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Akira's Sumo Stuffing
       Akira relaxed on the couch in the apartment she shared with her fellow sumo Nariko after a hard day's work at the local game store. Nariko was out of the house for the moment, finishing up her own job as a fighting instructor for sumos in training, then getting the meal from the new Chinese restaurant that the local dragon and head sumo Jade had recommended to them. From the order that they had agreed upon, it would take a while for the blue haired neko to get home with all the food. While her mind drifted in her state of relaxation, something that came to mind was Nariko's snacking habits. Once a minor issue balanced out by her working out, it really had began to take a toll on even her sumo form, specifically her already rotund rear end; no one dared mention it to her, as the last person who did ended up in the hospital. Akira shuddered at the thought of her being the next victim of Nariko's rage, but maybe if she was gentle about the subject she would
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A Juicy Centaur and a Fizzy Lamia
    It was a relatively quiet morning for the house of one Kimihito Kurusu considering the fact that it was a monster girl filled house. The most diligent and attentive of them: Centorea the Centaur, rose to greet the morning sun stretching. "If I planned this just right I can greet milord while he is busy preparing breakfast for the house" she mused to herself going into the house to get a drink to cool off from the summer heat. But at the same time not spoil the breakfast that her master would put so much care and effort into.
    The fridge was packed thanks to Kimihito's grocery shopping efforts from last night, all were ingredients carefully chosen for meals save for a blue metallic can that had caught Cerea's eye. It was a new juice drink that her kimihito had bought her as thanks for carrying the groceries for that day. She almost drank it on that night but was thankful that she showed restraint to hold off for this morning. Grabbing the can and popping it op
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 63 1
Iona's Birthday Blowup
    The shop was bright with the bright white light of florescent lighting, and the emptiness only highlighted each step the mechanic of the shop that the owner, Iona took. Normally her daughter would be around to assist in taking inventory, but today was a school day so it was only the kitsune left to her own devices. She sighed at the silence, and cracked her back after all beyond inventory which could be done with Danielle, there was making sure everything was in working order which was too dangerous for a small child to be around. It was best to get a jump on that as soon as she could.
    Luck was on the side of Iona as barring a few machines that needed upkeep, nothing was in danger of breaking down. The yellow suited woman smiled at the stroke of good fortune. She then noticed a metallic glint out of the corner of her eye, and turned to it, a rather large helium tank stood on a high shelf. A small curse left her lips as another thing was added to the lis
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 39 4
Skye's winter woes
    Skye entered her office at the center headquarters of the hunters, and flopped herself down at her desk. The leader of the hunters was not feeling great after spending Thanksgiving with Alexandria. She tried to keep it small, but if it wasn't her plate continually being loaded up then it was food being forced into her mouth, and she was paying the price. Her once slim and trim body now had a prominent potbelly poking out, it jiggled with every experimental prod disheartening and angering the winged warrior. She slammed her fist on the table "This can never happen again!" she yelled out loud but echoed throughout the empty and dark halls of the headquarters. She placed her hands on her stomach swearing to get back in shape before the holiday rush.
     It wasn't for a lack of trying that she tried to force her weight back to an athletic shape, but nature seemed to be against her. Unexpected snows prevented her from running in her free time, and the cons
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 11 0
Mature content
Ship shape spheres :iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 11 2
Mature content
Fortune Fattened :iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 21 0
Desert Djinn.
    "Its hopeless" Demonia said landing on the ground. She had used the last of her strength to try to get an overhead view of the desert she was with another succubus, Bremon. The blond Demonia was exhausted it was obvious she wasn't going to go anywhere if things went on for any longer. "Just hold on we'll find something I know it" Bremon said trying to keep morale up, she was rather hoping that Demonia found some kind of Oasis in her flight up, but no luck.
    Suddenly something shiny hit her eye "What the hell is that?" Bremon said covering her eye. She wandered towards the object, it might have been anything to help them. Too small to see from above, but worst case scenario it was a coin dropped. Looking down it was a lamp. The two suddenly got excited "Its a genie's lamp!" They had something to help them get out of the desert that had tortured them for what felt like forever. The metal was hot but it didn't stop the excited rubbing from Bremon.
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 5 0
