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        There was a feeling of unease traveling so far out into the sea for Nadia, a catgirl in full scuba gear was following the puffer fish Mermaid named Michelle to a place in the middle of the ocean "The only place that the three could feasibly meet" Michelle claimed which meant that it was another underwater friend of hers. In the middle of the ocean among the sea foam a black and white stripped tail could be seen, attached to the tail was a girl with light brown skin and sea foam green hair around her neck was a shiny amulet with a red gem which glowed with power.

    "This is Cecelia" Michelle said introducing the sea naga to the catgirl who nodded "Cecelia this is Nadia my friend from the land." she giggled and the two nodded in acknowledgement as they looked at each other for different reasons entirely. For Nadia it was awe that grand of an entrance had to have meant that, Cecelia was a big deal especially with that amulet. Cecelia looked at Nadia and motioned for Michelle to go underwater where they could talk.
    The Mermaid and Naga dove underwater "What is it?" Michelle said sounding a bit concerned that the two weren't hitting it off. "Nothing at all" She giggled and said "She's rather cute though in that scuba suit I must say..." Michelle sighed "Calm down and go back you know what will happen if you let this go too far" knowing what this was going to lead to and hoped Nadia didn't make any rash decisions.

    As this conversation went on Nadia got impatient and put the valve in her mouth to dive down to see what was taking them so long. She turned on the air but in her haste she might have turned the air too fast. Her cheeks puffed out comically as she tried to force the valve and air out, but it was to no avail as she was forced to inhale the air. Under the water they were getting quite the show as they saw the black rubber of her suit blow up. The brown haired catgirl struggled in the water trying to break free of her expanding fate made all the more humiliating by the stretching suit in a losing battle with her body, as it tore bit by bit her flesh could be seen. She surfaced delicately balancing on her belly in the cold water the gentle sea breeze rocking her back and forth. Slowly losing her human shape as she rounded out loosing all but her breasts which maintained growth. In what seemed like a final kick in the teeth from what ever cosmic fate caused this her suit burst off revealing her stretched out swimwear.

        Michelle went to the surface to check on the colossal catgirl, she pulled out the valve so that no other damage could be done to her at the moment. Staring in awe she marveled at the sight of Nadia. She took a deep breath to try to compose herself, to her shock she couldn't get the air out, in fact the air seemed to be growing on it's own. Lost in blank curiosity she put a hand on her growing stomach, not even thinking to go under the water to talking to Cecelia. This feeling was strange to her, this magic air wasn't dry nor wet. It was just there. She rocked forward on her stomach experimentally to see what was happening not even noticing that the rest of her was filling up. Her Lion's paw shell bra constricted her chest under the pressure of her growing chest.

    Michelle was about to call for Cecelia to get up there until she noticed that there was a shadow that eclipsed her and Nadia instantly. Judging from the catgirl she was facing she could guess it was the Sea Naga's own magic being her undoing. Lost in her own thoughts of arousal calling to her was a futile effort. Pouting and resigning herself to her fate she began to examine her now rotund body and how it gently bobbed in the waves. Michelle was amused by this and the more embarrassed reaction of her catgirl companion.

"How can you all be so calm by this." Nadia yelled to her companions only getting the sounds of the ocean in response.  
Edit contains spherical body inflation.
Trade for :iconnfl8or: of his three OCs expanding in the ocean.
Nfl8or Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice story my friend
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thank you
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