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Batgirl-c2e2 by yayacosplay
(Photo by Affliction Cosplay Photography)

Hey guys, I have my (jam packed) Schedule for C2E2!! I'm so pumped for this con!!

First of all, my home base for the weekend will be Booth 643, right next to the Booth! This is where all of my signings will take place, and where my cosplay merchandise will be available. Please come by for a chat, a selfie, and to take a look at my new fabric collection, available at Jo-Ann Fabrics!

Panel: How to Run a Cosplay Related Business - 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM, Room S401
Official Photo Op - 1:30pm, Epic Photo Ops Area
Autograph Signing - 2pm - 6pm, Booth 643

(My morning hours will be devoted to craftsmanship judging for the Cosplay Championship)
Official Photo Op - 3:30pm, Epic Photo Ops Area

Autograph Signing - 4:15pm - 6pm, Booth 643
Crown Championship of Cosplay - Judge - 7pm, Main Stage 406

Autograph Signing - 10:30am- 11:30am, Booth 643
Official Photo Op - 11:45am, Epic Photo Ops Area
Panel: Cosplay Competitions, Explained - 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Room S402
Autograph Signing - 4pm- 5pm, Booth 643

I'm beyond excited about the Crown Championship of Cosplay, and to meet contestants from all around the country, as well as international qualifiers. Please come see the stage competition if you have time on Saturday, 7pm, because it will be a phenomenal display of costuming talent!
The two panels I chose to present at C2E2 are topics I am very passionate about. Please come to them if you're interested in ways to start a creative small business, or are curious about how cosplay competitions are run and judged!

It was lovely for C2E2 to ask me to participate in official Photo Ops! It's a guaranteed way to get a nice, professionally taken photo together, and I will be more than happy to sign it for you!

Less than a month left until we party in Chicago! See you there!

The annual Black Friday Sale is almost upon us! This is our biggest Sale ever, with almost every item in the store discounted!

Use coupon code TURKEYDAYat Checkout to receive 25% off:
Cat,Pony, andFox ears
Angel, Demon, Butterfly and Steampunkwings
All bundled accessories
Demon horns
All wigs
Cosplay sewing patterns
Prints and Posters

Items already marked on Sale will not be affected by the discount code:
Deluxe Grab Bags
Elf Ears
Yaya's silver pendant necklace

Sale starts at 9pm(EST) on Wednesday, November 25th - Noon(EST) on Tuesday, December 1st!
11/26/15 0:00EST - 12/01/15 12:00EST

**Thermoplastic sheets and Tutorial books are excluded from the Sale. (These items' prices are not set by us, but by our suppliers)
**Yaya's 2016 Calendars are still in the Pre-order phase and therefore will be excluded from this Sale

Happy Shopping!

Today is an incredibly exciting day!!!
I feel incredibly lucky that on my birthday, I can finally reveal a long-awaited dream come true with all of you.

McCall's Patterns​ reached out to me last year to see if I would like to design some patterns for them. (Still reeling over this sentence, btw.) I had a meeting and lovely tour of their offices, and then got to work. My ideas were overflowing, but I knew exactly which patterns I wanted to design first... 

We're proud to present "Yaya Han's Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern" as the first finished collaboration between McCall's Patterns and me. 
It's a pattern we are sorely missing in the cosplay world - I know from having to alter and draft my own bodysuit patterns for many years. This patterns will make it easy for cosplayers (and everyone else) to tailor a bodysuit that will fit them like a glove, and use it as a base for thousands of costume ideas. 
The Ultimate Bodysuit patten is numbered M7217 and will be released as a McCall's costume pattern.

I made the bodysuit in the photos with M7217 and it was a breeze. I also used this patterns for the base bodysuit of my Aion Hyperion Gunslinger costume!

The second patterns McCall's and I finished is "Yaya's original Peacock costume"! I was so honored that they liked the costume enough to make a pattern out of it. The envelope for the Peacock will contain patterns and instructions for the bodice, skirt, skirt train/tail, bolero and hat!! This pattern can be used for a variety of costumes, wedding gowns, formal wear and more. The Peacock pattern is numbered M7218, and will also be released as a McCall's costume pattern. 

Of course I made the costume in the photos. 

Now, were can you get the patterns?? MCCallsPatterns will have a booth at C2E2​, April 24th - 26th, in Chicago! It's booth number 549, and you can buy both of these patterns there, alongside a large selection of sewing patterns! 

The Yaya Han cosplay patterns will be $20 each, HOWEVER, if you show them this post on your phone and tell them the discount code "YayaHanCosplayPatterns", you will receive each pattern for $10!! So save the photos, mark down the code word, and try out my new patterns!
(I sadly won't be at C2E2 this year, as I'm being forced to go on vacation in Japan. For realz! Forced! I wanted to be there for the patterns!)

For those not attending C2E2 either, both patterns will be available worldwide via McCall's global distribution channels, in July.

And now I can tell you that this collaboration makes me more happy than any other project I have been a part of, because I learned how to sew partially by reading McCall's patterns. I used them for my first, awful, costumes, 15 years ago!! To be able to work with them to create patterns now is an absolute dream come true. I have many more ideas of patterns we cosplayers need/should have, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Surprise FlashSale!