Growth in the Gym
    Bright blue seemed to be the only color that the painter knew when painting the gym, but the djinn, succubus, and medium really had no room to complain it was the only free gym in town. This did come at a nasty price however, there were people trying to sell things to them everytime they walked in. Normally Bremon the succubus told them off before their medium friend Olivia said yes, or Danelle the Djinn said something else, however today was different maybe it was something in the air, or maybe it was the fact that they skipped breakfast. They needed food, fast at the same time there was a man trying to sell his own brand of all natural energy bars. He couldn't even sell them at the price of zero according to the amount that he had left. They had no money and were hungry, at the same time he was practically giving away these bars. They would be fools not to take him up on this too good to be true offer. The group then split up as they went to where they would normal
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 8 4
The Circus (request)
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages please welcome yourselves to the biggest show around!" A well dressed man yelled standing outside of the tents yelling into a coned acoustic megaphone. "There will be horrors! There will be laughs! But most of all there will be the whimsical, wonderful, noodle bending Nijia the knowledgeable!"  He said as the people shuffled into the red and white tent. This was the once a year circus that everyone waited for, mainly because of the main event magician. Every year he found some way to outdo himself.
"I can't think of anything!" Nijia muttered to himself as he stood in the back with the show starting. The brown haired fox was pacing in a panicked state there was no way he was going to surpass the double coffin, lead box escape. He was given one year and he still couldn't think of anything. People were expecting something big. 'Big' that word stuck in his mind. He'd figure out something eventually he knew it though for now he&
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 4 6
Fire is an amazing thing unpredictable, excitable and full of life such can be said for the angel representing this element Nathaniel.  Called Nath for short this fire angel represented her element well. One day this got the best of her starting from her wandering through town her fiery red hair which matched her robe flowing behind her. It was a cloudy day with a few signs showing that it might rain later on. The first place on her mind to visit was a potions shop to get some more healing potions due to her constant habit to break her wings. She was considered a regular customer there so once she left she could fly through the rain.  
The shop had a blue-haired shop keeper named Tey which she described as a little clumsy. The shop's walls were covered in potions of different and vibrant colors all separated by effect. She grabbed a few healing potions though the last one was a bit of an odd colour than normal. She didn't question it at the time and Tey gave the pot
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 4 0
Ayame's Misfortunes pt 1
Ayame walked along the side of the river with the moon reflecting in the moonlight. She often came here to ponder on things in her life the most recent ones were about the hunt that was coming up in a few days. It was a big deal because it showed if it would be good luck for the year's berries that were also due to ripen in a few days as well. She was chosen to pick berries which upset her, because she knew Koga would be involved in the hunt. She sat down at where the water reached a waterfall and put her feet in the cool water. She hadn't realized how long she had been walking until she sat down.
"Excuse me miss"? A strong voice said that gurgled a bit "You seem to be in my river". Ayame looked around and said "Your river? There was no one at this river for the past five years" She stood up defiantly. At the same time a male water demon rose from the river glaring at her "Leave the river" he said commanding her. This Ayame took offense to and walked right up to the demon to taunt him.
:iconyeahshippo:yeahshippo 8 5
you get what I got and I got no drawing skills just poetry and photography some stories and drawings


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well ya got random stuff here



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1.Blueberry or helium inflation?
2.Favourite kind of Skittles?
Sour I guess.
3.*Holds picture of a Prinny* Friend or Foe?
4.How would you react if you saw me in person?
say hello
5.Fiction or Fan-Fiction?
(Transcendent brain) Fan-fiction of fiction that doesn't exist yet
6.Lava boiling your feet or Feet boiling your lava?
Lava boiling your feet
7.Favourite type of expansion and why?
Butt I guess no real reason why
8.Which of my OCs are you favourite and why?
Iona I suppose I like the character she is. Being a kitusne doesn't hurt things.
9. Crash Bandicoot or Spyro?
Spyro easily
10. Favourite Pokémon type?
Psychic or ghost.
Some personal stuff has come up recently (Not willing to get into specifics) and I haven't been able to get pen to paper. I'm sorry, if you're okay with a delay then fine, if not then feel free to tell me if you're not willing to go forward.

Again I apologize for the inconvenience. This was something I figured I'd be done with by now, but it popped up again.


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