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My lovely friends and watchers,


Christmas is coming soon. I love it, it´s a wonderful atmosphere, I love the german christmasmarkets, we have an trditional one here in Frankfurt, I like to drink "Glühwein" and to eat all sorts of sweets :D You can see a Video from it below. I´m in real Christmas mood after making this feature. Hope you after looking, too


We  :iconcd-stock: :iconevelivesey: :iconybsilon-stock:) plan a wonderful Contest with a lot of prizes (points, exclusive-stocks, features) So please participate in our first combined contest with a wonderful Winter/Christmas Theme. We will start in December and the announcment is coming soon. So stayed tuned .  If you like to donate something, you are so welcome, everthing is welcome (exclusive-stockpacks or a feature).  :iconsanta-glompplz: :iconsantalaplz:



:iconchristmascandyplz: :iconsparklesplz:  A Christmasy Jaunty by Mr-Jaunty :iconsparklesplz: :iconchristmascandyplz:
  Winter 058 by ISOStock  Eiswelten II by mimose-stock Frozen Fountain by ItsAllStock  
Christmas Elf 12 by DamselStock  Santa 3 by MLeighS
  baby by VioletBreezeStock   Holiday Sock Monkey by shd-stock
:iconredsparklesplz:  Snowy by BoffinBrain :iconredsparklesplz: Snowy by BoffinBrain :iconredsparklesplz: 
Snowglobe 001 by poserfan-stock 
North Pole Sign by shd-stock :thumb340580754:  Tree 001 by IvanRostoff sweet candycane - png by rainbows-stock
Christmas Lights PNGs by redheadstock  Naughty and Nice Christmas Gift Tags by VectoriaDesigns
:icongreensparklesplz: :iconasnowmanplz::iconredsparklesplz:
:thumb267547664: Xmas Sleigh 001 by poserfan-stock Ice Sled by poserfan-stock
  Cut-out stock PNG 27 - young deer by Momotte2stocks Buck Stock 1 by Stockopedia Reindeer 496 by AlaskanStock :thumb308270808:  
 :thumb255072333:  reindeer stock 1 by Sikaris-Stock  elk2 by killcaiti-stock Stag - Stock by Sassy-Stock
Season by Burtn  Premade Background  1477 by AshenSorrow  Winter Landscape Germany by CD-STOCK
Christmas collection II by Misstock :thumb340579848: 
  Winter Trees Pack by Just-A-Little-Knotty  Rocky Winter Png Tubes by kayshalady  Xmas tree png 2 by iamszissz :thumb339369163:
Xmas Mistletoe by poserfan-stock    Christmas Background by DIGI-3D  
  3D Xmas Bows by zememz Red ribbons christmas stock by Hermit-stock :thumb408668793: STOCK PNG bows by MaureenOlder
Xmas Gift 007 by poserfan-stock  :thumb338769880: gift boxes2 by ILyaAfanasyev  Christmas Car by NHuval-stock  
:iconredsparklesplz: :icongreensparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz:
:thumb412697235: Fooling Nutcracker by YBsilon-Stock Christmas Ornaments by PrincessInHeaven   Fir for Cloak Hood-Stock by tempestazure-Stock holiday style by dabbexsahi by dabbex30  
  Medieval Romance Stock VII by DanielleFiore :bigthumb268651149:
 :thumb212072922: frost river texture by marlene-stock  icy XII by mimose-stock  Texture 107 by Sirius-sdz  


:iconsparklesplz:  Snowy by BoffinBrain :iconsparklesplz: Snowy by BoffinBrain :iconsparklesplz: 
  Urania Texture by CD-STOCK  
  winter fantasmogoriya by Hudojnica :thumb272925022: Winter Menhir Stock CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Premade Background 18 by FrostBo  premade 7 by Lwsypher Snowy Days png tubes by kayshalady    Premade BG 22 - Stock by Inadesign-Stock Winter DreamLand backgrounds by moonchild-ljilja
:iconsparklesplz:  Snowy by BoffinBrain :iconsparklesplz: Snowy by BoffinBrain :iconsparklesplz: 
Stocking 1 by hyenacub-stock little christmas sock by objekt-stock Christmas stocking stock 1 by GreenEyezz-stock :thumb188458674:
   Cut-out stock PNG 26 - walking penguin by Momotte2stocks :thumb177664383: Lormet-Zoo-0348 by Lormet-Images  polar bear I by mimose-stock
:thumb301567461:  Polarbear0001 by kismuntr
  Merry Christmas To You by PaintedOnMySoul

:iconsparklesplz:  :iconsparklesplz:  :iconsparklesplz:  


  Angel, Christmas stock also by paintresseye
You need Stockpack-prizes for your contest, please contakt me
Please check thes contests
Bring out your dead side
Ever had that feeling, that a portrait is watching you? No matter where you stand in the room its gaze seems to follow you,.. staring... waiting...
We invite you to join us in making a grand collection of horrific hounds, voluptuous vampires, and ghoulish ghostly portraits this Halloween in best Haunted House style!
Its time to unlock your inner Dorian Grey, and all those other creepy strange ancestors, cousins, uncles, aunts and grannies that the family don't like to talk about!
Even if you aren't normally a model stock provider - or if you don't usually provide stock at all, this is your chance to dip your toe in the murky waters and have a go! Bring out your face paints and props and make a dashing Halloween portrait entry! The more creative you are, the more creative the results of the second half of the contest will be!
     Halloween Contest!!!! Prizes update + Folder fixedHi guys,
I'm a bit late, but here it is. This years annual Halloween Contest.
HALLOWEEN!!!!! need I say more?
17 October 2013 - 16 November 2013
Bullet; White Only Photo Manipulations are allowed
Bullet; White It's only a photo manipulation if you use 2 or more different stocks
Bullet; White You must one at least 1 of the stocks in this folder
Bullet; White All stock must be properly credited (direct link to the stock item included)
Bullet; White Your entry must be relevant to the theme
:bulletwhite: Submit here (I fixed it, you should be able to submit now. If you have any troubles, please note me)
Spotlight1st Place
Door to Another World Contest ( CLOSED )new contest the theme most voted :

