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ppl seemed to like momo's feral form so i drew it
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She looks adorable. What is her species?
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I'm sorry that i traced you but i wanted to learn anatomy
Millow by Millie-Heart  
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Sweetie that's not the way to learn anatomy , I'd suggest studying human and animal structure 💕
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It's so adooorable TwwwT
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Adorablest, want to hug so badly :)
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big floofy tail
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Those... *inhales* little... *choking back tears* cat paws oh my god...   
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Is she a ragdoll cat?
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yes, it says so in her bio! and i think yeagar brought it up on her tumblr or twitter too, tho i cant be sure
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Oh so cute she flops like a Ragdoll ;)
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mono the whatsapp girl..............O_______O
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shes beautiful xwx
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omg.. i cannot get over those adorable eyes and paws!! she seems so soft, you did a really nice job on the fur!
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I never understand why people hate on you. You are an excellent artist!
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