Take 20% off EVERYTHING in my store with the code "ENDOFYEAR"!

The only item I can not include in this Sale is Worbla. I talked about the price point of Worbla recently and I hope you will understand *_*.

Offer valid until Tuesday, December 30th, MIDNIGHT - 12am EST

Thank you guys so so much for an amazing year, it's been an overwhelming pleasure to meet so many of you, and connect with you via this page. This is one way I know how to show my gratitude toward all of you!!!

We are LIVE!!

Almost everything is on Sale at 20% - 25% off!

Signed prints are $10 each, and I have added TEN NEW PRINTS! Grab 4 prints and get a free 5th!
My 2015 calendar is on Sale for $25, and you'll get a free extra print of my choosing!
Deluxe Grab Bags with 8 cosplay accessories!
The ultimate My Little Pony cosplay bundle with $50 SAVINGS!
And moaaaaarrr!

I have butterflies in my tummy!! It's the biggest Sale my team and I have every worked on, and has solidly taken two weeks to prepare! Big shout-out to my girls Jessie L., Yashuntafun Cosplay and Twinklebat for helping me get the store ready!

I'm so thankful to all of you wonderful folks for your daily encouragement and support, and I hope this will be a fun shopping experience for you!

Big hugs and Happy Turkey Day!

Yayacat by yayacosplay

Halloween-contest by yayacosplay

I'm super excited to announce that is holding a fun, casual Halloween contest!

We love our customers and your creativity, and we want to see your Halloween costumes!!!

To enter for a chance to win FREE STUFF:

- Simply comment on THIS FB post with a photo of your Halloween costume featuring one or more of the cosplay items from our accessories line:

- Costume photo must include visibly a cosplay item from

- Items can include cat ears, fox ears, pony ears/horns/wings, elf ears, angel or demon wings, Steampunk items etc. Yes, Worbla purchased from our store can also be included!

- It can be a candid, selfie, or staged photoshoot! Can be solo or a group photo! Just show us your costume/s! A short description of your costume/s is encouraged!

- Costumes can be of any genre, from fantasy to anime to original designs! Let your creativity run wild!

- Please follow Facebook's photo posting guidelines and etiquette.

- Enter from now until noon ET on November 5th!

- The entire Team will pick their 10 favorite costume entries! Winners will be contacted via Private Message between November 6th and 10th! Winners will receive a care package of free stuff from our cosplay store!

- We plan to include photos from this contest in our Customer Gallery on Flickr here:…
Giveaway Announcement!!

I'm super stoked to team up with Sideshow Collectibles to give away a Premium Format Figure of Baroness!!

From now until September 1st, you can sign up at the link below and be entered to win this awesome GIANT figure!…

What are you waiting for?? :D

Hey everyone! Otakon is my next convention and I will be in the Exhibit Hall at the booth all weekend! CC01 is the location, near the exit. Here is a map of the hall so you can find me and my crew!

I also made a FB event where you can easily keep up with my exact signing hours during the con!!…

Please join if you wanna come by and visit me!! Thank you!

~ Yaya
I'm mainly going to SDCC to release my new comic book series with Lion Forge Comics - Booth 1903!
I will also be promoting The Art of Nicole Brune at her booth 4528!

Autograph signing schedule! 

Preview Night Wednesday:
6:30pm - 8pm at Lion Forge #1903

10am - 12pm at Lion Forge #1903
2pm - 5pm at Nicole Brune #4528

Off-site project all day, I won't be at the con! *eeep*

9:30am - 11am at Lion Forge #1903
11am - 12pm is the Lion Forge Panel in room 29A
1pm - 4pm at Nicole Brune #4528

11am - 2pm at Nicole Brune #4528

Costume line up is being finalized, but you can of course expect to see me in my superhero alter ego's costume! On that note, Lion Forge's SDCC Exclusive is a Yaya Han T-shirt! Grab one and I will sign it for you!…

Merchandise wise, you can expect cool Yaya art from Lion Forge and Nicole, and I will also bring limited quantities of prints, and very limited quantities of my 2015 calendar.…

It's a busy weekend for sure, but let's make the best of it! We expect
line caps, so note down my signing hours and get there early.

This awesome digital graphic was designed by Slim Summers! Original photo was taken by Brian Boling.
If you have 10 min to spare, you can get to know me in this intimate interview for the upcoming (hopefully) documentary "Cosplay Boom".

Todd has this innate way to ask questions that make you open up to him. I am so grateful for the opportunity to just talk and be myself. Todd is trying to make a documentary series on Cosplay full of these types of interviews, so please consider backing the "Cosplay Boom" kickstarter to help make this happen!…

Hey everyone! I am in an emergency need of a new website made for a exciting project. It can be a simple website based on an existing wordpress theme that can be expanded upon in the future. The first version of the website needs to go live within 4 weeks. I am looking for a web designer who wants to add to their portfolio and who has time, DRIVE, and organizational skills to make this site, fast. Graphic design skills are a super big plus!

