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Loner2000 Animated commission Gif

Commission done for :iconloner2000: !! I am a dummy!
Rollin' Stars
:happybounce:  Its a WaistUp FullColor BreastExpansion Animation!! ~Looped!?

Its his OC Aria again! She learning to control her powers and blow up the bubblegum without having it blow back~
But the playful Raiza rigged the bubblegum to always blow her back :3c

Her inflation methods always surprise me Blueb Bounce 
I really like it when clothes are this stretched :3c Tehee~

Hope you like it!! c:
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This is actually just how blowing bubblegum bubbles works but the government doesn't want you to know.

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i wonder what would happen if the bubble gum was burst before she breathed it out again. my hope is that her boobs would remain huge

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Thank youuu!!! C:
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xould you make one kinda like this but with a butt insted of boobs?
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I only do breast expansions~ c:
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oh okay, thanks for being nice about it :3! Could you make a female Deku (from mha) with his breasts getting SUPERR big?
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I've never done gender bender commissions :0c Would be a first indeed~
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Wow!!.  Awesome and beautiful work
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Thanks!!! :happybounce: 
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Fantastic work on the shading/shadows!
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Thank you so much!! C:
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Perfection, Like always
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Oh wow. :jawdrop: This is perfect. :XD: My kind of inflation method. >w< OOooohh. I wish I ask you to make an animation like this of my OC, but sadly I can't do that for my good reason. >3<
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Thank you! C:
which reason? o:
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