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    It was a relatively quiet morning for the house of one Kimihito Kurusu considering the fact that it was a monster girl filled house. The most diligent and attentive of them: Centorea the Centaur, rose to greet the morning sun stretching. "If I planned this just right I can greet milord while he is busy preparing breakfast for the house" she mused to herself going into the house to get a drink to cool off from the summer heat. But at the same time not spoil the breakfast that her master would put so much care and effort into.

    The fridge was packed thanks to Kimihito's grocery shopping efforts from last night, all were ingredients carefully chosen for meals save for a blue metallic can that had caught Cerea's eye. It was a new juice drink that her kimihito had bought her as thanks for carrying the groceries for that day. She almost drank it on that night but was thankful that she showed restraint to hold off for this morning. Grabbing the can and popping it open letting the sweet smell of blueberries fill her nostrils, she was intoxicated by the aroma and began drinking the cool drink.

    Gulping it down greedily energy restored to the body of Cerea, the flavors of berry dancing on her mouth. She slammed down the empty aluminum can and took a breath to catch herself. The drink was indeed perfect for the morning; filling her body with a refreshed feeling. and her stomach with a welcome warmth. She trotted off to the dining room to prepare the table for the house of monster girls. Normally for such an action she was rewarded with extra carrots at dinner and a gentle brushing. The thought of this made her blush a deep red. At the same time, her tail had turned a bluish hue from its natural blonde state, and the discoloration was slowly climbing up the centaur's body.

    With the table all set Cerea decided to enjoy what quiet time was afforded to her, and went into the spacious living room that was made to fit all seven of the monster girls and guests. As she took careful steps throughout the house a flash of blue caught her eye; knowing that nothing that dark shade of blue existed in the room she looked down and realized it was her hoof. She gasped in horror as she realized it was beyond her hoof and had spread to her whole body.

    She stared with a shocked expression at this new development; 'Am I dreaming?'; 'Should I call for help?'; 'what caused this?', and more all flooded through her head in rapid succession. Before she had a chance to answer any of them the once soothing warmth in her stomach had turned into a pressure she couldn't ignore. Cerea massaged her stomach trying to soothe the pain, with every circular rub her stomach seemed less flat and more squishy; upon further inspection there was a definite slosh and weight to her new growing heft. She immediately flung her hands away in shock watching her shirt drape over her stomach, exposing it where it once covered it. Enough was enough she was going to call for help, she took a deep breath, and failed to get enough air to her lungs. She grasped at her chest trying to release some of the tightness. She reached out to undo one of the top buttons when it popped off on it's own to her embarrassment and confusion. That was a larger shirt, surely she couldn't have filled it out to the point of breaking it. Another few pops released her breasts from the white cloth prison known as Cerea's shirt; she turned a deep purple from this, she couldn't let Kimihito or Miia see her in this swelling state or she could never show her face again! As the last button popped off she slowly decided that asking for help was off the table and gave up the fight with the shirt.

    Just when all hope seemed lost, she came up with a plan; she would escape to her room and feign illness until she could figure out a more permanent solution. She turned to make a dash to her room when her legs failed to make one step, under the sudden growth her legs were unable to keep up with the load. She tried bending down to assist her legs along, but it was becoming hard to even bend her arms much less reach over the ever expanding mass known as her stomach, behind her was a nightmare as well as her back was getting an odd curvature that was swallowing her bottom half.
She whined fearfully as to what would happen to her as her azure cheeks started to puff up and take on the juices that were filling the rest of her. On her tongue the faint hint of berry that she passed off as from the earlier drink was more intense putting her in a dreamlike state. She hardly noticed her arms absorb into the swelling sphere of her body. Her legs left the ground due to a growing bottom half. It was none of her concern anymore, as not only the taste but the gentle rocking soothed the centaur.

