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    "Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages please welcome yourselves to the biggest show around!" A well dressed man yelled standing outside of the tents yelling into a coned acoustic megaphone. "There will be horrors! There will be laughs! But most of all there will be the whimsical, wonderful, noodle bending Nijia the knowledgeable!"  He said as the people shuffled into the red and white tent. This was the once a year circus that everyone waited for, mainly because of the main event magician. Every year he found some way to outdo himself.
"I can't think of anything!" Nijia muttered to himself as he stood in the back with the show starting. The brown haired fox was pacing in a panicked state there was no way he was going to surpass the double coffin, lead box escape. He was given one year and he still couldn't think of anything. People were expecting something big. 'Big' that word stuck in his mind. He'd figure out something eventually he knew it though for now he’d have to do his not so spectacular appear in the crowd trick. He mainly did it to scout out the assistant for the night, plus it as a nice warm up. It was all a matter of timing he just had to come out when the act before his was done and his name was announced.

    While waiting for his name to be called out he looked around and spotted a tigress in the audience. She was wearing daisy dukes and a tank top obviously affected by the heavy heat. She had long black hair, obviously an eye pleaser for the crowd he think that she’d be perfect for the act that he had in mind. He looked at her seat number and shuffled under the stage where he would wait for his cue to appear. Then he would have one of his acts.

    Sitting under there felt like forever, but it gave him time to think like for instance why didn’t he think of this before it was a simple thing. He hadn’t done it before and no magician was willing to go near it so why not him? He smirked and relaxed as he slowly calculated the plan in his head.

    The acts were amazing there were the standard fare to from up and comers warm people up, and then there was the stuff people paid to see. Tight rope walkers risking their lives? Check. The freak show acts? Check. Then the circus ring leader stood in the middle ring with his signature cone and said “You folks have waited long enough now its time for the main event! The whimsical one himself Nijia!” his voice echoed through the tent thanks to the cone.

    The smoke machine’s fog filled the arena filled the arena as the fox climbed out of the trapdoor appearing in the audience, high up to be exact to applause. ‘Hm, feels like a good start’ he thought to himself as he walked down the steps and into the thick fog. “Now everyone I will choose an audience member to be my assistant!” he thought to himself the number of the tigress’ seat. “ah-ha! I believe I know who it is.” He pointed out the tigress opposite of where he appeared “You miss in the high aisle the tigress”

    People could tell she was shy slowly walking down the steps getting stage fright getting called out like that. Though the audience clapping her along helped and actually made her excited as she walked down the ramp.  She jumped in front of him she had an imposing figure, and a bit of a smirk on her face. “What is your name little lass” Nijia said into the microphone handed to him. “Esmeralda.” She muttered into the microphone.

    “Well you were chosen to help me with my biggest act in history never to be topped!” he said “Too nerve-wracking to be attempted by the average person I will inhale 50 helium tanks!”

    The audience gasped at this notion not only in size was this a huge deal, but his sheer size would be gigantic. The more mathematically inclined people in the audience calculated it to be about planet sized. There was no way a mere fox Nijia’s smaller size would be able to handle all of that. Esmeralda looked at him in disbelief not knowing what he was talking about.

    “Alright folks I know you don’t believe me now but I swear you will know by the end of this day. With the help of Esmeralda here she will be feeding me the hoses!” The little fox said “And if I give a signal that I can’t hold it before I reach the desired amount it’s up to her to turn the tanks off” he smirked at the little joke he would say “It will blow the roof off! Now let us stop talking and start with the show!”

    The tanks were rolled out and the tall tigress placed the hose in his mouth. Instantly the white cheeks of the fox puffed out and he regretted not taking the jacket off as his grey shirt brushed against his bloating belly.  He shrugged it was too late now might as well go with it. “ONE!” the audience chanted as the first tank was  finished off. “TEN” the tenth hose was put into his mouth and the straining of clothing could be heard his jacket was a lost cause as it had torn off around five, but his shirt having the straining and tearing noises was troublesome. Stretchy clothing was something he should’ve invested in before rushing into this act. He left his feet as the helium’s natural fact started taking hold on him.  

    The ringmaster asked people to go outside if he was going to be as big as people thought he was going to be, well they might as well have been outside. Halfway there his shirt lost its battle of the bulge and the scraps fell down. “damn and I liked that shirt too”  he thought to himself as he hit the top of the tent. Esmeralda  and a bunch of the crew had to back up with the tanks. He hit the top of the tent, and it was going up with him. Only after he filled up the entire arena though.

    “Thirty five!” then the big one was coming along his pants were straining. There were shocked murmurs among the audience.  Bets were taking place and then there was little Esmeralda just standing there with her front row seat, another hose at the ready. In awe of this strange magic she just did her job. “Forty!” And there went his pants… Kind of. It was just a tear down the middle covered up by the tent but still he surpassed the blimp planet size wasn’t that far off.

    “Fifty!” Everyone said with a bit of a gasp he did it and he was indeed the planet that people expected him to be. The ropes that the crew used to tie him down were seemingly blessed in strength. He looked down at the crowd who looked up at him and in his high pitched voice “Give it up for Esmeralda” who received applause “And see you next year… hopefully I’ll be deflated by that time!”  he laughed nervously

    The act was rated as one of the most mind-bending acts by other magicians. There was no feasible way for them to figure out how he got so large. No suit had that much give, and Esmeralda was revealed to not know him save for his fame. When asked how he did it Nijia only gave one reply “A magician never reveals his secrets”
The first of requests from the list this one is :iconnijia1989: of being inflated by a female from the beginning had an idea for it so I didn't expect it to be so long I also could have gotten the character entirely wrong in which case I apologize. :P

Basic warning: contains inflation of the male variety and furry variety

Ps I may or may not have an alternate version (Different characters) made considering how much I wanted it to go into a different direction. I don't know.
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