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    The shop was bright with the bright white light of florescent lighting, and the emptiness only highlighted each step the mechanic of the shop that the owner, Iona took. Normally her daughter would be around to assist in taking inventory, but today was a school day so it was only the kitsune left to her own devices. She sighed at the silence, and cracked her back after all beyond inventory which could be done with Danielle, there was making sure everything was in working order which was too dangerous for a small child to be around. It was best to get a jump on that as soon as she could.

    Luck was on the side of Iona as barring a few machines that needed upkeep, nothing was in danger of breaking down. The yellow suited woman smiled at the stroke of good fortune. She then noticed a metallic glint out of the corner of her eye, and turned to it, a rather large helium tank stood on a high shelf. A small curse left her lips as another thing was added to the list that somehow had escaped her mind, blowing up balloons for her daughter's birthday party. "Why'd I put it up so high" she muttered to herself as she decided to make this top priority since school would be ending soon, and it would be best to not ruin a surprise.

       Setting up a step-ladder she climbed up, and wrapped her arms around the heavy tank. She grunted trying to get it to move when one of her jerking motions caused the ladder to slide out from under her and the tank to go tumbling off of the high shelf. Iona grunted as she hit the ground nothing wounded but her pride, this held true until the prone kitsune was used as a cushion for the falling tank. Instinct took over as she wrapped her arms around it winded by the sudden impact, she was taking small breaths through her nose as the nozzle was fitted perfectly in her mouth. She relaxed when she heard a metallic sound echo against the cold concrete next to her ears. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a knob that looked mysteriously like the one which belonged to the helium tank lying next to her, the color drained from her face at her logical conclusion.

    Her cheeks puffed out instantly with the sudden rush of helium into her, she tried pushing the tank off but the nozzle had a seal thanks to her cheeks at the moment. She whined and lifted herself up trying to find a way to get the tank off of her, or at least turn off the rogue devices, her tools were all the way on the other side, but it was her only chance of ending this madness. Already this task was proving to be herculean as her beach ball sized belly was blocking her from getting the knob. After grabbing the elusive knob she used all the strength allowed to her to drag the helium tank. She was currently looking like she was hiding the birthday balloons for Dani in her clothing. She was halfway there until she until she stepped on a lone grease rag, and slipped....

    ...but she didn't hit the ground. She opened up one eye having braced for another impact and she saw the ground, but gravity was not allowing her to land. If she could open her mouth to scream at the moment she would've at this point. she was officially freaked out and was waving her arms in the air fruitlessly trying to achieve contact with the ground, until her arms became to stiff to wave. All she could do at this point was wait at the mercy of her helium tank captor and hope nothing too sharp was nearby.

   While it felt like hours passed by, in reality the time that passed by was much shorter though watching the clock that was in her line of sight. The hiss that came from the tank tapered off and released the rotund balloon known as Iona from its copper grasp, leaving her to the mercy of the lack of gravity afforded by the helium. This would be more concerning to her but she was in awe of just how big she got easily casting a dark shadow over the large pick up truck she had been holding on for dear life. When she thought she couldn't hold on any longer she heard the bell attached to her door open, she was sure the sign signaled closed so this could only be one person Danielle.

"Mom, I'm... woah! what happened to you?" The younger kitsune's eyes widened with joy at the large balloon in front of her, her mother did say that there would be a big surprise for her, but never in her wildest imagination did she expect this!

"Oh, just a minor mishap with the balloons I'm fine..." she said a little dejected that she was unable to give her adopted child a proper birthday. "I'm sorry we couldn't celebrate it with your friends like I promised..." Danielle responded by climbing on top of Iona and hugging her

"This is amazing though! can you do you do this every year!" she looked at her mother in the eyes with a huge smile on her face. Iona gulped suddenly being put in a conundrum, being blown up felt nice, almost meditative in a way, but every year? How would she pull that off? She didn't have the heart to say no to Dani... she'd pull it off somehow. "S-sure" she managed to spit out sure she was making the right choice.
Contains: Body inflation

Point Commision for :iconprinny129: of his character Iona being blown up by a helium tank. This was a rather fun concept to do actually.

Iona and Danielle belong to :iconprinny129:
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Rez14 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
This is a nice little story, although I wish it was just a bit more descriptive with the inflation process.
yeahshippo Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
that's fair. I wasn't exactly pleased with the lack of description myself, but struggled with keeping it in without dragging the story to a halt.
Rez14 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well you don't wanna drag the story to a halt but sometimes dragging the story a little can help when you want to convey a clear image to the readers. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to balance story length and descriptions.
yeahshippo Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
yeah thank you I'll keep this in mind next story.
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