   Her state of bliss was quickly interrupted by the sharp yell of the Lamia of the house, Miia. "Cerea, what in the world are you doing trying to fake some sort of illness to steal all of darling-kun's attention!" she folded her arms. Cerea looked at the snake girl with a confused expression "What sickness is this supposed to emulate Miia?" she said not taking kindly to being accused of wild accusations. "I-I don't know possibly some sort of rare illness and you went way overboard, you're going to demand help from darling to roll you around and take care of you!" the amount of jealousy on Miia's face was clear. Cerea smirked knowing that she was on Miia's nerves maybe this wasn't so bad "So what if he is... Milord is a caring being and would assist any creature in need"

    This put Miia into a fury as she slithered out muttering "she wants to play the game of which creature will need darling's assistance... well don't challenge a lamia to a battle you don't intend on finishing." She gathered pop rocks, mentos and a diet soda from the fridge; going back into Cerea's line of sight, she stared directly into Cerea's eyes challenging her as she ate the candies then quickly drank the soda standing defiantly.

    A slow gurgle deep within her gut was echoed by the silent stare down between the two of them. This was only broken when the Lamia grabbed her stomach in pain, the reaction was more violent and faster than she had anticipated, but it was a price to be paid to upstage the centaur. Her cheeks puffed out as she stifled a belch; just from feel she could already feel that her arms were being pushed apart by the gas building up in her stomach. Cerea looked on at the rapidly expanding Lamia amused that someone would willingly do that to themselves, at least she could claim her situation was due to some accident. Things weren't getting better as the arms clasped around Miia's stomach were beginning to puff out and stiffen due to the gas looking for places to fill out.

    As the Lamia grew the room began feeling smaller, and more cramped from it's once wide open state. So much so that Cerea was being pushed by the expanding mass of Miia. Miia who was standing in the middle of the room to get a good view of the berry's eyes could feel the cold hard wood of the wall on the other side of the room; she wasn't willing to show it, but was a little concerned about how big she was actually going to get from her rash actions. The expansion continued onward and felt like it was taking it's sweet time to actually stop.

    Eventually the growth stopped leaving Cerea and Miia squished together in their expanded forms. "That was a poorly thought out action by you Miia" Cerea said disdain clearly audible in her voice. "Well this is what you get for faking an illness that makes you bloat" Miia shot back attempting to glare at Cerea but her form restricted her neck movement severely. "I will repeat this question again what illness could possibly cause this effect to happen to me!" Cerea snapped irritated. "Does it matter you were trying to take darling's attention away from the others using nefarious means, that can only be considered cheating!" Miia yelled. Cerea huffed and nudged the zeppelin-esque Miia with her own rotund body in response; not wanting to further this meaningless bickering, and make room for herself. 

    The two stayed in an angry silence, eventually woke up Kimihito and walked to the living room only to stop in his tracks at the expanded monster girls trying to glare at each other despite their heads being firmly sunken into their bodies. He looked at the two unfazed by this, crazy things were normal in this house though some form of explanation would be nice about why they were taking up all of the living room. "What's happening here?" he said semi afraid of the answers that he would get, but from the extremely loud replies that overlapped over each other he managed to get a gist of what happened. He walked up to the two and patted Cerea "I apologize that I got that drink that put you into this state apparently I will have a talk with Ms. Smith about it" he kissed her on the cheek causing the centaur to blush, then turning his attention to Miia "Miia I'm assuming you saw Cerea in this state, and did this to yourself to make her feel better?" before Miia could answer she received a kiss on the cheek, and the two were placed in an embrace. "I'm so happy you two care for each other this much, and this might be me getting too used to the insanity but I think you two are kinda cute like this." he smiled, and walked off to make breakfast for the others in the household with a small blush on his face,  leaving the the expanded lamia and centaur in a state of blushing and stunned excitement.

Birthday gift/Request for :icontimebrain: of Miia and Cerea from Monster Musume being expanded Cerea as a berry and Miia with air

Monster musume and all characters belong to Okayado.
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