You will be fully credited for the making of the website. I may also be able to offer a form of compensation, but as this is not my personal project, I can't guarantee it. But you guys know me, I always take care of those who work hard and put effort into collaborations.

If you are interested in helping me out, and have the time in the next 4 weeks to bust out a website, please email me with more details on your credentials and examples of your work at Send me links to sites you made! Send me graphic examples! Let's work together! :)
Hey guys! Less than 4 hours until my super duper Sale is over! Get your deals on Cosplay items - ears, wings, horns, signed photos, calendars etc. - marked down 20 - 50%, until midnight tonight!…
Sale in effect through January 4th, with all marked down items available right here:…

Tons of hand made cosplay accessories, prints, calendars & more are 20% - 50% off! 

Happy Christmas and New Year, you guys!!! 

Announcing my End of Year Blow Out Sale! Tons of hand made cosplay accessories, prints, calendars & more will be marked 20% - 50% off!

Sale starts on Dec. 26th at Midnight, items on sale will appear here:

No code needed, all items will already be marked down 20% - 50%. There will be LOTS of one of a kind, unique colored ears, wings and horns available, so don't miss your chance to snag it! Some of these items will never be offered again in certain color combos!

This is your last chance to grab the 2014 calendar for under $20! And you'll also be happily surprised at how many prints will be on Sale as well.

My team and I have been working hard on this so I really hope you guys will enjoy the shopping event!!!

Guuuuys!!! My website is LIVE!!!
Please check it out and share the link to spread the word! The Etsur team and I have worked super hard on it for the past few months!
I would love your feedback and thoughts on the site! And please bookmark the site because from here on, any and all updates will be collected on and so much better organized than Facebook.

I absolutely love and appreciate Facebook and other social media outlets, but they can't really support the vast portfolio I have. It's always been very important to me to have a website, and I have had a corner on the web since 2000. It's been difficult to not have a working, easy to update website for the past several months, so I'm so very very thrilled and excited to share the new, improved with you guys.

Check out and give them a shout out if you like the site! They developed and designed it with great thought and care!
Haha I really haven't kept up well with deviantART lately lol....

I got super sick after Boston Comic Con and then it was a mad dash to finish costumes for Dragoncon... now I have a few days to recover before I head off to Germany for Connichi and to visit my parents.

Here are some things of note that you should check out:

If you have been watching Heroes of Cosplay, read this review about the series: Comics Alliance watched the show carefully and thoughtfully and care a lot about the Cosplay community. See what they had to say:

I wrote a general post about cosplay that will hopefully help some peeps who have been struggling with things:…

I also made a funny video with my friend Jessica about cosplay:…

I wrote a post about how I started my cosplay business:…

My cosplay friends and I are doing another charity project for Cosplay For A Cause!…

I wrote two articles about how to prepare for a convention as a cosplayer:…

and tips for cosplaying at a con:…

I started posting about people in the cosplay community who I think are great ambassadors. Read about:

Ejen of Cosplay In America:…

And Kamui Cosplay:…

Lastly, I made a little video while visiting Barbados a couple of weeks ago:…
Hey guys, I finally have my San Diego Comic Con schedule!! These are the costumes I'm wearing for SDCC, on the respective days:

I'll be at :iconnicolebrune:'s booth #4539 all weekend, signing her new Baroness artwork which I modeled for, and Dragon's Mistress! We're across the aisle from the WB booth, and here is a map to the SDCC Exhibit Hall:…

Please come by for a photo, a calendar, a fist bump, and a hello! I look forward to meeting all of you at SDCC!!!
I thought now would be a good time to make the calendar available to the public since they were shipped out to me yesterday! After the successful trial run of last year's calendar, I wanted to make an even better cosplay calendar for 2014!

To summarize: The 2014 Limited Edition Yaya Han Calendar features 12 months of new cosplay images printed on glossy 11x17 paper, which flips open to a 11x24 calendar. Out of the 12 monthly images, only 2 have been released before, all others are brand new and shot exclusively for the calendar. None of the images will be available as a print or poster, you will only be able to see them in the calendar.

FREE shipping within USA and Canada, $10 shipping everywhere else! It is again $24.99, just like last year, and will be signed and personalized by me! I'll post some teaser pics soon but you get a great idea of the calendar's look from the cover and back cover already. I sincerely hope you will like this one even more than last year's calendar! I busted my little bum making this!!! So proud!! A huge shout-out to all my photographers and graphic designer as well (everyone is credited in the calendar or course!).

To order:…
I had to have emergency surgery this weekend to remove my appendix, so not only did I miss HeroesCon but I'm also on forced bed rest for the next little while. That means I had lots of time to write up some tips for cosplayers to prepare for a convention.

Tips on how to safely navigate a convention as a cosplayer - Part 1

Part 2 will be posted later this week, so check back soon!
Quick note that I'll be a Cosplay Guest for HeroesCon this weekend in Charlotte, NC!

Come see my at artist alley table AA-201 for photos, signed merch, fist bumps and high fives! I'll be in costume, and also co-hosting the Cosplay panel on Saturday. See you there!