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May 18th is the book store release of Zuko's Story, the prequel manga to THE LAST AIRBENDER. Co-written with the brilliant Alison Wilgus :iconaliwildgoose: and illustrated by the amazing Nina Matsumoto :iconspacecoyote: this book sets up events in the film but ALSO expand on many things introduced in the TV Series (of which we are all huge nerds). The manga is sorta like an "inter-dimensional bridge" where the movie and show universe start to bleed into each other. So, hopefully Avatar fans will appreciate all the hard work we put into it and catch all the little nods and easter eggs we included.

There is an exclusive preview of the comic over at MTV Splash Page:


BONUS: You can listen to Alison and I talking about the Zuko manga and also the film adaptation manga (that comes out in June) over at the Avatar Portalcast:

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It was great to meet you at the Kids Read Comics convention.

I finally picked up my copy of this. I was really impressed. Great work on the writing. It definitely made me more eager to see the movie.

It would also probably have far more sales if Borders wasn't hiding it under the letter L in the Manga section. Even when I knew what I was looking for it was hard to find.
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Totally missed this message. Great to meet you as well! And super thanks for the great drawing!

I've noticed that the Airbender mangas are in a different place at each store I go to! I first found them in a special movie tie-in section next to the Iron Man novelizations.
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I can really tell you and Aliwildgoose are big fans of Avatar and it shows in your script and details. I really like how you delved into Zuko becoming the Blue Spirit and how he starts his quest to find the Avatar.

Thanks for giving us a great story!
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Thanks so much! We only wish we could have worked in even more details! 100 pages went too fast!
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Just bought and read Zuko's Story this afternoon! It was amazing and kind of a therapeutic transition from the show to the changes of the movie, haha! Fantastic work! :)
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Thanks! I think that's a really great way to view the book! :D

We always enjoy your work......keep'em coming bro!
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