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Laughing Jack by YeahManProductions Laughing Jack :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 15 8 Kitty With Pumpkin. by YeahManProductions Kitty With Pumpkin. :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 1 2 Freddy Krueger by YeahManProductions Freddy Krueger :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 5 0 LOOK-SEE CryptTV by YeahManProductions LOOK-SEE CryptTV :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 39 3 MS.CHALICE.EXE by YeahManProductions MS.CHALICE.EXE :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 18 4 MUGMAN.EXE by YeahManProductions MUGMAN.EXE :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 17 2 CUPHEAD.EXE by YeahManProductions CUPHEAD.EXE :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 20 4 Baldis Basics If Baldi was REAL by YeahManProductions Baldis Basics If Baldi was REAL :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 15 7 Pink Teddy Bear (Fortnite) by YeahManProductions Pink Teddy Bear (Fortnite) :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 60 3 Ann-Margret by YeahManProductions Ann-Margret :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 4 3 Rest My Friend by YeahManProductions Rest My Friend :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 10 3 Junkie and The Ink Machine by YeahManProductions Junkie and The Ink Machine :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 5 1 CUPHEAD AND MUGMAN  NIGHT OF THE PUMPKINS by YeahManProductions CUPHEAD AND MUGMAN NIGHT OF THE PUMPKINS :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 12 4 Trickz r Treatz - Happy Halloween! by YeahManProductions Trickz r Treatz - Happy Halloween! :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 4 2 CUPHEAD.EXE by YeahManProductions CUPHEAD.EXE :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 59 4 Skinwalkers are REAL! Creepy Cryptid Creature by YeahManProductions Skinwalkers are REAL! Creepy Cryptid Creature :iconyeahmanproductions:YeahManProductions 14 2


Junkie and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2
Jack slowly opened his eyes as he lay face first into the pentagram he had passed out on. He got onto his knees and rubbed his head, groaning in discomfort. "Ugh, my head..." He groaned as he got up. He looked around the room, it was a small room that had about 3 coffins. About 2 of them were standing up against the wall opened, yet one was in a corner opened, still on the floor. Jack didn't know what to think of it and decided to head back upstairs. However, as he turned back to where he first entered the room, the doorway was completely blocked with wooden 2x4 planks as well as some ink dripping from it. "Well shit, guess there's no turning back..." He shook his head as he picked up the fire axe he dropped.
As Jack exited the room, he felt uneasy, like something was watching him. He shrugged it off as paranoia and continued down the hallway. After he went down a flight of st
:icontherjschannel:TheRJschannel 1 0
Tf2 CreepyPasta: The Pyro
I LOVE Tf2. It is one of my favorite games, and a go-to game whenever I'm bored or get home from school. But there was this, incident, that kept me from playing for half of the entire summer. Let me start from the beginning....
It all started around May of 2015. I was a Freshman at the time and was relieved that I only had one more month of my first year of High School. When I got home, I went down to my room and immediately got on my computer and turned on Tf2.
I decided to load up an Upward map during the time when quick-play was still around. I went to play as the Engineer on RED. When the spawn doors opened, I threw down an entrance and began building a sentry and dispenser. But while my dispenser was building up, I noticed a teammate Pyro.
He didn't have much on him besides a dark green Foster's Facade and that was it. He just stood there, starring at me through his mask. It was about 30 seconds till then mission began so gave the "Go! Go! Go!" Command. He stared at me for a coupl
:icontherjschannel:TheRJschannel 2 2
Blithe by Fearagen Blithe :iconfearagen:Fearagen 8 1 Dear Mr. Boogeyman by DissingComics Dear Mr. Boogeyman :icondissingcomics:DissingComics 3 1 Twitch by Fearagen Twitch :iconfearagen:Fearagen 7 1 The Haunted by Fearagen The Haunted :iconfearagen:Fearagen 4 0 Vriska by AMelodyGoneWrong Vriska :iconamelodygonewrong:AMelodyGoneWrong 3 0 Radioactive by AMelodyGoneWrong Radioactive :iconamelodygonewrong:AMelodyGoneWrong 4 3 Snap by Fearagen Snap :iconfearagen:Fearagen 3 1


Kitty With Pumpkin.
Hiya Monstaz! Here is a fun little drawing I did of a curious kitty looking in a jack o lantern. This is just the line work and I may add color. But I think it would be so cool if any one wants to color it. Would be awesome to see your creative ability and see how awesome you can make the drawing. If you want to show and share with me your colored version of the drawing, be sure to tag me and if you want a shout out on the next vid tag me on twitter @YeahManTV. Big shouts!!  
Hey guyz!! Thanks for stopping by =) Here I will be posting all digi art to share with you guys. Hope yall enjoy!!


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TheRJschannel Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Student Writer
Nice job on that Junkie and The Ink Machine narration and speed-paint!
Really appreciate the work and editing you put into this.

By the way, would you mind speed drawing MY avatar? Knowing your artistic skills, drawing my avatar will most likely take an hour or less. Maybe a little more but I don't know. 
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Got something for ya.
It's MAH boi! by TheRJschannel
Enjoy~ :)
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Hey man, you have a paypal or some payment method? I ask because I asked an illustrator Mimi Up to do a commision of you. Seeing you did a lot of things for me, I decided to ask a Planet Dolan illustrator to draw you. However, I didn't realize she needed money. I don't have a paypal, and if my mom knew she'd be pissed.

You can look up her name in Google and find her deviant page. When you do get to her deviant profile, could you please thank her for drawing you and say I'll pay for friend or something?

Im sorry for the odd favor and hope I can make it up to you by playing Tf2 with you or even that survival horror game Dead by Daylight.
-Your bro, RJ
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