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By downloading my stock you are agreeing to abide by my rules.
If you are unsure about anything concerning my rules, ask me first

1. Terms (except there is an advice for personal use only in the description of the stock):

:bulletgreen: You are required to be an active member of DeviantArt, with artwork in your gallery, (and not a fake/ghost account) and must upload your art tostock.deviantart.com )

:bulletgreen:       You are required to credit me, linking back to the stock, you have used, so others can find it and also write, that you get it from me with my avatar or username (Example: :iconybsilon-stock: *YBsilon-Stock) in your artist's comment section below the deviation. This includes unfinished work and anything uploaded to your scraps. You may link directly to my stock image within DeviantArt.You are required to link me to your work when you upload it, this includes scraps or unfinished work. This means you have to send me a note or a message and don´t use the alibi you thought I get notified automatically by DA-function! I love to see it.

:bulletgreen:       My stocks are only for Manipulations or as reference for paintings/drawings. If you want to use it in an other way, e.g. a tutorial, advertising, games or bookcovers you are required to get my permission beforehand.

:bulletgreen:       You can use my stock in your artwork for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Commercial use means prints of your art and not bookcovers and cd-covers, advertising for brands or something like that. If you want to use my stocks for book-covers or for cd-covers you have the permission to use all stocks, which are in the "Flowers, Plants,Trees"-Folder and in my "Fishes,Sea,Underwater"-Folder without asking. But you have to make sure, that my stocks be credited in the book and please let me know the book and Show me (for e.g. with a screenshot) that credit is given. For other stocks ask first.

:bulletgreen:       You can post your artwork on any website you like, providing clear credit for stock is given underneath the artwork, with a link back to my gallery.

:bulletred:          No tutorials, no PSD-Files without my written permission, see the rule before!!!! This includes PSD-Files, to show how your work is made.

:bulletred:          My stock needs to be sufficiently editted. Do not just add a filter/change the colour/change the contrast/add a texture. Do not use my stock in conjunction with any illegally downloaded images, e.g. from Google or another artist's work obtained without permission

:bulletred:          My stock is not to be redistributed as a resource, here on DeviantArt or on any other website. No hotlinks or redistributing my brushes or textures, or editting my work and submitting it as a resource. I do not allow premade backgrounds, tubes or brushes to be made with my stock. Theft of my work will not be tolerated and I will take action.

:bulletred:          No racism, political, pornography or abuse in any way

2. Special advice for personal use directly below the stock:  All bulletpoints are required from Terms 1.  without the 4th. bulletpoint green. This means you can use this stock in your art, but it isn´t for commercial use. (No Book-covers, etc).

  If you are unsure about anything concerning my rules, ask me first

nd have a lot of fun. :D :sun:

© 2011 - 2024 YBsilon-Stock
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Can we use it for non commercial book covers? EG: Wattpad covers. If it's commercial, can we pay you for use?