little Pony: Hasbro: [link] & Lauren Faust: [link]
Wavedancer: ~BabyYoshiMan623200
Backgrounds: Desktop Nexus: [link]
Song: Winter Wrap Up (Super Ponybeat) by ~eurobeatBrony : [link]

- If you replay a level the music might loop. Just toggle it off and on. (the music button is right under your score.)

- People didn't seem to like my background art, so I replaced it with random Desktop Nexus wallpapers. :P
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excuse me, but how can we run that game in 2022?