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ChromeLS is a Chrome OS for LiteStep by YBoris (that's me!)

To look good, you should download this VS (Visual Style): [link]
It is edited slightly from this: [link] to fit better with the LS
(I removing an ugly 3px gray bar and moved the window title to the left)

The wallpaper that goes very well with this is [link]

For a full screen preview (of a slightly different version of this LS) [link]

Everything is easy to customize (I have made the code very neat)

Remix, enjoy, share :)
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yboris, kill me if you want... it is the ¿third? time i tell you, but i am keeping having the mousehook dll problem with a fresh install of LOSI on :windows: Se7en...

It keeps telling me its not a litestep dll, and it loads, but the mouseover/hook freatures dont work...

Can you find an alternative dll for your theme, or, give me yours? because i downloaded THAT dll from my old PC and it's still not working...

I wonder how i made work it out on the :windows: XP machine...

Anyway, it looks great and i am using it on my old PC, waiting to see if i can us e it on my other machine :)