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I was just laying around resting up from Dragoncon today when a friend notified me of my Fook Mi costume having gotten a DD yayacosplay.deviantart.com/art…! Thank you so much to MorRokko for the suggestion and MyntKat for the DD.

I will post a photo filled Dragoncon report when I have the chance. For now here are my immediate post-con thoughts!
I remember sitting in High Velocity on Thursday night surrounded by friends thinking: "Didn't we just do this last night?" It felt like no time had passed since 2009!
Then again, the con flew by way too fast and before I could wrap my mind around it, we were tearing down the booth already and saying Good Bye to everyone. I don't think I ever get that sense of time distortion with any other event besides Dragoncon.

That being said, I had an amazing time this year and feel (for the most part) really satisfied with everything. All of my costumes and groups were successful, I was on time to all my gatherings and photoshoots and had no wardrobe malfunctions, yay. Thank you so much to all the photographers who did shoots with me and my groups - Leonard, Judy, Anna, Christa and Vince especially. I know how much you guys have going on at this con. I really enjoyed doing panels and thank everyone who came. My booth did well and we're already signed up for the same spot next year. I got to see most all of my friends, albeit briefly in some cases. Because of the booth we didn't party too hardy, I had maybe one or two drinks per night, though Melly makes hella good and strong drinks and her Margarita knocked me out Friday night!

I do feel like Dragoncon is changing for the worse and I miss the event the way it had been up until two years ago. Last year felt different and this year it's become more apparent how big the show has gotten and how the crowds are changing. The charm of Dragoncon is slowly dissipating. The infusion of football jocks is really frustrating. Also, the legends of Dragoncon being full of half naked wanton women has made con attendees more brazen and aggressive toward us girls. I no longer feel safe walking around the con alone, in costume or out. I know many many of other girls who feel the same way. It used to be that you stand in the Hyatt or Marriott lobby and literally all of your friends are there with you. It was safe, fun, and no one got harassed. Now everyone is spread out in different hotels and hang out at private room parties instead of dealing with the public crowd and security staff. I miss the good old days when you could just stand around for hours taking photos and catching up with 100s of friends.
There were other disasters this year like the Hilton fire, bloody fight in the Marriott, Stormtroopers robbing a bank, and a cooler being thrown off the Marriott and hitting someone. But I don't know details and can't say much about it all except that someone always has to go and ruin a good thing for everyone.

No matter what, Dragoncon is still the one event where I feel like I can dress up as whoever I want and still fit in. I am excited about next year and already have two epic costume group plans!
I will make a separate post about that later after I have recovered.

For now I'll say thank you to everyone who hung out with me and I look forward to all your con reports and photos. I have no photos to share yet of my new costumes, but am hoping to get some back soon. For the rest of the day I get to lay in bed and catch up on TV shows like Mad Men and True Blood! SO. Happy. Yays.

Preview shot of my Ame-Comi Wonder Woman, by Davin!

With Katie who's Wonder Woman makes me look like Mini Me lol
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I really love this interpretation of Wonder Woman, Yaya! :) The three dimensional details on your costume are lovely~ That's a shame about Dragon Con. I generally find con-goers to be courteous and genuinely appreciate all the hard work you pour into bringing a character's design to life, but there's always that batch of guys that make you uncomfortable... We love all the work you put into your designs and costumes, Yaya! <3
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Breathtakingly beautiful Wonder Woman costume. :)

There are days that no matter what you always get the better end of the stick.
ClaudiaSutton's avatar
Good to hear that you had fun. That is really sad about DragonCon though. Reminds me of ComicCon and WonderCon. Those are crazy too.
StarsOfCASSiOPEiA's avatar
Congrats on the DD, and I'm glad you still had fun at Dragon*Con nevertheless. :)
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Congrats on the DD!

It was great chatting with you at Dragon*con! Thanks for taking the time and for your advice. ^.^
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I saw you walking around with the other Ame Comi girls, super cute!! I only got a picture of Harley though.
I know what you mean about it being dangerous for girls. I was constantly having my ass grabbed and at one point, a guy ran up behind me and ran his hands down my thighs. WHAT THE HELL!?
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Gorgeous Wonder Woman
AngelsArcher's avatar
Nice job on that costume! And congratulations with your DD, you deserved it ^^
Prue84's avatar
I love the winged shoes. **

Well, the other girls is taller, you both can't do anything about it but... you're marvellous too, soo! XD
tursiart's avatar
Wait... Stormtroopers robbed a bank?
thiswonderfulworld's avatar
yeah, I'd like to know more about all the disasters (fire, fight, bank robbery and cooler incident) as well.
ken261's avatar
Great costume. I wish I could have seen it in person.
I am glad that I at least go t to meet you Monday before you packed up.
You are just as lovely in person as all your photos.
AuraRinoa's avatar
Yaya, that's amazing! ^_^
knight28's avatar
ou look amazing. great job on the costume!
LemonLimePanda's avatar
where you there when they kicked everyone out on friday?
hexlord's avatar
Double Wonder Woman = Double the fun~ :P
CryHOg's avatar
congrats on your DD the Wonder Woman cos is... wonderful! lol :giggle: ~:heart:
thtGUYwhoDRAWS's avatar
great costume, I love the details
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also... i know a few people who feel the way you do pertaining to DC about DC and a few other cons not to mention an event i have been to for SCA called Pennsic... reputation spreads and so do the lurkers =(
malinborn's avatar
very happy got your DD! Cannot wait to see and hear more of the Con news
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Your costume is the first one I've seen. The one on that Katie is pretty normal. :p
She sure is tall! Haha. You both loo lovely. :)
Gray-Ghost-Creations's avatar
You are very welcome!! :hug:
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Congrats on the DD!

I love all the little details on this, the wings on the shoes possibly my favorite bit. It's just a great interpretation of the costume and so well done!
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