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momoko reference 2020

By yeagar
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2020-01-22 / i updated a couple of the drawings here because i wasn't entirely happy with them! i am now!!

name: momoko (momo)
gender: female
height: 4'11"
age: 20 (dec 8, 1999)
species: ragdoll cat / canadian lynx 
orientation: asexual 

momoko is an outgoing yet introverted individual who loves her alone time. she dislikes confrontation and any kind of serious discussion, and is usually very calm and to the point when speaking. she tries her hardest to be unconditionally kind and very badly wants everyone to like her. she's very insecure and considers herself weird and off-putting, and generally has a bad self-image. she collects rilakkuma stuffies and adores anything cute and pink.

she prefers to dress in dark clothes, and tends to avoid brighter colors besides pink. types of clothing include oversized sweaters, pleated skirts, and leggings. her favourite shoes to wear are black doc martens or black adidas. she may also wear certain accessories such as chokers and necklaces. her nails are almost always painted black. she loves pink but usually only wears it as an accessoru.

design notes:

- her ears are always down.

- septum piercing is optional, but it is default.

- her nails can be black, natural, or pink.

- it is slight, but her palette is comprised of three different shades of brown.  

- her heart curl is not optional.

on inspiration:

i personally don't mind if you take inspiration from her design, but please be aware that you'll probably get some problems from other people accusing you of copying/stealing.

on nsfw:

i ask that you do not draw nsfw art of her. as she is my fursona, i see her as an extension of myself, and am very uncomfortable with lewd art of her.
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SakuraMomo101's avatar
Cool! I actually have an oc named Momo too!
Sucreedoux's avatar
This is so cute!! I love the coloring and the anatomy!!
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PitZagafull's avatar
How did I not see this before?! It's so cute!
Potato9865's avatar
Jesus Christ. Thats a lot of comments for 3 minutes
yeagar's avatar
: P this was uploaded last october i just updated it now
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kittydogcruffy8888's avatar
senpaipillow's avatar
U steal other artist name 
senpaipillow's avatar
Bro u aint know memes
shivis03's avatar
Why are she and Darkie short?
PrinceFlowerBoy's avatar
Sarah Ref Sheet by PinkMermaid70
just letting you know about this ^
CrustyBowlofCereal's avatar
I hope you don't mind me using this as a reference. I have had a character for a long time and I really wanted them to have this body type, but I never knew how to draw it. Your art is beautiful and I thought I could learn a lot from copying the anatomy of this character (i changed the pose and the characters are quite different.) I have heavily referenced the shape of the body and am not likely to post the price I have made, but rather use it as an opportunity to learn how to draw it for myself. Thank you so much for being so amazing! Keep up the incredible work!
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Adorable fuzzy girl that I wanna hug. She's hecking cuuuute.

Watermelonthecat's avatar
she lowkey thicc tho
Lenny Face 
thecuddlepuppy's avatar
She's a dollbaby! I love her!!!
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