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       Akira relaxed on the couch in the apartment she shared with her fellow sumo Nariko after a hard day's work at the local game store. Nariko was out of the house for the moment, finishing up her own job as a fighting instructor for sumos in training, then getting the meal from the new Chinese restaurant that the local dragon and head sumo Jade had recommended to them. From the order that they had agreed upon, it would take a while for the blue haired neko to get home with all the food. While her mind drifted in her state of relaxation, something that came to mind was Nariko's snacking habits. Once a minor issue balanced out by her working out, it really had began to take a toll on even her sumo form, specifically her already rotund rear end; no one dared mention it to her, as the last person who did ended up in the hospital. Akira shuddered at the thought of her being the next victim of Nariko's rage, but maybe if she was gentle about the subject she would be spared before it became a problem that couldn't be ignored.

   Akira's train of thought of how to bring this up to her friend was broken up by the door unlatching. Waddling into the door was the last person she could've hoped for at this moment: Nariko. "Akira, I'm home!" Nariko called out, looking at the red haired neko who just nodded back. "Welcome home," she said with a smile. "Now isn't the time; I have to tell her when she's distracted with dinner. That way she'd be too distracted to fight back." Akira thought, looking at Nariko as she placed the takeout on the table. Akira snuck a look at the clock; it would be a few hours before dinner, but maybe a miracle could happen before then so that she wouldn't need to bring this up. The chair groaning under Nariko's weight as she sat in it dashed the hopes of any miracle.

    Dinner time couldn't have come fast enough; Akira was able to sit in one chair, but Nariko needed to use two chairs. "How is she that oblivious to this being an issue for her?" Akira thought, hiding her face behind a take-out container so her thoughts were not broadcasted in any way, shape, or form. She took a deep breath. "So... Nariko, are you planning on fighting Jade anytime soon?" she said offhandedly. Nariko stopped eating and put down her container of food. "No, not at the present moment. Why do you ask?" she said, finishing the noodles that were in her mouth. ", no reason. You just seem to be... bulking up is all?" She was dancing around the issue, but she could see the annoyance on Nariko's face. "Are you saying my ass is the same size as Jade's?" Nariko said, her cold tone warning her roommate to choose her next words carefully.

    "Well not that large but it is... Big-" Just then, her sentence was cut off by noodles being shoved into her mouth. "Big, huh?" Nariko grinned, her annoyed expression now showing small hints of rage. "Maybe I should show you what big really is, Akira..." Akira swallowed the noodles; as she opened up her mouth to protest, more food was shoved inside. Diverting her eyes from Nariko to the table that was still full of food, she could only offer muffled words of resistance; it would be a long night if she was unable to halt Nariko's rage soon.

    A chair collapsing under the weight of the two catgirls snapped Nariko out of her stuffing frenzy, but the damage had been done. Most of the food was gone, and Akira's stomach, already her most prominent feature, stuck out an extra few inches. She could only groan and rub her stomach, trying to get some relief from the excess of food in there; of course, the fact that the bottom heavy catgirl was lying on top of her didn't help any. "Nariko... please get off of me..." she managed to get out. "Nah. You're too soft!" Nariko said, exhausted from the energy she had exerted stuffing Akira. The red head would get her friend back somehow, but right now it was time to sleep off the food.
A Request for :iconmjschooley: of his OC Akira being stuffed by Nariko (My OC) in the sumo house universe. Thank you for helping in editing and for helping this year. Sorry April was so late hopefully May's is done sooner.

Akira is :iconmjschooley:'s creation
Nariko belongs to me
Rez14 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
This was a lot shorter than I was expecting. Still, it's a nice little short story and you did well.
yeahshippo Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017
thank you, the shortness is due to getting a late start on the story as a while, so lesson learned there.
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