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Shion in her undies w-o glasse



First things first. This picture is made in four different versions. So I'm putting two versions here.
This is the version of her in her bra and panties, with and without glasses. This version
has a more skin like color to her lineart.
The other version is Shion in a nightgown with and without glasses, with a black lineart.

This picture originally came from a cover of a Xenosaga H-manga. I am very pleased with how I got the hair to look.
I just drew the lineart and changed somethings in the picture and fixed some new colors. I did not make the original picture.
As I said I'm very pleased at how the whole picture turned out. Mostly of the hair, I'm very proud of that.
Hope you'll like it to. I think I've put down about 15 hours + into this picture. The toes and hair was what took the longest for me to do. And I also added a bit more hair that was missing on the original picture like you can see.

Xenosaga (C) Namco Bandai
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Maybe i like her in nude