Door to another World

The contest begins today 2 / November

and ends day 7 / December

will be 21 winners
 3 Chosen by Judges 1 Chosen by Members3 Honorable Mentions in both categories [advanced, intermediate and beginner]
and do not forget, if you donate prize, has to be the same for the three categories  (advanced,intermediate,beginner)

1° Place 
(advanced, intermediate, beginner)

Feature in :iconthe-imaginarium:500 Points from :iconwesley-souza:333 Points  from :iconaeirmid:
50 Points  from :iconwhendell:100 Points from :icondreamswoman:one manipul
    The Creative Inspiration Contest [closed]
12.1.2014: Contest is now closed
Thank you for all the wonderful entries!!!
11.1.2014: Only today left! Get your entries in!
Edit 24.11.13: Updated prizes + put the date in proper format; updated rules - one line added:
"Entries that keep too closely to the inspirational source (i.e. the ones that basically copy the image by just switching the stock) will be rejected."

I have decided to wait a little longer before adding any judges so you are not limited by maybe wanting to avoid certain people as inspirational sources ;)
Edit 4.12.13:
Please, please, please, read the rules before you start!
I hate to decline work on the grounds of formalities (especially when I can see you put a lot of effort
in your work) - this includes the DO NOT COPY part!
Edit 14.12.13: Updated prizes :)
The Idea

When we browse dA, we constantly get in
     CONTEST: Warriors! - EXTENSION!The Contest
Badass, butt-kicking, name-taking, blood-spitting, not-down-backing MALE AND FEMALE warriors and fighters.
Dynamic action poses are preferred, but I will accept more mellow images as long as the WARRIOR aspect is portrayed accurately and interestingly.
There are four subcategories, by popular demand each comes with a selection of 7 fitting stock photos to choose from
BUT you are allowed to pick your own reference from my whole gallery
The "Warriors" folder is newly organized by type of weapon used to help navigation.
Please scroll down to see the categories, example stock photos, contest entries + the full set of rules as well as prizes available.

1. Masters of the Blade
Warriors that use conventional weapons such as swords, axes, knives, daggers, etc - spears and staves are also allowed. This is the "every other weapon" category (it just didn't sound quite as cool with "masters of every other weapon")

:iconsparklesplz:      :iconsparklesplz:  


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Hello! I know this is late but... just wanted to say I appreciate the feature very much. Thank you!
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No problem, it was a pleasure for me :heart:
Hermit-stock's avatar
gorgeous items up there :D
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
Thank you, yes there are great stockers on DA
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awww wow supertolles winter feature bin total begeistert und ein dickes dickes danke das meine stocks mit eingebunden hast :hug: und viel spaß auf'm weihnachtsmarkt oder märkten ;-)
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Sehr gerne und werde ich haben, bzw. hatte ich gestern bereits :D :blowkiss:
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Thank you for the feature,  I really appreciateit :tighthug:

Contact me about your contest, I have some exclusive wings stock  packs as prizes for especially this occasion.

Ich beneide dich um euren Weihnachtsmarkt, unsere hier kann man vergessen!! Ich müsste schon nach Düsseldorf oder Köln fahren für einen ordentlichen Weihnachtsmarkt. Vielleicht, wenn ich zeit habe....die Zeit scheint jetzt immer schneller zu werden......
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
Vielen Dank für das wunderbare Angebot. ich nehme Dich sehr gerne in unsere Liste auf und ich war gestern schon auf unserem Weihnachtsmarkt. Dieser hat am Freitag eröffnet und es war sehr schön. :heart:
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Hey:wave:, thank you:)!
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Thank you for the lovely feature! Heart
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sonjagatetodreamsart's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature, I appreciate it. I was just uploading some new Christmas Stock. :hug:
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
 I saw it, but it was after I arranged this feature, love your stocks, they are always so unique :hug:
Momotte2stocks's avatar
Awww !! I'm so honored to be in ! :hug:
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jojo22's avatar
Thanks for the feature :heart:
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debzdezigns-lamb68's avatar
Wonderful winter feature!  I will definitely participate in a contest and would love to donate a feature! :D
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
Woooow, thanks so much for your kind donation Debra :hug:. I will put you on my list and I hope you will have a lot of fun in our coming contest. :dance:
debzdezigns-lamb68's avatar
My pleasure! Can't wait! :woohoo:
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Thanks for featuring our Christmas elf stock! I was considering hosting a little Christmas contest starting December 1st using them, myself. If anyone reading this needs/wants more elf stock for *YBsilon-Stock, *CD-STOCK and *EveLivesey's contest, we have a total of 95 Christmas Elf stocks anyone can use!
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