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Steampunk Wings Tutorial

I think I remembered everything! Hope you find it okay,, it's my first tutorial ^^' I just got so many requests to put a wing tutorial up during Alcon X)

Hope it works for anyone who has a go~! ^^ feel free to message me any question you have regarding this~ :3
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how long did it take you to make these?
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Hello! I love your tutorial, I'm choosing to do it for my steampunk design, and I was wondering what was the max wing span? And was stringing the wings difficult? 
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great idea:D, doing them myself right now
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Thanks for the inspiration!  I used your design as a starting point and went to work.  These are the wings I built for my daughter.…
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Thanks both of you, Yazzzle for the great tutorial, and WoodMystics for sharing the photo, it inspired us as well :D
I'm part of a Steampunk group, and my boyfriend and I did this:…

We used this fabric named "organza", that we found in a local store, and this one had vertical red strings and horizontal yellow strings, so it looked kind of iridiscent, specially every time I opened them <3 The effect looks better in this photo…

We want to make another pair of wings, to enhance the mechanism and make them bigger. These were really fun to do, and easier with your tutorial :D And we loved how the people excited every time we opened them xD So thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

We also have a photo "taking off", I'll post it here for you as soon as the photographer finishes the editing.

Kudos!!! :* <3
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ahhh wow they look amazing!!! thanks for sharing! :D 
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I would like you to know that I used your tutorial as a basis for my own version of the wings you should come take a look at some point XD
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that is awesome!!

curious, is that jenn and Kelly in the very top right picture?
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thanks! and yeah haha they loved the wings :') 
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Thaaaaaankss!! I'm gonna do this! :D
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I want to make Steampunk wings for a convention next year and found yours to be the most doable. However, I have next to no technical skill aside from knowing how to use an Xacto knife without chopping a finger off. In my case, what tools or advice could you recommend to me so I don't end up blowing this project to high heaven? :C
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do you have a video of them in action?

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Thank you for the guide, Mine looks alright, though the wings aren't operating yet....
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great tutorial, sorry if it could seems like a stupid question but what sould be mdf? (I'm italiano so I don't understand xD sorry me!)
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mdf is some kind of pressed wood (like supertick cardboard)
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Really cool. ^^
Nice work.
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Well done. So great!! My friends must love this. Just wondering, could I repaste your tutorials to our local cosplay bbs? I will also share your linkage to my friends too.
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Yeah sure that sounds fab! Have fun :) <3
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Thank you so much. O(∩_∩)O
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no problem~! x
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Love how you have pictures of Twin, Nova , Tealpirate and Kelly Jane added in here :D
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Epic, thanks for this great tutorial! these will come in handy:)
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