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Brigand empress

Illustration for "Legend of cryptids." Applibot inc.
"Brigand Empress" regular version card
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Beautiful work. Where's your commission information!! :)
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Is it just me or does the upper body look way too big for the lower body?
HauntedMindAndSoul's avatar
it's the chest, that's all.
Takashi-Kurita's avatar
And the broken spine. 
MBO13thXundergroundX's avatar
Fantastic work, well done...;) (Wink) 
yangsha's avatar
Beautiful in the sunshine.
pnscribbles's avatar
Totally epic, but those #brush strokes takes the cake! Really excellent :happybounce: 

Rating: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: 
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WOW, sexy and badass!
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A Skyrim / Legend of the Criptids crossover eh?
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Is this an elf?
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Omg its Auriel´s bow *-* Your brigand Lady is Awesome! Love it <3
ArtbroJohn's avatar
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I love every details! well done
Zarory's avatar
It's really awersome work! 
StrangeMutant's avatar
Wow so gorgeous:33
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