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    Skye entered her office at the center headquarters of the hunters, and flopped herself down at her desk. The leader of the hunters was not feeling great after spending Thanksgiving with Alexandria. She tried to keep it small, but if it wasn't her plate continually being loaded up then it was food being forced into her mouth, and she was paying the price. Her once slim and trim body now had a prominent potbelly poking out, it jiggled with every experimental prod disheartening and angering the winged warrior. She slammed her fist on the table "This can never happen again!" she yelled out loud but echoed throughout the empty and dark halls of the headquarters. She placed her hands on her stomach swearing to get back in shape before the holiday rush.

     It wasn't for a lack of trying that she tried to force her weight back to an athletic shape, but nature seemed to be against her. Unexpected snows prevented her from running in her free time, and the constant paperwork from the other hunters requesting vacations for the upcoming holidays which were fast approaching kept her confined to her desk with eating out. She was finishing up a slice of pepperoni pizza when she noticed she got an email from Alexandria about coming over to have dinner for the holidays. Skye looked down at her more plush figure and sighed. She remembered Thanksgiving with Alexandria it was full of excess and was the cause of this spiral, but everyone else was out for the holiday save for Charlie, and going with any of the other hunters would just get her looks. The Christmas dinner was going to be just as bad as the previous, but that's what the New Year was for a fresh start. She could lose the weight then! She grinned having the plan in her head and sent a reply accepting the invitation to Alexandria. 

    Skye shivered a little looking around at her surroundings, snow wasn't safe for where the Alexandria creature was it seemed she observed looking around. She knocked firmly on the door, and could hear the faint sounds of footsteps rushing to the door followed by the familiar click of a lock. On the other side was a girl with untamed brown hair, and a wild smile to match. Skye smiled a little bit back at Alexandria, last time they had talked she was still wearing summer clothing, while it relieved the hunter's leader that the host now wore a sweat shirt it was equally as baffling that she was wearing a skirt. "Hey Skye!" Alexandria said hugging Skye, just from the touch of the hug both could feel how soft the other had gotten over the winter. This was of no surprise to Skye, for if she couldn't do it why do you think it would be possible for someone who doesn't mind.

    Skye was a bit more quiet than their Thanksgiving encounter, hoping that if she was discreet Alexandria would go easy on her. Taking a peek into the kitchen made her eyes widen with shock and awe. Somehow there was more food now than there was on their previous feast... Surely more people would be coming. She looked around for signs of more people to come, surely it wasn't meant for just the two of them to finish, but as she waited and talked with Alexandria throughout the day no one came. Her appetite had increased since the gain of course but this wouldn't help things in the slightest, right as she was about to speak up in protest two thoughts entered her mind; "I'm her guest... it'd be rude to make a fuss about this kind of thing" and "Didn't I promise to calm down about this until the new years?" with these two thoughts in her mind she was able to take a deep breath and go on with the festivities.

    As they sat down to eat Skye took a small bite to be polite, even though she wasn't going to worry as much she wasn't going to go crazy. Everything considered it was very good, excellent even. She continued eating from a turkey leg that had juices dripping from it. Looking at the feast that laid before them seeming more like a challenge rather than an actual meal. She gritted her teeth and pressed on knowing that she wasn't going through this ordeal alone... even though it was technically the host's fault, at least it was good. She ate quietly and slowly only stopping when she was full. Looking around at the table she saw the equally full Alexandria and a half stocked table. Rubbing her stomach to ease the pains of being full she wondered how Alex would fit the food into the fridge. Not noticing the girl opposite her standing up and taking a huge spoonful of mashed potatoes and shoving it into Skye's mouth. Skye struggled for a bit realizing that she was pinned down by Alexandria's own sizable stomach. Looking at the leftover she realized that she was going to have a long holiday after all.

    The next few days were a blur mixed with stomach pains that could only be assuaged by gentle rubbing and lying down in bed. She could've sworn she heard the sounds of trucks pulling something in, but wrote it off as something made up in her pained stupor. New Year's came around, and Skye waddled out encouraged by Alex to usher in the new year before she headed off back to the Hunters' headquarters. She reluctantly agreed mainly due to the travel would be annoyance due to the pain. She relaxed in a chair rubbing her now yoga ball sized belly contentedly, watching Alex say a toast to the new year. She nodded along not exactly paying attention the discomfort dulling her senses. Then she noticed something in her mouth it tasted rubbery... maybe a hose? A touch inspection only confirmed her suspicions and she looked up to Alex who also had a hose in her mouth.

    Before any questions could be asked a flood of liquid filled Skye's mouth, it tasted like champagne, but it didn't quite have the alcoholic edge that it normally would. A quick tug proved fruit less as she could only watch concerned as her belly began filling with the liquid. In an attempt to find the off switch she hefted herself to her feet and began following the hose. All the while her movements beginning to become more labored as the liquid began filling out more parts of her body after her belly ran out of room. With the last of her strength she forced herself to the source of the liquid and her eyes widened, before her stood two huge tankers with one hose attached from either one of them. One leading to her, the other quite obviously leading to Alex. She reached a hand out to try turning off her own, but it was futile her arms were being absorbed into her body at this point and quickly becoming a sloshy sphere. She could only watch the meter drop in horror as it reached empty.

    The final drops entered her body and the hose popped out of her mouth, dropping to the ground harmlessly. Letting out a large belch Skye groaned "I hate the winter..."

First story of the new year and its an overdue holiday gift for :iconoriginalpupster: involving my OC Skye and his OC Alexandria. Let's hope I can continue this through the year
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