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    "Its hopeless" Demonia said landing on the ground. She had used the last of her strength to try to get an overhead view of the desert she was with another succubus, Bremon. The blond Demonia was exhausted it was obvious she wasn't going to go anywhere if things went on for any longer. "Just hold on we'll find something I know it" Bremon said trying to keep morale up, she was rather hoping that Demonia found some kind of Oasis in her flight up, but no luck.
    Suddenly something shiny hit her eye "What the hell is that?" Bremon said covering her eye. She wandered towards the object, it might have been anything to help them. Too small to see from above, but worst case scenario it was a coin dropped. Looking down it was a lamp. The two suddenly got excited "Its a genie's lamp!" They had something to help them get out of the desert that had tortured them for what felt like forever. The metal was hot but it didn't stop the excited rubbing from Bremon.
    Blue smoke surrounded them as a purple haired genie rose from the lamp, her presence demanded respect. "I am Alamoya ruler of the djinns!" her voice boomed due to magical effect Bremon presumed. "Who has summoned me?" Demonia pointed to Bremon "Then you will be granted three wishes! Pick them wisely and word them wisely". This was a strange thing to say, but first thing was first. "I wish none of us here were thirsty" Bremon said desprate for a drink of water.
    "Very well" The busty djinn said and snapped her fingers "The thirst will never affect the three of us ever again.". As soon as the words were said the parched throats of the Succubi instantly felt refreshed. "That's remarkable!" Demonia said her once drained spirit full of vigor once again. "Yes the throats have been parched with the finest fruit juices the desert can offer" Alamoya said. "There are no fruits around though" Bremon said confused. "Well you'll see of course... like I said word your wishes wisely or else"
    Bremon looked at Alamoya turning red and instantly saw the warning signs. She knew what was coming next to double check she looked over at Demonia who was turning green similar to a watermelon. "We're the fruits. Awesome!" Demonia said laughing a little she found it a little bit funny. The joke wasn't so funny for Bremon who looked down and saw her hands turn a color that she could only identify as a mango, luckily a relatively small fruit. "Deep breaths" she muttered to herself the bright side is that she wasn't thirsty, and she also had 2 more wishes enough to get them home.
    Bremon watched as Alamoya lead the charge in growth. She seemed to want to do a one at a time system to build up their suspense. She grew rounder as she grew redder the red substence that could only be assumed as juice stained the blue bra that covered the bust of the Djinn making a weird purple mix. She must've had such a weird mind to even concoct this side effect in her head, but it was too late to change the wish growth was in the future, the red rotund genie controlled their whims. "Oooh I think I'm growing next!" Demonia moaned as she rubbed her growing stomach lost in the moments of growth.
    It was a watermelon so the succubus was going to get rather big Bremon calculated in her head then something surprised her. Instead of Demonia leaking red juice she started leaking some kind of juice. "I see you noticed my moonmelon choice." Alamoya said "I've always enjoyed the taste of them I figured the big girl would enjoy it". Bremon said "She's not big. Yet anyway..." She looked down at herself mango colored but still slim for now it would be a while before she blew up. It gave her time to concentrate, and figure out the next words for her second wish wisely. It would most likely be a way home but she had to pinpoint where. She doubted Demonia cared about waiting all that much longer a quick glance revealed the her lost in her thoughts by the growth.
    Bremon finally knew what to say for the wish, but first she knew she'd had to go through a growth of her own. "Alright I'm ready" She said her butt started swelling with the nectar of the fruit. She never really had a mango before so this would be an interesting experience. The only reason she was able to identify the fruit was due to seeing it everywhere. She could taste the flavor of the fruit on her tongue, turns out she loved the flavor, or it could be the magic. "This isn't that bad..." She said to herself as her breasts joined the swelling of her belly and butt. A small trickle of juice went down her swollen stomach causing a shiver. The juice was cold and it felt good under the desert sun, this had to have been something to take her mind from getting the exact wording of the wish right. Focus was needed no matter how good this felt. "Alright... While I'm swelling I'd like to invoke my second wish!" She sputtered out a bit of juice coming out of her swollen cheeks. She figured the juice was getting her whole body too full.
    "Hm what would that be? Deflation? A reset back to thirst?" Alamoya said trying to stall Bremon. "No.. I want all three of us to go to a home." Bremon said before getting lost in the enjoyment of her own swelling body. "Ah man this feels too good..." Bremon said to Demonia relaxing in the shadow of her sister. The swelling stopped which meant they'd be transported home then it hit Bremon she didn't say her home. "Wait!" She said then things got dizzy.
    In another house a catgirl named Nadia was stretching from a nap it had been a good weekend. Then in front of her appeared a cherry djinn "Huh?" she looked confused next to her appeared was Demonia "Hey Nadia have you seen Bremon?" She said. On top of the cat girl who was lying down appeared the expanded Succubi. "I found her... and I never want a mango again in my life." The neko groaned.
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Wow... did I find my rhythm again? Who knows. This was a fun one to write. I was given a lot of freedom for this.
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