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Tomorrow (Saturday, May 3) is Free Comic Book Day!
So if you walk into any participating comic shop you can pick up an assortment of cool books for free!
Check out the FCBD website for more info on stores near you and all the awesome comics that will be free of charge.

In fact some comic shops will be giving away comics of the original all-Avatar Nick Magazine! So if you never got a copy of that, call your nearest shop and see if they've got it. And even if they don't, I'm sure there's at least one or two other free comics worth going there for! Support the awesomness that is comics and graphic novels (by not even having to spend money)!…

And if you do go to the comic shop, I encourage you to check out the just released first chapter of my new graphic novel series The Adventures of Tymm: Alien Circus.

It's 64 pages in FULL COLOR for only $5.95! A bargain!
Featuring brilliant art by L. Frank Weber!

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THATS COOL! btw, do you know if there's going to be an avatar panel at the ASan Diego Comic con? if so, do you know the date and time?
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If you were at the New York Comic Con check out my latest journal.
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Ooh, wish I had seen this before. That comic looks awesome!

Sadly, when we went to the local comic store there weren't any neat things on the free rack.
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There is one bookstore in France who did it. Unfortunately, it's Paris and my brother, who lived here, can't go today. :(
I'll try to remind this for next year. :)
Thanks for this info!
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I'll have to tell my family! (My dad probably knows already though...) And BTW I'll be looking out for that comic! Then I can experience more of your amazingnessnes!
FroudTheXenophile's avatar
Yes! The Ground Zero near I live is participating! Gonna get me some comic books.
SMachajewski's avatar
And me with out transport. Curses.
Ethereal-Glutton's avatar
Our whole family is headed to Orbitron Comics right after little league practice :D

The Adventures of Tymm looks really cool!
dpluver0819's avatar
cool...too bad i dont have a near comic book store :(
dpluver0819's avatar
i know it :( oh btw i need to ask you something

When will the next issue of nick magazine come out? Me and my sis are excited since a lot of stuff has aired and happened.
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Oh that's right! Our local shop is sponsoring free comic day! Thanks for the reminder.
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